Home Crime recent transgender Feminists Wear Pink to Support Trans Man Who Killed Ex-Girlfriend
Home Crime recent transgender Feminists Wear Pink to Support Trans Man Who Killed Ex-Girlfriend

Feminists Wear Pink to Support Trans Man Who Killed Ex-Girlfriend

“I’m f____ killing that bitch,” Scott McLaughlin bragged. He came back covered in Beverly’s blood. When he led the police to his ex-girlfriend’s body, they found her naked from the chest down with her bra stained red. Scott admitted to stabbing his victim over and over again.

The autopsy found evidence that he may also have strangled her and scratches on her “chest and pubic area”. There was reason to believe that he had raped her.

The vicious murderer had previously served time for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl.

While dating Beverly Guenther, the murder victim, he had repeatedly assaulted her, and later stalked her, broke into her home and threatened her. Beverly obtained an order of protection against him. A police officer had walked her from her job to her car for a week.

Once feminists would have condemned the system for failing her, instead they’re denouncing it for executing her killer. Scott not only killed a woman, he stole her gender. His prison makeover into Amber, mouth decorated with an uneven slash of rose pink lipstick and hair held back in ringlets, began with an official taxpayer-funded gender transition three years ago. Now that same grotesque serial killer visage stares from pro-crime posters brandished by sympathizers.

“Save Amber,” they beg.

On social media, feminists took selfies wearing pink nail polish to protest Scott’s execution. A number of them gathered in the rain outside waving pink signs, “#ClemencyforAmber.”

According to leftist pro-crime activists, the killer had asked them “to wear pink in solidarity” with him. Women, and a few ‘men’, made sad faces and held up pink fingernails to the camera, demanding that Scott, who is now going by Amber, should be spared the death penalty.

Outside the prison where he was executed, they formed a circle and held up candles.

All it took to get feminists to rally to the defense of a woman’s killer was stealing her pronoun.

Rep. Cori Bush, of the racist Squad, co-signed a letter urging Missouri’s governor to save Beverly’s killer because while raping and stabbing a woman to death, “she was also silently struggling with her identity, grappling with what we now understand is gender dysphoria”.

“Ms. McLaughlin’s cruel execution would mark the state’s first use of the death penalty on a woman since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated capital punishment in 1976,” Rep. Bush claimed, in defense of a man who had cruelly executed an actual woman.

Bethany Mann, the Democrat congressional candidate for the 3rd district, along with the Missouri Democratic LGBTQ Caucus fussed, “we resoundingly reject the violence in executing a member of the LGBTQIA+ community during a time of increased attacks and hateful rhetoric across America.”

Spare a murderer because some states are banning the sexual mutilation of kids.

“Amber is a gentle human,” Elyse Max, an anti-Israel activist who previously denounced the Jewish State’s campaign against Hamas, and now serves as the co-director of Missourians for Alternatives, insisted. “Everyone who knows her knows that Amber is not of future harm.”

Beverly’s former neighbor might disagree.

After Scott/Amber butchered his ex-girlfriend, he called her neighbor and told her, “you’re next.”

Calls to save Scott have come in from the Missouri Democratic LGBTQ Caucus, LGBTQ Commission of Kansas, the Missouri Catholic Conference and assorted pro-crime Democrats.

The media has loudly taken up Scott’s case, branding him the “first transgender woman to be executed in America.” That makes up for Dennis Rader, the BTK killer, Hadden Clark, the cross-dressing cannibal, and Jerry Brudos, who killed and raped four women, some after death, who inspired the fictional transgender serial killer in Silence of the Lambs, never facing justice.

Rader, who killed, among others, an 11-year-old girl, and reportedly inspired the Idaho murders, has been given added privileges in prison for good behavior. Clark, who drank a six-year-old girl’s blood, is at no risk of being executed in California, and Jerry Brudos died on his own.

Scott’s days of hanging around prison and playing dress up are over. Media puff pieces profile Scott’s relationship with James Hickling, another ‘transgender’ man, who was involved in a drug killing, gathering together for “girl talk” and dealing with “rude comments”.

Now the ‘girl talk’ is all done.

“It is extremely unusual for a woman to commit a capital offense, such as a brutal murder, and even more unusual for a woman to, as was the case with McLaughlin, rape and murder a woman,” a Missouri Corrections Department spokeswoman noted.

It’s so unusual because it’s impossible. The only woman in this case is the victim.

Beverly has been ignored by all the leftists who declare a “war on women” every time abortion is in some way restricted, and then go back to celebrating men as the real women. Replacing women in sports has been bad enough, but the abuser displacing an abused woman shows how perverted feminism has become by sexual identity politics and pro-crime activism.

Gov. Michael L. Parson turned down pleas to spare Scott. “McLaughlin’s conviction and sentence remains after multiple, thorough examinations of Missouri law. McLaughlin stalked, raped, and murdered Ms. Guenther. McLaughlin is a violent criminal,” a press release stated.

And the media and activists fumed that the governor hadn’t called him, “Amber”.

“We would expect elected officials across all levels of government to respect a person in life and in death. Using a person’s correct name and pronouns is the very basic level of decency we can show towards each other,” PROMO, a local LGBTQ group, fumed.

The very basic level of decency we can show to each other is to use a killer’s chosen pronouns.

Transgender activists call this “deadnaming”.

But Scott McLaughlin doesn’t have to worry about “deadnaming” anymore. He’s dead.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Anonymous8/1/23

    Voltaire may have said, "Anyone who can make
    you believe absurdities can make you commit
    atrocities." Ayn Rand may have said, "You can
    avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the
    consequences of avoiding reality."

    The physical world doesn't cut you slack for
    how crazily you think, how you feel, or your
    pronouns. Fortunately.


  2. Anonymous8/1/23

    Which goes to show that biological women who actually murder need to be executed like their male counterparts in order for there to be true Justice.

    1. Anonymous12/1/23

      Of course! Why are them many more male to
      female "transitions" than the other way?
      Because clearly women are advantaged by
      law, sports, job criteria, family law,
      the draft, criminal penalties. --Thomas


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