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Sunday, October 29, 2023

CAIR Sues Prison for Asking Funder of Terrorists Who Killed 8-Year-Olds to Take Off Hijab

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an unindicted co-conspirator in an Islamic terrorism funding trial, has gone to bat for a convicted Islamic terrorism funder who was asked to remove her hijab.

Muna Osman Jama, a Somali immigrant, had been sentenced to 12 years in prison for providing material support to al-Shabaab: a Somali Islamic terrorist group allied with Al Qaeda.

Jama had set up a chat room to coordinate funding for Islamic terrorist operations including in Nairobi where the Jihadist group had perpetrated the Westgate Mall Massacre. During the killing spree, al-Shabaab terrorists had singled out non-Muslims by asking them to name Mohammed’s mother or recite the shahada, the Islamic creed, and if they failed, killing them.

Serving a sentence that will only end in 2027, Jama has retained her devotion to her cult. And now CAIR, which has a history of support for Islamic terrorists, is suing the Federal Correctional Institution in Waseca, Minnesota, alleging that the terrorist funder was caused “a great deal of shame and embarrassment” by being asked to remove her hijab.

Jama and CAIR understandably don’t find any “shame and embarrassment” in her support for an Islamic terrorist group that killed people, including elderly women and children, simply because they weren’t Muslims. A Kenyan mother and her two small children played dead for two hours to avoid being murdered for no other reason than that they were Christian.

The victims of the Islamic terrorists whom Jama supported include Jenah Louis Bawa, an 8-year-old girl, murdered alongside her mother, Pramshu Jain, an 8-year-old boy, and an Indian woman who was 6-months pregnant. The killers interspersed the murders with prayers to Allah.

What was Jama’s reaction to the Islamic murder of children? Jama and another Somali immigrant “were recorded as they laughed as the carnage at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi was still taking place” and “laughed at the Boston Marathon Bombing” and the World Trade Center.

This is so unimportant that CAIR never feels the need to even mention it in its press release.

Jama feels no shame for supporting terrorists who murdered 8-year-olds, but CAIR complains on her behalf that her “head, ears, and neck are on full display each time male officers need to identify her during headcounts”. Islam has priorities: dead kids are good, women’s ears are bad.

Under Islam, murdering non-Muslim children is not something to be ashamed of. Unlike removing a hijab, it’s a glorious religious experience. That’s why ISIS jihadists would pray before raping non-Muslim little girls. One of the Muslim terrorists told a 12-year-old girl that raping her brought him “closer to Allah”. There’s no shame in raping non-Muslim children, there is however shame in a Muslim woman having to display her ears to the unclean eyes of infidels.

According to CAIR, Jama “has been forced to carry around an ID photo, which features a picture of her without her hijab” and “each time Jama swipes her ID card, her hijab-less photo appears on the database screen for any males in the vicinity to view. This hijab-less ID has caused Jama a great deal of shame and embarrassment.”

In Somalia, al-Shabaab, the terrorist group Jama helped finance, would gang rape teenage girls. One of the Jihadist group’s victims described being “repeatedly sexually abused by up to six men at a time” leaving her HIV positive. Al-Shabaab took 12-year-old girls as sex slaves, and left them incontinent with damaged genitals. But consider the exposure of Jama’s neck.

Al-Shabaab’s concern for female modesty was so great that it declared that Sharia, or Islamic law, banned women from wearing “un-Islamic bras” and ordered “women at gunpoint to shake their breasts.” Those who did not pass the Islamic underwear test were whipped.

CAIR complains that the federal prison system is violating Jama’s Islamic modesty by exposing her neck, while the terrorists she was aiding did a whole lot worse for Islamic modesty. Jama helped terrorists who wanted to create an Islamic state and force everyone to live by her cult’s rules. Now she complains that the federal prison system is living by its rules, not her rules.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations claims that it’s just acting to protect Jama’s religious freedom. But what is CAIR’s position on al-Shabaab? The perpetrators of the Westgate Mall attack, during which children were murdered, included Somalis Muslims from America.

Family members claimed that CAIR had obstructed FBI efforts to investigate the attack. Muslims who took part in a seminar on al-Shabaab were smeared by CAIR as anti-Muslim.

The uncle of one of the men who may have been recruited to join the terror group testified in Congress that, “CAIR held meetings for some members of the community and told them not to talk to the FBI, which was a slap in the face for the Somali American Muslim mothers who were knocking on doors day and night with pictures of their missing children and asking for the community to talk to law enforcement about what they know of the missing kids.”

This is not the first time that CAIR tried to intervene on behalf of Muslims sentenced for providing support to al-Shabaab. In 2013, CAIR filed a complaint against a federal judge who had sentenced Hawo Hassan, who had raised money door to door for al-Shabaab, and Amina Ali, who had held fundraising teleconferences for the terrorists. A story described them as “respected humanitarian workers” and CAIR condemned the judge for asking the women raising money to impose Sharia law if they supported “jihad, suicide bombings and Sharia law.”

Somalia’s UN representative responded by accusing CAIR of “equating Islam with terrorism” and “misleading the community on a false pretense of defending Muslims”. He pointed out that

“CAIR never urged the community to express collective outrage against Al Shabaab’s menacing act of terror in Somalia.” Is CAIR really concerned about Jama’s ears or al-Shabaab?

“The hijab is a sacred part of Mrs. Jama’s identity and her connection to Allah,” CAIR Legal Fellow Aya Beydoun insists. An equally sacred part of Mrs. Jama’s connection with her god, Allah, is murdering non-Muslims which the federal prison system also blocks her from doing.

CAIR rightly ought to sue the federal prison for blocking Jama’s sacred connection to Allah by interfering with her religious obligation to support Jihad. Instead she’ll have to wait until 2027. But until then, she and CAIR can wage lawfare, a form of Jihad, against the United States.

Al-Shabaab is following the sacred Islamic obligation of conducting Jihad to make Somalia even more of an Islamic state. By supporting them, Jama was engaging in the permanent Islamic religious obligation of supporting Jihad until the entire world is subjugated under Islamic rule.

America has a choice. We can choose Jama’s hijab or the murdered children in Westgate. We can choose CAIR or the young girls being gang raped in Somalia. It is a binary choice.

Somalia is a lost cause. America isn’t. Yet.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Anonymous29/10/23

    In any sane universe CAIR would be designated a Terrorist Organization and dealt with accordingly.



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