Home Most Wanted Terrorist becomes new PA Police Chief
Home Most Wanted Terrorist becomes new PA Police Chief

Most Wanted Terrorist becomes new PA Police Chief

Even as America is praising Abbas for his progress, Israel has captured yet another suicide bomber sent by Fatah, which had endorsed Abbas for President and Zakariya Zubeidi, the head of Al Aqsa in Jenin is joining the PA police force.

Zubeidi is one of the terrorists on Israel’s most-wanted list for coordinating attacks on Israelis. He claims that as a PA police officer he will not have to change any of his behavior. “Even a Palestinian police officer serves the Palestinian people,” he said. “He protects their safety, property and rights. There is no difference whether I’m a field agent [sic] fighting for the Palestinian people or if I’m a man of law.”

Palestinian arab terrorists continue to murder Israeli soldiers and civilians and we are seeing a repeat of Oslo as America pressures Israel to arm the Palestinian terrorists and give them 'breathing room' to fight terrorism, something they not only have no intention of doing, but in fact we see them rebuilding their terrorist infrastructure. Over 500 wanted terrorists have joined the ranks of the PA police force which they will use to continue carrying out terrorist attacks on Israel with weapons and training provided by America.

While Bush and his administration fawn on Abbas, a terrorist in a suit Jews are being murdered day by day.


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