Home environmentalism global warming recent Democrats Blame Republicans for the Heat
Home environmentalism global warming recent Democrats Blame Republicans for the Heat

Democrats Blame Republicans for the Heat

“Hot enough for you? Thank a MAGA Republican. Or better yet, vote them out of office,” Hillary Clinton tweeted.

The compulsive liar and failed presidential candidate who dodged multiple investigations into everything from trading cattle futures to mishandling classified information does know a few things about beating the heat. That’s why the Clintons used to “borrow” vacation homes from understanding campaign donors like a real estate developer whom Clinton named an ambassador to Switzerland and then had him buried in Arlington National Cemetery before he had to be dug up again and reburied when it turned out that instead of being on a ship that had been hit by a German torpedo, the war hero was actually going to college classes in Chicago.

Democrats could stop lying all the time or they could promise to save us from the weather.

Blaming your political opponents for the weather is not a new idea. Hillary’s predecessors during the Salem Witch Trials accused a woman of having caused “such a violent storm that we lost our main mast and rigging”. Any day now, Hillary will also accuse conservatives of curdling the milk, flying through the air and bewitching Americans into finding her unlikable.

Democrats are blaming Republicans for the heat while promising to fix it with lots of cash.

The “Extreme Heat Emergency Act” would treat heat as a natural disaster. Next up, cold will be a natural disaster. And then once temperature has been redefined as a natural disaster, much of the country will be a permanent natural disaster site and eligible for non-stop disaster relief.

Also coming is the “Stay Cool Act” because while Congress can’t fulfill any of its actual responsibilities, it can only do the things no one can do like changing the weather.

Extreme heat is hot in Washington D.C. right now. That’s a city where all the politicians used to flee over the summer long before anyone had coined the ‘global warming’ hoax. Even many of the Constitutional Convention delegates absconded from Philly once the summer heat kicked in.

Summer has always been hot. Before air conditioning those who could fled cities for the country and those who couldn’t, slept on fire escapes or in bathtubs. The only thing that made D.C. livable (assuming that it is livable) was the invention of air conditioning. But Dems would like to take away our conditioning while promising to save us from “extreme heat”.

Joe Biden, fresh off from announcing that he had “ended cancer as we know it”, promised to spend $150 million to protect Americans from “extreme heat”. That’s enough to buy 1 million air conditioners which could significantly cut down heat-related deaths. But the Biden administration isn’t doing that, instead it’s trying to ban air conditioners.

“For years, heat has been the — I have to admit I didn’t know it either. I thought it — I knew it was tough, but the number one weather-related killer is heat. The number one weather-related killer is heat. Six hundred people die annually from its effects,” Biden mumbled.

600 deaths isn’t bad. 15,000 people died in a heatwave in France. Only 5% of French households have air conditioners because they’re “bad for the planet.”

Thousands of people dying however is good for the planet.

That’s why Biden is cracking down on air conditioners, along with cars, gas stoves, and freedom of speech. The push for more “energy efficient” air conditioners will make them less affordable and hit poor people hardest. Those are also the people likeliest to die when it gets hot.

“Air-conditioning can and should be deployed as a tool for survival in extreme circumstances to the populations who need it. But the current reality is that most AC is still used by those who are least vulnerable in times that are far from extreme,” a Time article complained. “In 2016, 328 million Americans—that’s less than 5% of the world’s population—guzzled more energy for cooling than the 4.4 billion people living in all of Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia.”

So Biden won’t be handing out a million air conditioners. Instead he claims that “the Department of Housing and Urban Development is providing billions to communities to make buildings more efficient and to make more heat — make them more heat-resistant, opening cooling centers in — for residential areas and in the cities that the communities can go to to be safe.”

Cooling centers are common in French urban areas and thousands of people still die. Opening the equivalent of homeless shelters for air conditioning while pricing air conditioners out of the reach of working class people is no solution to anything except killing off the poor.

One study showed that air conditioning cut premature deaths on hot days by 80%.

Deaths directly caused by heat were twice as high in 1980 as they are today. That’s the year over 1,000 people died. So much for the increasing doom trend of global warming.

But according to Biden and Hillary Clinton, Republicans are causing the heat.

“MAGA extremists in Congress are trying to undo all this progress,” Biden ranted. “Not a single one of them — not a single Republican voted — voted for the Inflation Reduction Act, which had all this money for climate, which provides funding to con- — to combat climate change.”

The Inflation Increase Act did spend billions on the IRS and climate chargers for Tesla. Maybe Biden can explain how more IRS agents and electric car chargers for the rich will cool us off.

“As Americans Face Extreme Heat, MAGA Republicans Still Ignore Climate Change,” the DNC complains. The climate isn’t changing, it’s cycling. That’s what climates do. The political climate in D.C. cycles between corruption and outrage, and between claiming that we’re all about to freeze or fry and that only politicians who can’t stop stealing will save us from the weather.

“I don’t think anybody can deny the impact of climate change anymore,” Biden insisted.

Biden, as the owner of a beach house, obviously believes in climate change. That’s why he bought the Rehoboth Beach located in a flood zone in 2017 for nearly $3 million.

Either Biden is a bad investor or a bad liar.

Politicians like Biden and Obama who believe in global warming have a lot of beachfront property. And they can’t seem to stop buying the homes that they claim are doomed. They vow that they can save us from the weather, but what we really need saving from is them.

If you’re in a hot room where the temperature is stifling, the air tastes like molasses and you’re coated in so much sweat that the furniture is mildewed, don’t buy a politician, buy an air conditioner.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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    It's all part of the show. Hillary is long gone, as are all of the original major players.
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