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Sharon, Hero of Gay Jerusalem

Sharon, hero of gay Jerusalem.

The Israeli prime minister made history yeasterday by becoming the first leader of that country to meet with the local gay community.

Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon yesterday met with a delegation from the local gay community at his offices in Jerusalem. It was the first time ever that an Israeli leader met with gay leaders. The delegation spoke to Sharon about equal rights for homosexuals and other issues. Prime minister Sharon was in good spirits and the meeting was conducted in a very friendly atmosphere, according to a delegate .The Jerusalam Open House quotes him as saying "I think everybody should live their lives as they choose to."

Once upon a time Sharon was the Hero of Israel. Sharon was the hero of Sinai. Once upon a time his supporters sang, Sharon Melech Yisrael. Sharon King of Israel.

Today Sharon has sunk lower than ever. Now Sharon is the Hero of Gay Jerusalem. The Hero of the Men's Room.

Indeed Sharon's coalition is now composed not of his own party but of the opposition. Of the rabid secularists and atheists of Shinui and Peres and the Post-Zionists of the Labor Party. Now Sharon is not the hero of Israel, he is the hero of the deviants and the perverts. Today the true heroes of Israel are persecuted by Sharon and the worst elements embraced. Today we can sing, Sharon Melech Sodom.

A hymn fitting enough to inspire the Midat Sodom, the acts characteristic of Sodom, of throwing out thousands of Jews from their homes. After all Midat Sodom was an enmity to hospitality. Like the men of Sodom, the men of Sharon gather around the houses of their victims demanding that they be handed over. Shinui, Labor, Meretz, Peace Now all gather around crying for the settlers to be thrown out and it is Sharon who heads the mob of Sodom that demands their expulsion. The deviants who molest children, do not serve in the army, support left wing groups and deface the holy city of G-D, Sharon proclaims should be allowed to live their lives as they should. The settlers who serve in the army and who have spent decades risking their lives to claim this land Sharon proclaims must be expelled.

Truly Sharon has become Melech Sodom and he is doing his best to turn Israel into Sodom, a corrupt kingdom fit for an utterly corrupt king.


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  3. I remember in 10th grade, my Rebbi cried when he told us that there was going to be a gay and lesbian pride parade in the holy city of Yerushalayim. The situation was then a bit lightened when one kid in the class raised his hand and innocently asked, "what does Lesbian mean?"

  4. I, as a Jerusalemite, am strongly opposed to this parade. Sultan, I think you went a little bit too far when you said that the gays don't serve in the army and molest children. (At least closet gays do serve in the army. Not all gays molest children and unfortunately some heterrosexuals also molest children.) Other than that a great post as usual!

  5. Anonymous29/6/05

    Its no accident that this year the Arabs will get more land from Israel because G-d is angry at us for allowing a gay parade in Jerusalem.The entire country is falling apart and America can not afford to finance Israel as they did during the peace charade.The war in Iraq has depleted America from throwing billions as they did 10 years ago.We can kiss Israel goodbye soon at this rate.G-ds wrath will come down soon ,make no mistake.


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