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Home Bullies, Politics and the Crippling of America

Bullies, Politics and the Crippling of America

Did you ever walk to school with a couple of friends only to be accosted by the school bully ?

Now, there are three of you against one nasty bully.

Great odds!! You three can take him.

Alas, it does not work that way.

One will stand up and say," if we get together we can vanquish the bully".

The other two will whimper and say, "shhh, don't. You will make him madder"

Now, if kid number one, the innovator, insists on taking action, the other two will turn on him and make him the enemy. As a matter of fact , he will become to them more of an enemy than the bully ever was.

So the bully continues and excuses are made for him so as not to "rile him up". Lots of bullys in the world today. But the world has myopia and does not see them clearly anymore.

We have become a nation that blames the victim just as in the case of the school bully. Rape victims are blamed for dressing provacatively, the US is blamed for being a bit upset about 9 11 and the death of several thousand people, Israel is blamed for being attacked by ever- greedy- for- land arabic nations and on and on. In the United States anyone who stands up against illegal immigration is shouted down as being racist and cruel since its unfashionable to make the laws of the land work and protect the borders.

And the politicians just like to have it so. After all, it brings in votes doenst it?A

nd therein lies the problem on many levels. Politicians and citizens and nations alike, would rather be popular than moral. Today its deemed more important to say the right thing in a kindly, unobtrusive manner, no matter what its moral content, than it is to speak the truth.

We don't care what you say as long as you say it nicely to those deemed worthy. Ah, you ask, who is worthy? Why anyone who could potentially make trouble.

Yes, we are back to the bully. Now the bully lives by "other" rules. He can blow up your buildings, citizens, synagogues and churches, your friends and family, he can curse with vile obscenities, use rude gestures, behave in vile immoral ways, but, well, thats ok because he is a bully. And, we don't like to rile up a bully do we?

That is cowardice. And today, its the main disease of the western world. You see it in politics, and in the malls and public streets too. Young people , dressed like slobs, who refuse to allow elderly people the right of way but, instead continue to swagger along en masse forcing others to go around them. They mutter rude and obscene ephithets at anyone who would dare to call them to account. They are the mini version of the international bully.

And just as no one puts a stop to them, no one puts a stop to the international bully either. Not even the USA, despite its impressive talk about getting terrorists. The terrorist list seems to be very politically correct too.It includes one group, while dismissing other terrorists, like the Palestinians as simple "protesters" and " oppressed peoples".

We don't wish to annoy them since annoying them results in not so nice things. But, we can hurt and annoy Israel since, well, they don't retaliate do they? So the upshot here is that you can screw your friends since they don't bite, but, you must humor and placate the enemy since he just might.

And,being cowards, you just can't deal with being bitten.



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