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Open Borders is a Disease

A medical mystery and a cause that the CDC is now allowed to diagnose.

Last month the CDC revealed that the number of babies born with syphilis had increased tenfold. The Centers for Disease Control blamed this on racism and inequity.

But the real issue isn’t racism even though the syphilis epidemic does affect minorities far more than white people. The number of babies born with ‘congenital syphilis’ did not rise from 365 in 1986, 529 in 2000 to 2,855 in 2021 because America was more racist in 2021 than in 1986.

In 2022, congenital syphilis shot up further to 3,700 resulting in 51 deaths and 231 stillbirths. Was America ten times more racist in 2022 than it had been in the eighties?

The federal health bureaucracy has put its top people on this medical mystery, dispatching Admiral Rick ‘Rachel’ Levine, a man whose claims to really be a woman rewarded him with an admiralship and a top health position in the Biden administration, to Georgia to promote a “sex positive harm reduction framework” and “LGBTQI+ health concerns”. What those concerns had to do with babies being born with syphilis to presumably heterosexual mothers was not addressed, but equity, if not the babies, were serviced by the transgender fake admiral.

In the 90s, the CDC unveiled a “National Plan to Eliminate Syphilis from the United States”. During the Obama administration the plan was finally abandoned far short of its original goal of reducing “cases to 1,000” and increasing “the number of syphilis-free counties to 90% by 2005.”

70% of the population now lives in counties with high syphilis rates. Not only have we not defeated syphilis, but the country is seeing the highest rates in 80 years.

It’s another triumph for the Biden administration which saw syphilis cases rise 26% in its first year. It’s a long way from the 90s when the CDC could optimistically argue that eliminating it was possible because “nationally, it is at the lowest rate ever recorded and it is confined to a very limited number of geographic areas.” It’s an accomplishment worse than Bidenomics.

What possible phenomenon could account for a massive increase in such a short time?

The number of syphilis cases doubled in Texas in five years. They’re up by 4,000 in just one year. What possible phenomenon in a border state might have caused such a drastic increase in so few years? Was it a sudden massive rise in racism or a massively open border?

In 2022, Texas reported 950 congenital syphilis cases accounting for nearly half the total in the entire country.

Arizona had the nation’s highest rate where the number of babies born with syphilis shot up from 17 in 2016 to 219 in 2022.

New Mexico had a 660% increase in congenital syphilis, for the second highest rate in the country for both syphilis and congenital syphilis, with 76 cases in 2022.

California is in sixth place where congenital syphilis cases rose 1,500% with 528 cases reported in 2019. “Hispanic babies made up nearly 50% of all cases” and the epicenter of the outbreak is in Fresno.

Who knows why the massive outbreak in congenital syphilis cases was clustered around border states during the same period when a mass migration of illegal aliens was underway.

You don’t have to be a public health expert to solve this one. It actually helps if you’re not.

None of the billions we spend on the CDC, the NIH and all the other acronym public health bureaucracies could explain why congenital syphilis in the Northeast only amounted to 121 cases in 2021, 296 cases in the Midwest, but 939 cases in the West and 1,499 cases in the South.

Why does Alabama have 37 cases while Arizona had 181 cases in 2021? What does Arizona have that Alabama lacks?

Racism, inequity or a border?

The CDC certainly has no idea and no clue how to solve this medical mystery. The experts have concluded that it’s a “socioeconomic problem”. Medical surveys have carried out groundbreaking research showing that congenital syphilis cases mostly involve poor minorities with low education levels living in rural areas. And therefore the answer is more social welfare.

“While newborn syphilis cases are increasing overall, babies born to black, Hispanic, or American Indian/Alaska Native mothers were up to 8 times more likely to have newborn syphilis in 2021 than babies born to white mothers,” the CDC argued. “Such disparities stem from decades of deeply entrenched social determinants of health that… result in health inequities such as higher rates of syphilis in some communities.”

This is the same rhetoric that the CDC has been deploying over the years including in its abandoned national plan to end syphilis. Despite all the funding allocated to testing and community outreach, all of which were supposed to solve “health inequities”, congenital syphilis rates tend to reflect overall syphilis rates, and syphilis rates reflect social stability.

Import millions of illegal alien migrants, most of them young men, and syphilis rates will spike.

In times of social upheaval, such as war, STD rates climb. Our current syphilis rates echo those of former eras such as the Great Depression or WWII when millions of men were displaced from home. The current syphilis spike isn’t caused by a war, or if it’s a war, it’s one that we’re losing.

The syphilis rates are the result of an invasion by millions of military age men. And the women brought along from south of the border or around the world. Some of the highest rates of previous syphilis exposure among pregnant women were found in high migrant countries like Venezuela and Haiti.

We don’t have to have crazy rates of a disease that, especially in newborns, could have been dealt with long ago. The cure was securing the border so millions of migrants couldn’t cross it.

Leandro Mena, the head of the CDC’s Division of STD Prevention, blamed the syphilis problem on stigma. “We, as a society, have a tremendous difficulty talking about sex and recognizing that sex is a normal activity and part of our human experience,”

The issue is not that we don’t talk about sex — we hardly talk about anything else. It’s that the experts and the public health bureaucrats pretend that syphilis outbreaks are caused by Americans being too puritanical to discuss where babies come from. Surely when sexuality studies are imposed on every kindergarten, this whole STD thing will finally go away.

But the CDC’s social welfare proposals are no substitute for a stable family life.

Syphilis rates are due to personal choices. They begin with parenthood. 64% of black children, 49% of American Indian, 42% of Latino and 24% of white children live in single parent households. The CDC refuses to consider the possibility that the same pyramid that governs single parent households is also reflected in syphilis cases including those of babies.

The issue is not that we don’t talk about sex; it’s that we don’t talk about family or the culture of nations. There is no stigma in talking about sex, but there is a stigma in talking about values or border security. The American family has gone on falling apart. Babies, killed in the womb or born with syphilis, are the collateral damage of a disastrous culture war. Flood the country with a mass invasion of people from failed states and the situation will get worse, not better.

It’s such a stigma that Mena won’t talk about it. Neither will anyone in the Biden administration.

We live in a society of mysteries that baffle the experts. Why does the public hate Bidenomics? Why do people think that there’s a lot of crime? Where is the inflation coming from? And why is there a sudden syphilis explosion? The usual answer to all of these questions is ‘racism’.

Why won’t Americans listen to the experts who can’t seem to ever find the “root cause” to any of the problems even when they’re staring them right in the face? It’s another mystery. The answer is probably “disinformation” with a side order of “racism”. Give the CDC a few billion and they’ll get to work on solving it.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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    Syphilis is not the only disease of concern. rates of HIV, measles, pertussis, rubella, rabies, hepatitis A, influenza, tuberculosis, shigellosis, syphilis, Mycobacterium bovis infection, brucellosis, leprosy, polio, and fecal-borne diseases such as cholera, E. coli infection, and Adenovirus.



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