Home immigration Islamization refugee resettlement Somali Vermont Vermont Resettled Somalis, Shootings Are Up 185%
Home immigration Islamization refugee resettlement Somali Vermont Vermont Resettled Somalis, Shootings Are Up 185%

Vermont Resettled Somalis, Shootings Are Up 185%

Shootings are up 185% in Vermont from 2021 to 2022.

“We are not used to this level of violence in Vermont,” Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger complained after the city racked up 5 murders. That may not sound like much, but it gives the normally sleepy city, where Bernie Sanders got his start, a higher murder rate than Philly.

When James Eaton, a mentally unstable leftist who had praised Hamas, shot and wounded three Arab Muslim men outside his home, the media eagerly diverted attention from the crime wave to the shooter, who was conveniently white, while falsely blaming it on ‘Islamophobia’.

The discredited hoax was not only trying to rally support for terrorists, but also to distract attention from the real perpetrators of the violence that has overtaken Bernie’s old city.

The shooters in Burlington, VT are much more likely to be Muslim male teens.

Another recent shooting out of Burlington made the national news when Hussein Mohamed, the underage son of Somali immigrants who don’t speak English, shot and killed Madden: a local 14-year-old boy. It was reported that “state police were able to make an arrest despite at least two eyewitnesses from the car providing multiple false statements about the crime.”

The murder wave in Burlington was touched off in 2022 when Abdiaziz Abdhikadir, 19, shot and killed Hussein Mubarak, 21.

Abdiaziz Abdhikadir had been part of a Somali Muslim refugee family profiled by the New York Times under the headline “U.S. a Place of Miracles for Somali Refugees.” Of that family, one son was convicted of assault with a firearm, another of “aggravated assault for shooting a man in November 2020” and Abdiaziz Abdhikadir was the grandson of that same family.

Abdhikadir had allegedly become a member of a Somali gang that stole cars while “wearing surgical gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints behind” and two of them had attacked a man in broad daylight while wearing ski masks.

Mubarak had been born in a refugee camp before being his family was resettled in America where his “older and younger siblings” spent time in jail, while he turned to selling drugs.

The reporting on the incident and other violent encounters in Burlington are littered with mentions of drug dealing, stolen cars and guns, shootings in garages and names like Abdirahman Mohamed, Ahmed Mohamed, Badal Khadka and Abukar Hilowle.

Abukar Hilowle was accused of a few shootings, including one in which he allegedly shot the driver of the car he was in, resulting in a car crash, and another in which he shot two middle-aged American men on the street, one of whom had told him to “chill”, but the Muslim perpetrator claimed that he was responding to “racial slurs” by his two victims.

In 2022 it was reported that, “by mid-summer, about half of the city’s gunfire incidents were connected to a small group of new American young men.” The inaccurate euphemism “new Americans“ was being used to refer to Somali and other often Muslim African immigrants.

The perps are usually repeat offenders who wander in and out of the justice system.

In 2020, Bonide Badibanga was arrested for aggravated assault during a fight over drugs. By 2022, when he was accused of trying to shoot his brother, he had racked up 47 police contacts and 11 arrests. Despite being briefly charged with attempted murder, his family refused to testify and he received a plea deal last year for time served.

Mayor Miro Weinberger however has claimed that the role of migrant settler teens in the wave of violence is not “particularly relevant”.

When the three Arab Muslim men were shot, State’s Attorney Sarah George rushed to claim, without a shred of evidence, that, “there is no question this was a hateful act.” But the Soros DA has been accused of giving violent drug gang members a pass for the sake of social justice.

Burlington’s crime level rose sharply after the City Council had voted to defund 30% of the police department during the peak of the BLM race riots.

Burlington City Councilor Ali Dieng, an African Muslim immigrant who has run for mayor, has attacked the police while introducing resolutions to boycott Israel and has urged funding for social services to explore the “root causes” of the violence by members of his community.

Tens of thousands of dollars were allocated to the Vermont New American Advisory Council (VNAAC), a group in which Ali serves as a secretary, which were used to pay for 15 hours of group therapy with “a therapist of African descent” along with “listening sessions” in which it was determined that the foreign population in Burlington had a “deep distrust” of the police.

