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Home Biden recent Hunter Biden, a Close Biden Adviser, Was Courted by Top China Influence Operation Boss

Hunter Biden, a Close Biden Adviser, Was Courted by Top China Influence Operation Boss

Hunter Biden is sitting on White House meetings and serving as a close adviser to his father. That raises even more troubling questions considering one of his recently revealed emails.

“Do you know former Governor of Hong Kong- C.H. Troung (sp?),” Hunter Biden allegedly wrote. “He wants me to come to HK to visit to discuss business opportunities. He sat next to Dad at lunch w/ Premiere and implied we knew each other- but I don’t remember him.”

The email was dispatched to Jonathan Li, the CEO of BHR, a business partner of Hunter’s who would later provide Hunter with significant payments. But even more interesting was the man who had previously sat next to Joe Biden and who now wanted to take a meeting with Hunter.

Next year, James Bulger, the nephew of mobster Whitey Bulger, sent an email in which Li urged Hunter to reach out and make the connection for him, and Hunter authorized drafting an email.

Five years later, Jonathan Li wired $250,000 to Joe Biden’s address.

While there is no former Governor ‘Troung”, there was a former Governor Tung. And a FOX News story identifies them as the same man. But Tung was much more than a former governor. He was the founder of the China–United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF) which tries to influence American government officials to support Chinese Communist interests.

CUSEF, known in China as Zhong-Mei Jiaoliu Jijinhui, targeted American universities, American military personnel and American elected officials. CUSEF has been described as being coordinated by the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front Work Department which seeks to spy on and manipulate foreigners. CUSEF hires PR firms and pays lobbyists to do its work for it.

The lobbyists have to register as foreign agents under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, but the Vice President of the United States and his son were not subject to such requirements.

It was not a coincidence that Tung was seated next to Joe and Hunter at Xi’s dinner.

Such seating arrangements are not accidental at state dinners in the United States and they are certainly not accidental in a totalitarian Communist regime that views influential foreigners as targets. The CCP would have seated Tung next to the Bidens to advance the CUSEF agenda.

In the second email, Li conveyed profuse thanks for the introduction. Did Li and Hunter’s BHR company form any kind of financial relationship with Tung’s businesses? Was any part of the $250,000 wire from Li to Hunter Biden produced as a result of a financial relationship with China’s top man for influence operations aimed at America? Could this relationship have allowed a Chinese influence operation to funnel money to Biden by potentially laundering it through BHR?

The year that Tung invited Hunter to meet with him, CUSEF had spent almost half a million on lobbyists including at Covington & Burling which has close ties to the Biden administration. Including Biden’s future White House counsel. CUSEF also paid sizable amounts to the Podesta Group under the brother of Hillary’s campaign chair and Biden’s climate czar.

Tung was seen as the embodiment of China’s influence operations. The son of a wealthy Hong Kong businessman, his family business had allegedly been bailed out by a Chinese Communist sympathizer, and then became a key element in the CCP’s takeover of Hong Kong. The CCP insinuated itself into Hong Kong, promising to protect democracy and human rights, only to institute a brutal tyrannical rule that betrayed every promise and assurance it ever made.

CUSEF was the next wave aimed at a much bigger target: the United States of America.

The Chinese Communist operation has sponsored trips for members of Congress and former Sen. Max Baucus, a Biden ally, has been accused of ties to the group. Other alleged CUSEF pals include Biden’s current climate czar John Podesta as well as the Center for American Progress, an influential leftist group with a strong footing in the Biden administration, which took part in a CUSEF trip. As did Biden’s Ambassador Nina Hachigian, a CAP veteran, and other politically active leftist figures. CUSEF has also worked with the Brookings Institute which has supplied multiple personnel to the Obama and the Biden administrations.

While the email did not reveal whether Hunter Biden ever did meet with Tung, it is a worrying indicator that the Biden scion may have been seen as a weak point by elements of the CCP.

Four years after Tung sat next to Joe Biden and reached out to Hunter Biden, Foreign Policy Magazine described Tung as a “Beijing-linked Billionaire” who was “funding policy research at Washington’s most influential institutions.” It noted that “Tung currently serves as the vice chairman of one of the united front’s most important entities — the so-called Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, which is one of China’s two rubber-stamp assemblies. The body is one of Beijing’s most crucial tentacles for extending influence.”

We do not know whether Tung was ever able to ‘influence’ Hunter Biden, but the email highlights the reality that Communist China was likely trying. And that the CCP would have had larger aspirations than to just reach one dysfunctional and corrupt lawyer, but would have been angling to hook the guy at the top of the Biden crime family. Known in code as ‘The Big Guy’.

What did Joe Biden and Tung talk about when they sat next to each other? We don’t know.

And the release of the latest emails is a reminder of just how much more there is still to learn about Biden’s ties to Communist China and its operatives.

It’s associations like these that led the David Horowitz Freedom Center to organize and publish a collection of some of our best work on the Biden family and China in our latest pamphlet ‘Beijing Biden: The Secret Relationship With China That Threatens America’.

And because there are new revelations about Biden’s corruption coming out every day, Freedom Center Investigates is staying on top of this administration and its ties to foreign influence and enemy nations. Communist China never sleeps and we don’t sleep either.

(Daniel Greenfield will be appearing at the AFA's Literary Cafe on July 14th, Bastille Day, at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel, to discuss the American and French revolutions and the origins of our struggle against the Left.)

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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