Home Heroes of Peace: Saluting a true Hero of Peace
Home Heroes of Peace: Saluting a true Hero of Peace

Heroes of Peace: Saluting a true Hero of Peace

In an attempt to deprogram the 'warmongering' public the media both in America and Israel and the usual academic elites have been trying to sell us 'Heroes of Peace' in place of 'Heroes of War.'

Gandhi who beat his wife and made her clean other people's toilets to teach her humility while he stole money from his father, asked Japan to invade India, told Churchill to surrender to Hitler and the Jews to walk into the gas chambers is considered a 'Hero of Peace.' A secular saint for the liberals and atheists though he himself was neither liberal nor atheist except when it came to collaborating with Muslims against his own people.

There's Yitzchak Rabin who the left tells us is to be considered despicable for his military achievements in 'colonizing and oppressing arabs' or when in the 80's he announced a policy of 'breaking their bones' to deal with the infitada but became a hero when senile and barely functioning he signed away his country to Yasir Arafat.

Today we have a third hero of peace to add to this noble pantheon. In Ra'anana an adult man attacked a 5 year old girl at a booth opposing the evacuation. Having seen rallies where courageous Peace Now activists were instantly attracted to shouting and threatening 65 year old grandmothers this is no great surprise for me. A 5 year old girl makes an even easier target for a 'Hero of Peace.'

"Heroes of Peace" you see are too courageous to fight adult males. They consider this to be an act of warmongering and contrary to their peaceful ideals of non-violence. As Gandhi's heroism came from beating his wife and betraying his people to the Muslims. As Rabin's heroism came from singing away Israel and betraying his own people so he could give in to the Arab terrorists; so too this Hero of Peace too 'courageous' to fight the Arabs found a worthy opponent in a 5 year old girl.

We salute you unknown Hero of Peace. You are truly a worthy addition to the ranks of the Heroes of Peace who undermine their own countries, collaborate with the enemy and display the cowardice and despicable traits that make a man a 'peace activist' in the first place.


  1. Anonymous30/6/05

    kol hakavod!!! Really good article.

  2. Anonymous29/4/08

    It might be, that these men did, what you said they did. Then, they aren't deserving of being honoured. But why do you feel the need to mock the idea itself of honouring peace and peaceful people?

  3. because peaceful people by their very nature don't need to be honored

    do you need to honor someone who doesn't punch people in the face for no reason?

  4. Anonymous14/6/08

    But politicians are so un-peaceful that one who doesn't start a war or tries to end one deserves honorable mentions.

    Also, to be honest, I don't care if one beats his wife in his spare time as long as he gets things done during work on the world stage.


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