Home Two Muslim Nyc Girls Planned Suicide Bombings
Home Two Muslim Nyc Girls Planned Suicide Bombings

Two Muslim Nyc Girls Planned Suicide Bombings

NEW YORK - Two 16-year-old girls from New York City have been arrested on immigration charges after federal authorities said they planned to become suicide bombers, according to a published report.

The teenagers were arrested March 24 and were being held in a detention center in Leesport, Pa., According to the document, the FBI found that the girls posed "an imminent threat to the security of the United States based upon evidence that they plan to be suicide bombers," the Times said. The girls — one from Bangladesh, one from Guinea — were living in the United States illegally, the Times reported.

Is this a sign that America is in for the same things Israel has been going through? Up until now we've had domestic teenagers going on killing sprees but it's only a matter of time until the domestic radicalized Islamic and arabic population will do their part too.

The difference of course is that the only ones who celebrated the Columbine killers and saw them as role models were their fellow teenaged sociopaths; but these girls had they succeeded, would have been seen as martyrs and role models throughout the muslim world. That is the difference between our society and the Muslim one which celebrates the homicidal and suicidal fantasies of teenagers instead of condemning them.

Had the Columbine killers been two arab boys and had they done their act in a Jewish High School, posters would have been hanging of them all over Palestinian cities and towns and schools too. If this is resistance, then the Columbine killers were the resistance too. And if the Columbine killers were evil then so are the terrorists and their teachers who instead of moving to prevent the violence, raise them and encourage them to be murderers.

If America is in for a taste of the Islamic terror Israel has been experiencing than Columbine will not be a shocking event but a part of our everyday lives.


  1. Anonymous8/4/05

    Hand em over to me Knish.
    I can take them with one hand tied behind my back. I have a way with women.
    Wonder if I could force feed them little fillies pork burgers? said Matt while finishing up his roast beef lunch. Umm Umm, now this fine Glatt kosher beef is like nothing on this earth. Good eating boys and girls.

  2. Planned?

    Read the story. Sounds like some FBI official wanted to make a routine deportation become a great big terror bust.


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