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Home Tiny Majority of Extremists Hijack Nazism

Tiny Majority of Extremists Hijack Nazism

Western regional district Neo-Nazi leader Ulf Heinermann called a news conference today to denounce the news media for its negative portrayal of Nazis and Nazism.

"The largest part of Nazis are good god fearing peaceful people who seek nothing more than to be able to get along with their neighbors and be respected for their way of life," Ulf said, "nevertheless the media pays the most attention to a tiny minority of extremists who have hijacked Nazism and portrayed Nazis as brutal warmongering peoples. Like our Muslim friends, we too have been targeted and slandered for our beliefs by a vast Jewish conspiracy and we seek to receive our fair share of sympathy and ACLU defense lawyers as they have."


  1. Anonymous22/5/05

    Yes Ulf how right you are you fuzzy little teddy bear you. (tweeks his cheeks..).
    I know that Germany took a hard rap for that little indescretion called WW2 and all those pesky little atrocities they committed. But yes , God fearing people. Uh huh.. yes, PUKE.
    Are you NUTS Ulf?
    They should lock you up and throw away the key you Moronic half witted Twit.
    But I digress... Where were we? The stupidity of the moment over took me and led me to a place no man has ever gone before.


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