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Monday, June 06, 2005

Peres: It was a mistake to liberate Jerusalem

The government made a mistake in annexing all of east Jerusalem following the Six Day War, Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres said at the Labor Party's Jerusalem Day celebration at the capital's Gerard Behar Center on Sunday.

"Whoever thinks that 240,000 Arabs from East Jerusalem could be annexed while Jerusalem stays a Jewish capital is as mistaken as those who say the city can be divided with fences and walls," Peres said. "If there isn't peace in Jerusalem, there won't be peace in the country, and if we don't leave the Gaza Strip, there won't be peace in Jerusalem," he said.

And the concessions are only beginning...

Of course now that the Labor party has an unheard of 22 percent Arab membership, Peres is scrambling for their votes by being the most radically pro arab and anti-israel.


  1. Anonymous6/6/05

    Peres Ymach sh'mo

  2. Anonymous6/6/05

    I have lost my appetite for my burger today.



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