Home Matisyahu wants to drink your blood!
Home Matisyahu wants to drink your blood!

Matisyahu wants to drink your blood!


  1. Anonymous9/5/05

    Hmmm, his beard needs a trim and some nice conditioner. The beard should not be allowed to become straggly as it detracts from his Yiddishkeit.
    How you ask?
    Well, I am indeed glad you asked me that question.
    You see, Jews are ambassadors for G-d.
    For many people in the world the only contact they have with the one true G-d of all is through a torah Jew!
    That representation must always be first class!!
    G-d is first class after all. His creation reflectes perfection, radiance, beauty , unity, and order and good taste in all things.
    Therefore his ambassadors must also reflect their King and his ways in all things.
    Yes, even in good grooming, in manners and in speech.
    So, I think a nice wee trim would be in order. Not too short now!! Just to neaten it up a bit.
    Now if you choose to go by the tradition of the forked beard (which has symbolism of torah and torah she bael peh no?) Keep that neat and a bit trimmed as well
    No reason you cant do both my friend.
    The hat is great though. Neat, clean and looks classy.


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