Home Middle Eastern dictators the US supports
Home Middle Eastern dictators the US supports

Middle Eastern dictators the US supports

The United States government is strongly and firmly opposed to tyranny, except when the tyrants are allied to the policies of this administration.

The United States in the strongest possible langauge condemns ethnic cleansing except when it is the ethnic cleansing of Jews.

The United States unambigiously condemns fradulent elections, repression of political opponents and any suppression of human rights except when such are convenient to our policies.

Now let us run the flag up the pole and see what salutes.


  1. Anonymous24/8/05

    the US gains the appeasement of arab nations, particularly saudi arabia as well as european allies who view the US as Zionist (read Jew) controlled and who want to pacify their own growing muslim populations

  2. Anonymous24/8/05

    I actually don't disagree with Sultan's assessment, except to emphasize that it's more about Saudi adeptness and US naivete in dealing with projected oil supplies and currency deficits.


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