Home A Synagogue in Westchester and a Synagogue in Israel
Home A Synagogue in Westchester and a Synagogue in Israel

A Synagogue in Westchester and a Synagogue in Israel

When a Synagogue is torched in Westchester it's viewed as a hate crime. The police are called in and investigations begin. The newspapers write editorials condemning the acts and calling for stiff punishments. Major Jewish organizations join in calling for stronger penalties and legislation and bemoaning the crime.

When a Synagogue in Israel is torched, it's described as a protest against the Israeli occupation and treated with indifference. Not merely by the media, which is expected to take the sides of the terrorists against the terrorized, with Knight Ridder even falsely reporting that it was in retaliation for Israel's destruction of the Al Aqsa Mosque, an even that never took place; but by Jewish organizations which have surprisingly little to say on the subject.

The same major Jewish organizations who funded the sale of the greenhouses to the Palestinians which they then promptly torched and animal rescues (but not human rescues in Gush Katif) are busy putting out op-eds calling for more dialogue and reconcilliation. If one single Synagogue had been torched in Westchester, let alone 19, they would be outraged; but in Israel 19 Synagogues can burn and they have little more to offer than a shrug.

The OU congratulates Bush for a weak one sentence condemnation of the Synagogue burnings. The Conservative movement is dealing with Sudan and hurricane fundraising. The Union for Reform Judaism is campaigning against Judge Roberts. The World Jewish Congress focuses on dialogue with Muslims in Tunisia. The Conference of Major Jewish Organizations which supported the expulsion and ethnic cleansing of Jews had nothing whatsoever to say about it.

If a Synagogue had burned in Westchester they would have spoken.


  1. Anonymous16/9/05

    Every voice that that is lifted up declaring the injustice done to Israel is worth listening to. I can only hope that enough voices cry out. Blow the shofar and do not stop blowing !!!


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