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Biden Handed Over South America to China

When Biden met with Lula da Silva, the founder of the Marxist Brazil’s Workers’ Party and a convicted criminal, it was a victory lap for both socialists.

Lula da Silva, Brazil’s former leader, had survived his bribery conviction and rigged an election that overthrew Jair Bolsonaro: his conservative patriotic predecessor. Biden had survived his own trial by fire during the midterms which locked down the 2024 Democrat nomination.

Lula also met with fellow Marxists: Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Biden and Lula talked of “democracy” and “fighting extremism”. They badmouthed their predecessors, Bolsonaro and Trump, and Biden offered the Marxist some big checks.

“Both our nations’ strong democracies have been tested,” Biden falsely claimed, and “both in the United States and Brazil, democracy prevailed.”

Media accounts compared Biden and Lula who had both faced mass public protests over their stolen elections. Biden had been one of the first to congratulate Lula on his stolen election and invited him to the White House despite the Brazilian Marxist’s longtime enmity to America.

“The United States and the rest of the world can count on Brazil in the fight for democracy,” Lula assured Biden.

The Biden administration and the media had worked hard to bring Lula to power despite the fact that he was an ally of geopolitical enemies like Xi in China and Putin in Russia.

Last month, Lula flew to Beijing where he pledged his true allegiance: signing 15 bilateral agreements and forming an official partnership that will include embedding China’s Huawei technological spy operation into Brazil’s communications infrastructure.

Every time Biden and the Democrats say “democracy won” in South America, what they really mean is that China won.

Lula’s most significant statement was a call to end the use of the dollar as an international currency. And this was not just talk. In March, Brazil agreed to use the Chinese Yuan currency for its purchases. Biden and the Democrat Party’s backing for Lula had undermined America in its global economic struggle with China and the international order they claimed to revere.

Brazil’s move was soon followed by another major South American government, Argentina, also agreeing to pay for Chinese products in Yuan.

Argentina’s leader Alberto Fernandez is a successor to the criminally corrupt Kirchner administration, backed by Obama, which has continued to rule through Fernandez. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner had been charged with high treason over her dirty deal with Iran. Despite being banned from holding office, she serves as Fernandez’s vice president.

Although arguably he serves as her number two.

Much like Lula, Democrats and their media cheered the Fernandez-Kirchner ticket as the best hope for “democracy”. Like Lula, Alberto Fernandez is a supporter of Xi and Putin. Singing from the leftist playbook, Fernandez paid a call on Putin and urged both countries to work together to cut the United States out of their economies.

In Beijing, Fernandez signed memorandums and agreements with China worth tens of billions of dollars that included the construction of a Chinese nuclear plant. And Argentina and China expanded their currency swap to $5 billion.

Despite all that, Biden welcomed Fernandez to a ‘Summit on Democracy’ and pledged to “stand up for our democracies”. Biden then cheerfully agreed to help him further renegotiate the country’s debt.

Biden’s “democracy” agenda for South America was paying massive dividends… to China.

The latest election in Paraguay however denied another victory for Marxist ‘democracy’ when Santiago Pena of the Colorado Party defeated Efrain Alegre of the Authentic Radical Liberal Party. A strong proponent of shifting the country’s economy over to Communist China, Alegre had previously been arrested on corruption charges.

Much as in Brazil and Argentina, the Biden administration went all in to help China gain another ally by imposing sanctions on the Colorado Party. The move may have backfired by making the leftists appear to be not only China, but Biden’s puppets, leading to a sizable election defeat.

This was another loss for the Biden-China coalition after Pedro Castillo in Peru was impeached and removed from office for trying to stage his own coup. Castillo had focused on building ties with Communist China. The Biden administration had protested Castillo’s arrest, warning, “we will continue to stand against and to categorically reject any acts that…undermines democracy.”

But keeping Peru and Paraguay in the American camp does not compensate for losing Brazil and Argentina. Bolsnaro’s victory had put a pro-American government in power in Brazil. And the Democrats put loyalty to the International Left over America to secure Brazil for their comrades. And leftist victories in South America are really victories for Communist China.

Beyond the economic consequences, the Biden administration’s treasonous allegiance to the International Left gives China an even deeper foothold in the Americas.

