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A Balance of Terror, a Balance of Fates

"The moment of truth has arrived," Netanyahu said. "At the moment of truth, a man - especially a leader - must ask himself: 'What are you doing, what do you stand for, what are you fighting for?'"

The three girls who had been arrested and detained by the Sharon regime, most prominently 14 year old Chaya Belogorodsky who had been the subject of rallies and outrage on both the left and the right are to be freed. And since nothing in this world occurs without balance, three more have been indefinetly jailed, on administrative detention, without benefit of trial. A tactic typical of tyrannical regimes.

Even as the Sharon regime is raising more roadblocks and dedicating the efforts of soldiers and police to stopping Jews from entering Gush Katif, area roadblocks have gone down that allowed the terrorists to carry out a shooting attack wounding a 10 year old boy. As Al Aqsa, which was and likely is still funded by rhe PA, claims credit for the attack, as terrorist groups announce they are moving into the West Bank and as 55,000 PA troops, most of them former and current terrorists, are prepearing to deploy in proxmity to where disarmed IDF soldiers will be operating, the focus of Sharon's regime and law enforcement and Shaul Mofaz remains the 'threat' of Jewish extremists.

The message is clear as it has always been, Jewish blood is cheap, Arab blood is priceless. As the terrorists advance, the government retreats mumbling absurdities about not retreating under fire, even as they retreat under fire and all the while dedicating all their military genius to planning how to pry a few thousand men, women and children from their homes. And the lies continue to mount.

Of the many lies Sharon spewed to try and defend the expulsion plan, one was that the economy would be somehow hurt by failing to implement it. Netanyahu, has resigned as Finance Minister and the stock market is falling again, even as Sharon's Labor and left wing allies are celebrating. The lies are unraveling, the death toll is mounting and the hour draws near.

A balance of terror, a balance of fates hangs in the balance.


  1. Anonymous8/8/05

    With all due respect, what people on the Israeli far right are simply not getting is that after decades of devaluing and discriminating against Reform, Conservative, and religious Progressive Jews, you are now playing the "Jewish" card and expecting them to lend you total and unequivocal support, again under threat of religious persecution.

    Show me one other society where life works that way. I'm not saying it's right. I'm saying it's understandable, for the same reasons the settlers feel beleagured. That has to be acknowledged, and more Jews of all stripes have to get in agreement, before any solution can succeed, safely for all.

  2. Anonymous8/8/05

    we don't expect aid from reform Jews, those same Jews who were happy enough to stand with folded arms while the Holocaust went on so as not to offend a Democratic President, will do the same thing today

    hope for aid can only come for those Jews who are passionate and committed to their people, not to secular Temple Beth El Jews who want to be Presbyterians and write letters to President Bush demanding that he pressure Israel, as the spokesman for Reform Judaism, Rabbi Eric Yoffe has done

  3. Anonymous8/8/05

    But recognize that you are preaching to the converted, who might surprise you.

    People wonder about Sharon. Why, they ask, would he preside over a solution that is condemned to fail before the starting gate?

    You have some pretty unlikely advocates, Sultan.

    I heard a speech by Billye Brim, a evangelistic preacher who is considered by them to be something of an expert on Israel. Even SHE is denouncing disengagement-on Biblical grounds! What does that tell you?

    The IDF is slowly getting grossed out, and looking for a way out.

    The secular Israelis, on a very practical basis, are wondering where their fruits, vegetables, and herbs will come from, after Sharon gives them all away.

    Even the Palestinians themselves are saying, who wants to be near Egypt anyway?

    Sharon, under American domination, is attempting to impose an American solution to an Israeli problem, and a secular solution to a religious problem.

    Won't work. Israelis are not American Jews, who settle in the Bronx for forty years and then cede it to the next horde.

    Israel is about permanent solutions. And in the absence of that, we are to do nothing for now.


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