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Liar, liar CNN's pants on fire

CNN Headline: Bush: Hezbollah could enter Lebanon's political mainstream

What Bush actually said:

"We view Hezbollah as a terrorist organization," Bush said at a news conference with Jordan's King Abdullah II after the two met in the Oval Office."I would hope that Hezbollah would prove that they're not, by laying down arms and not threatening peace."

Is the media just making up their own news at this point? The question involved Hezbollah entering the political mainstream, Bush responded by saying Hezbollah is a terrorist organization and remains one. He suggests they disarm but does not promise anything for them in return. At this point the media isn't even bothering to pretend they're reporting the news instead of making it up.

Now if you think it's a mistake by one news outlet, it isn't

AP headline: Bush: Hezbollah Could Join Mainstream

CBC headline:President Bush says Hezbollah could be part of political mainstream in Lebanon

Only the BBC seems to get it right. Now granted in recent days the Bush administration has been supposedly quoted as putting out that message but as we can see it increasingly looks like a message being manufactured by a media sympathetic to terrorists or just trying to sabotage Bush any way they can even by making up the news Dan Rather style.


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