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Home Would you pay 40 dollars for a hairnet?

Would you pay 40 dollars for a hairnet?

America truly is the promised land.

Rina Baraz came with her family from the USSR to America. And she noticed one obvious deficit, a lack of yarmulkes for women. So she decided to make them. Or rather to make hairnets for women, sell them as 'women's kippas' marketed to the Reform\Reconstructionist crowd in different colors with names such as 'Evening Whisper', 'Goldilocks,' 'Japanese Blossom,' and 'Flirt' (finally a kippa to show Hashem how much you respect him and want to cover your head and flirt.)

Since the hairnets, sorry kippas, go for 40 dollars a piece and the price of labor being what it is, add to that the cost of setting up a website and then putting up a press release which snags the attention of the Jerusalem Post features editor in his endless appetite for stories that mock Judaism and voila, Rina gets a Jerusalem Post cover story promoting her 40 dollar hairnet.

America, truly a promised land for selling expensive things to suckers. The only people doing better than her are selling red strings for 15 bucks a pop.


  1. Anonymous10/7/05

    A lot of the Orthodox women in my neighborhood wear similiar haircoverings with their hat falls and pay a pretty penny too.

  2. Anonymous11/7/05

    They are ugly beyond belief.
    She looks like a gypsy.

  3. Anonymous12/7/05

    if trying to find creative ways to honor hashem is an ugly thing, then we are all in trouble

  4. I don't see that 'kippot' which have nothing to do with a kippah and come in varieties such as 'Flirt' have anything to do with Hashem or honoring him.

    I also fail to see that selling hairnets for 40 bucks really does much for Hashem.


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