Home Decision on demolishing Houses of Prayer scheduled for 9/11
Home Decision on demolishing Houses of Prayer scheduled for 9/11

Decision on demolishing Houses of Prayer scheduled for 9/11

In yet another of the bitter ironies the decision on whether to demolish the houses of prayer remaining behind in Gush Katif after their worshipers were expelled is to come on September 11, the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. As America remembers the ruins of the World Trade Center, the corrupt Sharon regime will contemplate creating new ruins. Or perhaps after having brutalized and driven away the worshipers of the houses of G-d, Sharon will mercifully leave them empty and abandoned.

The dust and rubble and the ashes of those murdered by Muslims on September 11 were dumped into the Staten Island Fresh Kills landfall, undoubtedly a similar place is predestined for the rubble of the synagogues of Gush Katif on land turned over to our Muslim enemies.

Both 9/11 and the withdrawal represent retreats in the face of Islam's murderous ideology. America ignored the warnings about Arab terrorists operating in the tri-state area despite a pattern of attacks including even the bombing of the world trade center. The response to the attack on the USS Cole was a joke.

Post 9/11 America has launched a bizarre and pointless crusade to bring Democracy to the Muslim world, a plan that makes as much sense as bringing elephants to Norway. Democracy represents the desire of the people to rule themselves. If Arab countries desired this, they wouldn't need US troops patrolling every street to bring it about. Instead all that the neo-con messianic quest for democracy has accomplished is that in Afghanistan, we uphold a coalition of warlords and in Iraq, a regime that just passed a constitution stating that no law can contradict Islam.

Instead of fighting back against the terrorists, we launched a bizarre crusade for democracy, as if Jimmy Carter was still in charge. Instead of recognizing that Islam is the enemy's ideology and Arabs and Muslims are its viral carriers, we deluded ourselves with claptrap about fighting against misguided extremists. Now as our efforts in Iraq have claimed the deadliest American toll since Vietnam and Al Queda and Iran backed terrorists have seized the vacuum to control entire towns; apathy is all we have left as our armor.

Israel too launched a bizarre and misguided venture to defeat the Arabs by retreating further and further until we had demographic control. As if the demographic problem of the Arab birth rate wasn't an issue in Yerushalayim, in the Gallilee and the Negev and Haifa and all throughout Israel. As if the world would remotely accept any Israeli annexation of any 1967 territories. As if the battle could be won by retreating behind secure boundaries against an enemy with rockets and mortars and suicide bombers easily capable of slipping among the over 100,000 palestinian arabs who move back and forth between Israel every day.

The results of both ventures have been victories for the terrorists and the degradation and defeats of the last two nations still fighting Islamic terrorism. On this September 11th we can mourn not merely for the catastrophe that was but for the catastrophes our leaders have brought and continue to bring upon us.


  1. Just as the Jews didn't destroy the Beit Hamikdash 2000 years ago, saying "how terrible it will be for the Romans to defile and destroy our Holy Temple - let us destroy is ourselves instead" -- we were zocheh at the last minute not to witness the awful chilul Hashem of Israeli soldiers destroying shuls and yeshivot.

    May we merit a rebuilt Jewish Community in Gaza speedily in our times, and the flourishing of Torah in all of Eretz Yisrael.

  2. Anonymous11/9/05

    yep the jewish 9/11


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