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The 10 Commandments of Expulsion

1. I am the secular post-Zionism which took you out of Gush Katif and to Tel Aviv where you may write poetry and go to nightclubs and abandon your God.

2. You shall have no God before this godless regime. You shall pledge no faith in any higher power than your commanding officer, the media and the Prime Minister. The fear of being an extremist or disobeying the government. These shall be your gods, Israel.

3. Your oath is not to your God or the IDF or to the people of Israel but to Dov Weinglass so he may build a casino to profit himself and the Prime Minister on the broken houses of the people you expell.

4. You shall not honor your parents. If the government calls on you to expell your parents, you shall break their bones and throw them out.

5. Forget the Sabbath for the Expulsion is far greater than the Sabbath in the eyes of the Prime Minister, who is to be your god. Violate and desecrate the sabbath to keep Jews out of Israel for this is the new law.

6. You shall kill, for the settler is an enemy of the state, an extremist, a fanatic, a weed who must be weeded out. If he resists being thrown out of his home, along with his family, then slay him and the Prime Minister, your god, will surely approve.

7. You shall commit adultery by turning from loyalty to G-D, to the people and the state of Israel and fulfill the demands of the Bush Administration, the corrupt Sharon regime and Europe and Abbas and all those who seek the destruction of Israel as you turn against the people you are sworn to protect.

8. You shall steal the house which a man has built and cared for and in which his family dwells and give it to his enemies and to those who would kill both him and you.

9. You shall bear false witness. You shall slander any who resist being thrown out of their homes. If you strike them, claim they struck you first, even if they are a woman or a small child.

10. Covet not truth or justice or allegiance or faith, covet only obedience, promotion and personal satisfaction.


  1. WOW those are strong statements...

    Thank G-D there is not one true thing in the entire post - or we would really be in trouble..

  2. denial is always easier, especially on the denier

  3. Anonymous16/7/05

    Oleh , sober up and come to the side of the Force..
    Leave the Dark Side Oleh Yahshan and come to the light..
    Please. your eternal life is hanging in the balance my poor, poor deluded friend.

  4. Sultan - I think the ones in denial are the ones that think that this is not going to happen.. Not that I think that throwing people out of their house is a good thing... but it still doesn't mean that it's not going to happen..
    still being for it or against it (I am trapped in the Evil world in between - NO side of the force for me - annie) doesn't change the fact that most of what you wrote is simply not true!...

    if you want I will be more than happy to debate the points with you (but I don't want to over crowd your comments area without your permission - I know a lot of people get upset about it)

  5. Anonymous17/7/05

    In commandment 4, you forgot " break their hearts," as well.....

  6. true jewmaican, very true

  7. whether or not this will happen, the statement being made is specifically that it is wrong which is what is being addressed here

    belief in whether it will or won't happen is a function of optimism and bitachon as much as it is anything else

    if you you like you can debate it here, I won't mind


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