Home Islamization Ohio recent New Pakistani Muslim Mayor Says City is Racist After Winning Election by 97%
Home Islamization Ohio recent New Pakistani Muslim Mayor Says City is Racist After Winning Election by 97%

New Pakistani Muslim Mayor Says City is Racist After Winning Election by 97%

Akron, Ohio’s first Pakistani Muslim mayor is convinced that America is racist.

Despite winning a challenging mayoral election by 97% in which he was the only candidate on the ballot after the Republican candidate was disqualified, Shammas Malik has never stopped talking about how racism is everywhere in the country and the city that elected him.

“He’s going to be the face of equity and diversity,” a Malik ally claimed.

And the face of diversity believes that everything about Akron, including its Innerbelt defunct highway system, is racist. “The choice to build the Innerbelt is a great example of systemic racism,” he claimed. “Projects like the Innerbelt explain our sickening racial wealth gap,” he contended elsewhere. And “one great example” of Akron’s racism, he lectured, was the Innerbelt which “was designed to help suburban commuters get to downtown Akron quicker.”

Malik’s solution to most problems, from highways to law enforcement, is to blame racism.

In 2022, Jayland Walker, who had led police on a chase the previous night, shot at officers and then tried to flee while wearing a ski mask, was shot and killed leading to BLM race riots.

Malik showed up at a protest against the grand jury’s refusal to indict the 8 police officers for shooting a man in a ski mask who had opened fire at them and was reaching into his waistband and then raising his arm before they finally opened fire on the suicidal man.

“There can be no justification for the brutal amount of force in the video of Jayland’s last moments,” Malik insisted while not making it clear what the correct amount of force police should use when they think a man wearing a ski mask in June is about to shoot at them.

Malik started his time in office by appointing a Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and doubling down on his claim that the country and the city are deeply racist hellholes.

“The very real history of racism in America is more than just history, it shapes the systems and institutions around us today,” Malik claimed.

Those are the same systemically racist institutions which allowed Shammas Iqbal Qammar Malik, the 32-year-old son of a Pakistani immigrant, to head one of the largest cities in Ohio. Institutions so deeply racist that they elevated him above all the other white primary candidates and then gifted him an uncontested election after less than four years on the City Council.

Malik claimed that the “history of racism means that the race of a baby born in Akron today will have a huge impact on their life experience – from the likelihood that they will live past infancy, to the amount of money they will earn in a lifetime.” What did Malik’s own race determine?

Mayor Shammas Malik’s father, a Pakistani immigrant, who used different names, left him and his American mother, a liberal University of Akron professor, had other secret kids, and was later arrested for wire fraud and impersonating an Air Force officer.

Despite that, both Malik and his brother Najim were able to intern at the Senate. Malik went on to intern at the Department of Defense, attend Harvard Law School and get the highest possible position in city government after only a few years on the job.

That is how incredibly racist America and Akon are.

As a student, Shammas Malik had been a member of the terrorist-linked Muslim Student Association before graduating to intern at the terrorist-linked Muslim Public Affairs Council. Multiple MSA leaders and officials have gone on to fight for Al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist groups. MPAC’s leaders have defended Hamas as well as other Islamic terrorist groups.

After working as a government and policy intern for MPAC, Malik moved on to the leftist Center for American Progress and then as an intern in the Pentagon’s legal office working on federal litigation involving national security and military commissions trials for Al Qaeda terrorists.

And he has learned one thing from all his experiences. America is terrible.

Malik Shammas claimed that America “killed thousands of civilians through drone and airstrikes across Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, etc. across the last 20 years – feeding into the recruitment of horrific terror groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS.”

White people, like his mother and her family, an environmentalist who married his wealthy Pakistani dad, according to Malik, have far too much money because of systemic racism.

“White families have almost 10 times as much wealth as black families, in large part because of systemic barriers that prevent black families from accessing home ownership and creating intergenerational wealth,” Shammas Malik argued.

One reason Shammas Malik is the mayor is that he dominated the Democrat party mayoral primaries by outraising all the other candidates with over $300,000: a record setting amount for a local election. Wealth is evil and racist except when it comes from his old law firm.

Malik claimed white people suffer from “implicit bias” to be remedied with critical race theory.

“The reason we need a true and accurate teaching of race in school is because there’s unconscious bias,” Malik argued. “When folks talk about critical race theory being taught in public schools, we know by now that they’re not actually talking about critical race theory,” he argued another time. “What they’re alarmed about is a more honest, fuller accounting of race in our history.”

By “our history”, he doesn’t mean the incredibly racist system in Pakistan where a foreigner of another religion would never have a chance at a top position, and would be lucky not to be killed for even trying, but in the country that gave him every possible opportunity and advantage.

During the pandemic, Malik’s priority was racism. “Certainly it will be very important to find out how much race and class plays into this virus, here and nationwide,” he urged.

After the Supreme Court outlawed racial discrimination in college admissions (known by the misleading name of ‘affirmative action’), Malik, a Harvard Law alum, complained that, “systemic racism is real. To fix it, we have to be willing to acknowledge the problem in the first place. Today’s decision is a huge step backwards in the fight for freedom and justice for all people.”

Even the rising crime caused by pro-crime activists like him, was blamed on systemic racism.

“Like many cities, Akron is facing a crisis of gun violence, with 26 homicides so far this year, as well as necessary calls for reimagining our policing and oversight processes to address systemic racism and increase public trust,” the future mayor contended.

Ending the murders would require empowering the police to fight crime. Instead, Mayor Shammas Malik appointed a new DEI director and blamed systemic racism and the cops.

There was a time when immigrants would be grateful for the opportunities of this country, but many have since learned that it’s much more effective to be ungrateful and hateful instead.

“The vote for someone who is not the traditional white male profile is something that we as a community should celebrate,” a Malik ally claimed.

In politics and in so many other areas, merely not being white is its own achievement. And by being only half-white, Malik has achieved half of something.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. Anonymous9/2/24

    This is sickening. Perhaps Malik and 0bama could have a 'pity party' together. There they could discuss how much better their lives could have been if not for having white mothers.

    All empires eventually crumble and fall; history is rife with examples. So it is not surprising that our nation fell. It is both surprising and sorrowful that it fell without even a shot being fired in her defense.

  2. Islam is not a race. It isn't even a religion
    It's a death cult.
    These people must be STOPPED!!!.

  3. Tell me you're an idiot without Telling me you're an idiot.
    Win an election with That number of votes and Then tell everyone that the people are racist. Why listen to another word from that asshole?

  4. And to think I was just planning a vacation in Akron. I guess I'll have to change my plans.

  5. Anonymous11/2/24

    It's only recently that the Census Dept reclassified people from the Indian subcontinent as Asian,not White

  6. Anonymous12/2/24

    So the Republican was disqualified, huh? Anything weird about that? Seems like a trend.


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