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Home DHS global warming illegal aliens recent While Millions Invade America, DHS Fights the Heat

While Millions Invade America, DHS Fights the Heat

“You know, when it is 110 degrees outside, your body has to work overtime to cool itself off,” Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland Security began his address to the ‘Extreme Heat Summit’.

With 8,000 attempted invasions by illegal aliens a day and even major cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago drowning under the tide of invaders, Mayorkas and DHS took a break to talk about the weather rather than the 2.4 million illegal alien apprehensions in 2022.

“110 degrees is not a nice day at the beach,” Mayorkas pontificated. “Extreme heat is no longer a looming threat in a climate change-driven future. It is an urgent, dangerous, and deadly problem in our country.”

Extreme heat, also known as summer, is normal in states like Florida, Texas and Arizona where Mayorkas ominously warned the population was on the verge of death due to global warming.

The biggest threat to Texas and Arizona isn’t coming from a summer heat wave, but a mass invasion of illegals flooding across the border. Every effort that Texas and Arizona have made to slow down the invasion has been undermined by Mayorkas and his boss who sued Arizona for putting up a wall of shipping containers and Texas for putting barriers on the Rio Grande. While Mayorkas talks about the dangerous weather in Phoenix, Tuscon Sector hit a 15-year high in invaders. Under DHS orders, the invaders have been bused into Phoenix and into small rural towns that have no way to accommodate the tide of illegal aliens being dumped on them.

DHS claims it can’t stop illegal aliens from crossing the border, yet it claims to be able to change the weather. It can stop the illegal aliens, it’s choosing not to, but it can’t change the weather. Not even if it holds ‘Extreme Heat Summits’ every day of the week for a thousand years.

The Department of Homeland Security and Secretary Mayorkas are trading a problem that is their responsibility and that they can solve for a problem that isn’t and that they can’t solve.

The DHS ‘virtual summit’ on ‘extreme heat’ was perfectly timed for the end of summer, and packaged with a “first-of-its-kind resource guide” full of useless suggestions for public officials like appointing a ‘Chief Heat Officer’ to watch the thermometer and sending out ‘Code Red’ alerts warning everyone it’s really hot outside and that they should turn on the air conditioning.

That is not what cities actually want from DHS. Elected officials in New York have begged DHS to do something about the illegal aliens overrunning their cities. Instead, DHS is telling them to turn on the air conditioning in libraries and rename them “resiliency hubs”. This is an idea that no local government could have come up with on its own without DHS’ $100 billion budget.

Meanwhile, illegal border crossings had shot up 30% in July. Around 200 invaders on terrorist watch lists were found and at least one of them was released. An ISIS-linked smuggler was found to have aided Uzbeks in entering the United States. The Uzbeks, coming from a country with one of the highest numbers of ISIS fighters, were released “pending court appearances”. And currently court dates are running from 2032 to 2035 so that may be quite a while away.

The Department of Homeland Security had been formed as a response to 9/11. In the words of the Homeland Security Act, its mission is to “(1) prevent terrorist attacks within the United States; (2) reduce the vulnerability of the United States to terrorism; (3) minimize the damage, and assist in the recovery, from terrorist attacks that occur within the United States”.

The Homeland Security Act does not mention that it’s the role of DHS to police the weather.

So what is DHS currently doing? It’s “addressing climate change” and “uniting for Ukraine”. The last National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin, much of its reason for existence, was last issued in May 2023. Instead DHS has a blog on “breastfeeding and returning to your workplace” and ‘Risk’ assessments for global warming for areas around the nation.

While Fentanyl is flooding the country, DHS is focused on keeping “illegal HFCs” which provide for better refrigeration out of the country lest someone be able to actually stay cool the way they used to in 1991. Despite ongoing Islamic terrorist plots, including an attempted massacre by a Syrian immigrant in North Dakota, DHS is instead running a “Russia-Ukraine Domestic Preparedness Group” for someone else’s war that is happening 5,000 miles away.

DHS is switching to electric cars, enlisting black colleges to fight global warming and chasing every woke agenda that isn’t its job instead doing the thing that it had been created to do.

“Keeping Americans safe is the highest priority of the entire Biden-Harris Administration, and it is our founding mission here at the Department of Homeland Security. Mitigating the impacts of extreme heat will require all of us, at every level of government, to work together,” Secretary Mayorkas told the heat summit.

Mayorkas claimed that 700 people in this country die every year due to the heat. When asked in Congress how many Americans are killed each year by illegal aliens, however he could not answer the question. And that is because Mayorkas, like Biden, doesn’t care. Heatstroke somehow became the business of DHS, but foreigners invading and killing Americans isn’t.

Keeping Americans high is such a priority that Mayorkas doesn’t even know how many crimes have been committed by the stream of military-age men he is allowing to invade our country.

In April, Francisco Oropeza, an illegal alien who had been deported 4 times, murdered five people, but Mayrokas would rather talk about the weather in Texas than the illegals.

The founding mission of DHS was not the vague one of “keeping Americans safe”, but fighting terrorism. The DHS May bulletin, the last one in months, mentioned mass shootings, while only vaguely referencing an Islamic terror attack in Times Square which it defined as “inspired by a variety of foreign terrorist content” while failing to mention other Islamic terror plots.

DHS not only abandoned that mission, it actively collaborates with the enemy, including holding meetings with CAIR: an unindicted co-conspirator in funding Islamic terrorists, even while it classifies pro-life mothers in rural America as dangerous “domestic extremists”.

When it comes to border security, DHS does the same thing, handing out $77 million to resettle the invaders inside the United States instead of securing the border against them. DHS is not keeping us safe, it’s endangering us, and when it’s not working with Islamic terrorists or moving illegal invaders into the country, it’s lecturing us on global warming.

In July, House Republicans began building an impeachment case against Secretary Mayorkas for “a reckless abandonment of border security and immigration enforcement, at the expense of the Constitution and the security of the United States”.

If they go through with it, Mayorkas will find out what real heat feels like.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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