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Home Africa China recent South Africa After Billions in US Aid, South Africa Sides With China

After Billions in US Aid, South Africa Sides With China

In November 2022, Climate Envoy John Kerry announced a giveaway of $1 billion in foreign aid to South Africa. The failed racist state which regularly suffers blackouts from its socialist power system was being offered billions to subsidize electric cars and green energy.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen claimed that “President Ramaphosa and the South African Government have created a bold plan identifying a clear strategy for achieving South Africa’s most ambitious climate targets.”

In reward for that $1 billion and the billions in foreign aid dispensed over the years, South Africa is conducting joint military exercises with China and Russia.

The Biden administration had little to say except that it was “concerned”, but wasn’t about to tear up that $1 billion check to make sure that a crime-ridden country with $500 million in car thefts a year has all the electric cars its car thieves need to steal and resell.

Naledi Pandor, the African National Congress’ Foreign Minister, a Muslim convert, claimed that it was just “an exercise with friends” and that objecting to her government’s decision to conduct military exercises with China and Russia was an “abuse of international practice.”

The ANC government has the right to conduct joint military exercises with our enemies. And we have the right to stop funding the corrupt ANC Communist party destroying the country.

The United States provided over $500 million in aid to South Africa last year. In 2020, we delivered over $600 million. That’s part of over $3.5 billion in the last decade.

What have we gotten in exchange for that?

In 2018, then UN Ambassador Nikki Haley commissioned a report which noted that South Africa was among the countries least likely to vote with the United States. That put the ANC government in a club with Cuba, Iran, Zimbabwe, North Korea and Venezuela. Almost all of the countries on the list were America’s sworn enemies. That was not a coincidence.

There were suggestions that the United States might condition foreign aid on support at the UN. Aid to South Africa did fall from $386 million to $271 million before shooting up again in 2020.

Biden’s billion dollar giveaway to the ANC regime more than makes up for any brief shortfall.

South Africa’s ANC government views us as an enemy while we continue to view the country and its government as some sort of success story.

In America, pictures of Nelson Mandela decorate billboards and the relationship between Nelson and Winnie Mandela was made into a movie, ‘Winnie Mandela’, despite her role in murdering Stompie Moeketsi Seipei, a 14-year-old boy, in a failed effort to get him to make a false accusation of molestation against a white Methodist minister fighting Apartheid.

Mandela, a Communist terrorist mythologized into a plaster saint, was succeeded by Thabo Mbeki who claimed that AIDS was caused by malnutrition and who began the country’s blackouts, who was succeeded by Jacob Zuma, who was accused of raping an HIV-positive woman before taking a shower to get rid of the virus, who was succeeded by Ramaphosa.

The State Department claims that “South Africa has made notable strides toward building an inclusive democracy that provides increased opportunity for its people.” Not remotely true.

A fifth of adults in South Africa are HIV positive. More than half the country is living in a state of poverty. 74 people were murdered every day making for one of the highest murder rates in the world. Blackouts are constant with more days of blackouts than not over the course of a year.

All of this is the legacy of the African National Congress. Apartheid ended over three decades ago. The ANC has burned through the country’s infrastructure and its capital. Decades of corruption have destroyed any future and it’s stuck with a $130 billion national debt that is estimated to pass 100% of its GDP by 2025. Worse still, its GDP shrank by 1.3%.

Western governments and protesters got the regime they wanted. So did China.

The ANC’s Cyril Ramaphosa recently expressed his love and admiration for China’s Communist government and declared that, “South Africa applauds China’s principled foreign policy posture.”

“We therefore readily align ourselves with the four calling-ons articulated by President Xi, which call on all countries to respect the diversity of human civilisations and perspectives while advancing the common values of humanity.”

Then let President Xi fund the ANC.

In the last years of the Bush administration, US foreign aid to South Africa rose from the single digits to the triple digits. Under Obama, writing $300 million checks a year to the failed state became the new normal. It’s time to cut off all foreign aid and end this one way relationship.

It may be too much to expect a reevaluation of Nelson Mandela: the bosom buddy of every international monster of his day including Castro, Arafat, Gaddafi and Mugabe. But under a series of ANC leaders, South Africa has evolved into a murderous racist oligarchy where white farmers are murdered every day in an ongoing state-sponsored campaign of ethnic cleansing.

“The expropriation of land without compensation is envisaged as one of the measures that we will use to accelerate redistribution of land to black South Africans,” President Ramaphosa threatened.

That didn’t stop Biden from holding a high-profile meeting with him last year or from his administration offering billions in green energy subsidies to a corrupt failed state.

South Africa’s military exercises with China and Russia make it clear that’s treason.

The Biden administration claims that “the United States and South Africa share vibrant educational and people-to-people ties, significant economic and political interests, as well as common development objectives throughout Africa.” Not one of these things are true.

America has no political interests in common with the ANC. The only objective the ANC has is taking our money while allying with our enemies. Supporting Mandela and the ANC was a tragic mistake that led directly to the deaths of as many as half a million people in South Africa due to crime, violence and the spread of HIV. Our alternatives are another bout of regime change to set things right or to stop writing $300 million checks to try to fix South Africa.

The sight of South Africa’s military and a Chinese warship conducting exercises ought to make it clear that the ANC is our enemy. And that any further foreign aid just funds our enemies.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. Anonymous18/4/23

    Helping Black, Communist, Islam, Woke is


  2. All true, and how true this is.
    Like it's neighbour, Zimbabwe; it has long been given a free pass to destroy any vestiges of democracy, civilisation or humanity, rule of law etc.
    All being concepts of the racist white man, what can be forever blamed for the murders, expropriations, thefts and thuggery of an utterly corrupt tribal system of grift and atrocities.
    South Africa had all the blessings of a great natural beauty and resources, structural potential to recreate a system of law and meritocracy that could have included the farmers and liberal minded people. In order to create the very possible dream of a multiracial democracy that brought blacks into government, and made space for the whites to prosper alongside their fellow equal citizens.
    But the ANC were Marxist tribal terrorists , and had no grace,humility or willingness to serve the nation that was barely saved.
    Hence the hellhole it is today . A woke warning of what happens when white people and honourable black democrats are steamrollered by Marxist evil and cultural cringing cowardice.


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