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Kamala’s Islamophobia Jihad

In December 2015, after a husband and wife pair of Islamic terrorists shot up a Christmas party in San Bernardino, Kamala Harris, then the Attorney General of California, convened a session on “Islamophobia” that included the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Muslim Public Affairs Council and the Muslim Student Association: all of which had defended Islamic terrorists.

With 130 dead in France and 13 murdered in her own state, Kamala gathered a group that included Islamic terror supporters to argue that even after “the recent attacks in Paris and San Bernardino”, it was wrong “to stoke fear and cast aspersions against an entire faith and the millions of law-abiding American Muslims”.

After the Islamic mass murders of over 1,000 Israelis, Kamala returned to pushing “Islamophobia”. In the speech that he delivered three days after the massacres, she urged Biden to include a line about “Islamophobia” because of the way that Muslims had supposedly ‘suffered’ from it after the Islamic terrorist attacks killed thousands on September 11.

Next month in November, she unveiled a push to fight “Islamophobia”, not antisemitism. It was Kamala who pressed Biden to be more open to Islamist groups and their complaints, driving him to profusely apologize for questioning the civilian casualty numbers coming out of Hamas.

And it was she who voiced the highest level criticisms of Israel’s war on Hamas.

In Dubai, Kamala claimed that, “too many innocent Palestinians have been killed. Frankly, the scale of civilian suffering and the images and videos coming from Gaza are devastating.”

This was the rhetoric that Biden would shortly adopt.

In her Dubai speech, Kamala set limits on what Israel could do. There would be no permanent return of Israeli forces to Gaza and no “siege or blockade”. Instead, Gaza would be reconstructed and the terrorist forces of the Palestinian Authority strengthened to take it over.

Kamala’s hostility came as a surprise to some Jewish Democrats who had been sold on the idea of her as an AIPAC supporter and who had mostly seen pictures of her with her Jewish husband, Douglas Emhoff, who has taken the lead in holding conversations about antisemitism.

But whatever Emhoff’s beliefs are, he does not make policy anymore than Jill Biden did under Obama. It’s his wife who actually does make policy and whose biases are becoming clearer.

Kamala has a history of enabling ugly views by Islamic terrorist supporters against Israel.

In 2021, Kamala nodded along at George Mason University as a student ranted that funding for Israel’s anti-missile defense system, the Iron Dome, “hurts my heart because it’s an ethnic genocide”. Then the vice president responded with, “your voice, your perspective, your experience, your truth, should not be suppressed.”

After Rep. Ilhan Omar’s antisemitic “benjamins” comment, Kamala, then a senator, defended Omar, touting the threat of “Islamophobia” and expressing concern that “the spotlight being put on Congresswoman Omar may put her at risk.”

Kamala went on to say that, “there is a difference between criticism of policy or political leaders, and anti-Semitism.”

Most people tended to ignore these remarks because Kamala had a history of inept and clumsy responses, but her reaction to the Hamas attacks shows that they were not accidental.

Since the Oct 7 Hamas atrocities, Kamala has expressed sympathy for Israel, but has also become the administration’s highest profile internal critic, pressuring Biden to be less pro-Israel. A Politico report described how “a person close to the vice president’s office said she believes the United States should be ‘tougher’ on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”

The problem with Kamala is the same one that manifested after the San Bernardino Christmas Party massacre. Kamala is close to Islamist groups and leftists and sympathetic to their views.

Those views are hostile to Israel and to America, and supportive of Islamic terrorism.

During her time in the California political establishment, Kamala developed a relationship with CAIR and MPAC. And through her sister, Maya Harris, formerly of the ACLU, she may have developed further connections with other leftist and Islamist activists. While Kamala does not have the same Islamic family background as Obama, like him she has closer ties to people from the Muslim world. And, much like Obama, her sympathy leans more toward Islam than Israel.

Like Obama, Kamala tends to speak of Jews in terms of sitcom stereotypes and cliches. She mimics meeting her future mother-in-law in a routine that could have come from SNL’s ‘Verklempt’ sketch, but she has no meaningful connections beyond her marriage to a man whose own daughter raises money for Gaza and identifies as not being Jewish.

Kamala claims that she has a Muslim friend who lost someone in Gaza, but no mention of any Jewish friends who did. After Islamic terrorist attacks, whether in California, France or Israel, Kamala worries more about “Islamophobia” toward Muslims than the suffering of their victims.

In July 2016, Kamala appeared at a Ramadan event at the Islamic Center of Southern California, which spun off the previously mentioned Muslim Public Affairs Council, and whose founders had expressed support for Islamic terrorism, to denounce “Islamophobia”.

A month earlier, an Islamic terrorist had killed 49 people at a nightclub in Florida. Kamala, who was running for the Senate, mentioned this attack among others, including those in San Bernardino and Paris, and blamed them on “mental illness and violent extremism”.

And she claimed that Muslims were suffering from a rash of “Islamophobia” caused by hate.

Kamala’s criticism of Israel for defending itself against Islamic terrorism is just a repetition of the rhetoric that her not especially long political career has trained her to deploy after terror attacks. It doesn’t matter whether the attacks are in America, Israel or anywhere else in the world, instead of siding with the victims, she will claim that the real problem is “Islamophobia”.

While Doug Emhoff reassures the Jews, his wife empathizes with their killers.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. Anonymous21/12/23

    It is perhaps noteworthy that Emhoff began his storied career as an Entertainment lawyer. Not much has changed, he still props up a laughable commodity in spouse Harris. One need not have a Mensa-level IQ or excel in spiritual discernment to know that Harris is a prima facia case of res ipsa loquitur; the thing speaks for itself...and says nothing.

    With that said, I must ask how her hostility to Israel caught 'some Jewish Democrats ' by surprise. Have they spent the last decade or more sound asleep, or are they simply another, higher end, iteration of blacks in their government provided inner-city high-rise plantations? What thing of value do they derive from their perpetual political relationship?

    The Democrats 'love alliance' with Islam is obvious. Both share the same values for now- the defeat of America on the world stage and disassembling its foundation one brick at a time domestically. There is some comfort in knowing that if and when Islam gains a majority, the Democrats' heads will be the first to roll.

    Thank you. You rocked it again!

  2. Anonymous22/12/23

    Kamala Harris is just another bad pick for the Democrats, the party of race. All they have left is the cultivation of so-called marginalized groups that afford them opportunities to call the rest of us phobic. This woman, Kamala, or if you listen to her speak, VP Snot, is most unimpressive. I guess her basic demeanor was inculcated in Berkeley, California, a petri dish of rancid ideas. And it explains much of the antisemitism. As the old joke goes, "in Berkeley even the Jews are antisemitic".

  3. She was Willy Brown's squeeze, so they kept her around.


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