“We all know in the 21st century, black people in this country continue to live in fear of losing their lives at the hands of law enforcement, or members of the white supremacy groups,” Ali Dieng had claimed after a resolution ordering the flying of the BLM flag at City Hall in 2020.

The reality is that black people in Burlington are being killed by other black people.

Ali Dieng has spent his political career alternating between falsely accusing America, the country that took him and his people in, of racism and accusing Israel of violence. The actual violence and racism are coming from the Muslim immigrants hiding behind those accusations.

When Hussein Mohamed killed Madden Gouveia, a 14-year-old local boy, local eyewitnesses attempted to lie to the police about what happened. The NAACP and other local leftist groups rallied for Mohamed who was portrayed as the victim. Meanwhile Gouveia’s family lost their son.

“Thankfully, through God’s work, (Madden) came to my house a week ago,” Ricky Worthen, his brother, wrote. “He walked to Battery Park with me and my daughter and spent two hours with us. I know now that was God’s way of showing me, I should cherish every moment and from this day forward I will”

While Madden’s family were thinking of God, Allah was on trial in Vermont.

Allah had been caught with fentanyl: the drug at the heart of the overdose epidemic and also of much of the local Muslim drug dealing and violence in the city. The police had busted Zahir Allah, a black convert to Islam, just outside Burlington, and he was tried and sentenced to less than three years in prison for trafficking in the deadly drug.

Muslim drug gangs are killing each other while fighting over territory in Burlington VT and across much of New England. And increasingly spreading their wave of terror across America.

While certainly not all shootings or murders in Burlington, VT involve Somalis, it is startling to see how many do, especially since the city has a relatively small Somali settler population.

Only a few hundred Somali Muslims were resettled in Burlington with horrifying consequences.

The question in Burlington, VT and across a nation under siege by hate, extremism, violence, crime and terror spread by first, second and third generation ‘refugees’ is how much more can we take, how many more lives can we lose and how long can we go on living this way?

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. Anonymous2/2/24

    These people don't belong here. They should all be sent back to where they came from. It's not a matter of racism or social justice or equality, but simply that they don't abide by the rules of a civilized society. The rule of law mean nothing to them. They have no respect for life. No respect for property, no respect for anything. They steal, they murder, they deal drugs. And here they are wasting tax payers' dollars that could be better used elsewhere. Deport them all and close the borders. Put an end to this cancer!

  2. Anonymous2/2/24

    But diversity is our strength said no sane person ever.

    1. Anonymous10/2/24

      Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a current green party MEP (European parliament member), said the following on Nov. 22, 1991 (what follows is the English Google translation; the original German quote is at the bottom). Let me stress again that this was something said 32 years ago, by someone who firmly represents contemporary leftist rhetoric.

      The multicultural society is hard, fast, cruel, and lacking in solidarity. It is characterized by considerable social imbalances and knows migration winners as well as modernization losers. It has a tendency to diverge into a variety of groups and communities and to lose its cohesion and the binding nature of its values.

      Die Multikulturelle Gesellschaft ist hart, schnell, grausam, und wenig solidarisch. Sie is von beträchtlichen sozialen Ungleichgewichten geprägt, und kennt Wanderungsgewinner ebenso wie Modernisierungsverlierer. Sie hat die Tendenz in eine Vielfalt von Gruppen und Gemeinschaften auseinander zu streben, und ihren Zusammenhalt, so wie die Verbindlichkeit ihrer Werte einzubüßen.

  3. Anonymous2/2/24

    Import the third world, become the third world. Or maybe it's the fourth or fifth world, being Somalis.

  4. Anonymous2/2/24

    Both my grandmothers emmigrated from the old country. One from Scotland, so language wasn't a problem, the other from the Netherlands. the latter never taught her children or us, Dutch. My one grandfather never taught us Hungarian, either. I wish they had, but those immigrants were determined to become Americans. These Somalis don't.

    Heck, the Ethiopian immigrants I met in DC in the 1990s also wanted to assimilate.
    Return the Somalis to their homeland. We do have to recognize the evidence.

    Robert Jacoby (not sure how to comment with my name, choosing my Google account doesn't work.)


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