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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Labor party once again shows its class

The Peretz campaign responded that ....Barak was scared of running against him.

Peretz called Barak a "crybaby" and said the reason he joined the race was to make sure that Barak would not return to the Labor leadership.

Peretz also blamed Barak for a police inquiry that Yaniv initiated investigating alleged forgeries in registration forms of new members who Peretz brought into the party. Yaniv will be questioned on the matter at National Fraud Squad headquarters in Bat Yam on Wednesday.

"Amir Peretz's problem is with the police and not with me," Barak said.

capped off by this brillant Barak quote

"We need a candidate who can win in elections and not just in the polls," Barak told the central committee.

Where's Goldwyn when you need him?

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous4/5/05

    Not enough meat and pototoes being eaten in Eretz Y right now for starters.
    Are these men celebate like Sobran because celebacy will make a man nuts you know.
    Its proven that celebate guys begin to get into all kinds of mental gymnastics.



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