Home Newsweek accuses US of flushing Koreans
Home Newsweek accuses US of flushing Koreans

Newsweek accuses US of flushing Koreans

Newsweek magazine has published yet another gripping expose of American military abuses reporting that US military personnel have been responsible for flushing Koreans. The names of the Koreans being flushed have not yet been released not have their identities been named or confirmation achieved but with the brutal american atrocities around the world, we can be sure they're true.

Civil rights groups have reacted with predictable outrage to the allegations of Korean flushing.

"The US war machine which has oppressed people of color across the world has now descended to the toilet by flushing Koreans," Amnesty International declared.

"Flushing Koreans down the toilet is a clear insult to Islam," Imam Sheikh Al-Quzadi of Egypt's Al-Quazar Mosque stated, "we will declare a holy war against the American infidels and drink their blood out of china saucers. We have no idea why Americans are flushing Koreans down the toilet but we are certain that this is meant as an insult to Islam and as soon as we figure out how and why, we will begin drawing up the papers for a Jihad."


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