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  1. Anonymous1/6/07

    I don't get it. Is the song in German? And apparently the footage is of Arabs enjoying destruction, but it would help if there was some context (date, location, editorial comment). THankyou.

  2. you're correct i should have been clearer

    the footage is photos from the destruction of the jewish towns in gaza by arabs

    the song is a yiddish song mourning the destruction of a jewish town, shtetl in eastern europe

  3. Anonymous17/11/09

    So where did the video get to?
    Seriously, dudes, I'm so fed up with political correctness, I volunteer to upload it evey two hours.
    What happened to freedom of speech? Did the PC Canadians ivade you yet? Or did the video anger the muslims? If so, decent people do need to watch it!


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