Home Scientology follow PETA into degrading the Holocaust
Home Scientology follow PETA into degrading the Holocaust

Scientology follow PETA into degrading the Holocaust

Few know it but the Institute for Historical Review, America's top Holocaust denial center and most legitimate outgrowth of the Neo-Nazis, is Scientology influenced. Its founder who was edged out by Scientologist staff members has stated that the Church of Scientology was behind the takeover. For over a decade the director of IHR has been a Scientologist. Indeed court documents showed that around 75,000 dollars from IHR went to Scientology.

The overlap is little surprise since Scientology's doctrines have things in common with those of Nazi Germany. The 'Thetans' that Scientology believes attach themselves to us fit in well with Nazi attempts at paganism. But more compellingly is Scientology's elitism and belief in a master race of the enlightened, themselves. Their denial of charity and mercy and an embrace of emotional brutality and self-centeredness that is the hallmark of the 'Enlightened Scientologist'

Now Scientology which has been banned in Germany, because Scientology cult members have the funny habit of stealing classified and personal government documents and turning them over to Scientology's internal secret service (yes they have one and a navy too), is comparing their ban to the Holocaust. They followed this up by taking a line from the PETA handbook and comparing psychiatry to the Holocaust.

Scientology's founder L. Ron Hubbard had of course himself been hospitalized in an institution leading to a compulsive hatred of psychiatry. Typical of Scientology's hatefull tactics and contempt for any kind of decency, they launched an exhibit in Germany that claims Freud who was Jewish and himself a target of the Nazis, was responsible for the Holocaust.

It seems Scientology's Holocaust denial is getting less subtle.


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    People Eating Tasty Animals: Dumber than scientology since 1980


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