The People’s Republic of China has vast global ambitions. It has built a massive radio station in Argentina under the Obama-backed Kirschner regime, that is likely being used to spy on us, and is moving to close a deal on a naval base. With that base, Chinese ships would have a gateway to Antarctica. Fernandez’s victory, backed by Democrats and the American Left, has all but given China a deep military foothold in this hemisphere and its waters.

And the Biden administration is only just getting started handing over South America to China.,

When Biden put Kamala in charge of dealing with mass migration, it wasn’t to stem the tide of illegal aliens crossing the border, but to assign the blame for it to “root causes” such as a lack of “democracy” at home. That was diplomatic slang for pushing for regime change.

Kamala flew off to Guatemala to try and topple the government of Alejandro Giammattei: a conservative pro-American and anti-China leader who recently visited Taiwan. Crowds of Guatemalan patriots jeered her arrival. The Biden administration began abusing its Justice Department to aid leftists, including those backed by Soros, and leftist Guatemalan officials looking to bring criminal charges against the Giammattei government. Kamala met with Thelma Aldana, his likely future opponent, who received political asylum from the Biden regime.

This is what a coup looks like.

Last year, Kamala flew out to attend the inauguration of Honduras’ new socialist president Xiomara Castro. Castro, the wife of former President Manuel Zelaya, a Cuban ally who was removed from office after trying to take over the country, who had been backed by Obama.

Castro’s vice president, Salvador Nasralla, a ‘Palestinian’ Arab, claimed that the Jews run the country and his wife had declared that, “Hitler was a great leader”.

But the chief propagandist for the Zelaya regime had spent its final days urging, “I believe it should have been fair and valid to let Hitler finish his historic vision.” That had not diminished Obama’s support for the leftists and the Castro-Nasralla regime’s Hitlerism didn’t stop Kamala from flying out to bless the latest member of the ‘democracy’ family in South America.

In March, Castro officially switched ties from Taiwan to Communist China, and will be heading to Beijing.

Expect the Yuan and the Chinese bases to follow.

There isn’t a struggle between America and China in South America, there’s a perverse alliance in which the Biden administration betrays, suborns and hands over friendly countries to China.

While Communist China has plenty of cash, it lacks the sophisticated political networks to bring down governments. That’s an asset exclusively possessed by the International Left, Russia and D.C. Under Biden, as under Obama, those networks have been pooled for leftist takeovers. What Biden and Kamala are doing to South America is what Obama did to the Middle East, using ‘democracy’ and the ‘fight against corruption’ as false flags for bringing America’s worst enemies to power. In the Middle East, it was the Islamists. In South America, it’s the Marxists.

The ultimate beneficiary is America’s greatest geopolitical enemy: Communist China.

In a handful of years, Biden has crushed America’s allies and empowered its enemies across South America. American companies are being shut out of the southern continent while Chinese companies, which are arms of the regime and its military ambitions, are taking over.

Biden’s China treason poses an existential threat to America.

China’s growing holdings in South America will give it access to vast mining, agricultural, energy and navigational resources while putting it within striking distance of the United States.

Democrats and the media cheered each “victory for democracy” in South America. What they did not say was that these victories really marked the expansion of China south of our border.

One of the greatest betrayals in our history, on par with Truman handing over China to the Communists, has happened quietly while hardly anyone noticed and while America slept.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. Anonymous3/7/23

    Two criminals finding comfort in each others company. How much did Joe get for this sell out?

    Jonty D

  2. Anonymous3/7/23

    I am so tired of the Democrats, and their sycophants like Rob Reiner, portraying themselves as the keeper of Democracy. They don't have a clue.

  3. Anonymous3/7/23

    OMG, yes, you are absolutely right, Daniel! I'm not sure if this can be overturned, ever. And I'm optimist, BUT! Our poor kids!!! I'm old, and I'm happy about being so old. God stay with them! In Czech Republic we say that in your article: "Every word is a pearl!" So much intelligence, knowledge and research you put in, thank you very much. But it's VERY depressing :(

  4. Anonymous6/7/23

    Did you notice how the chant of corrupt, bought, mentally and morally bankrupt losers Barak and Olmert are leading a similar rebellion in Israel under the chant “Democrazia”.....may the merit of the righteous and their good deeds tip the scales so the wicked and their ilk come crushingly crashing down


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