Home drugs illegal aliens recent Republicans Amnesty, Crack and Other RINO Senate Sellouts
Home drugs illegal aliens recent Republicans Amnesty, Crack and Other RINO Senate Sellouts

Amnesty, Crack and Other RINO Senate Sellouts

It’s December. The cold winds are blowing and darkness comes early. Worker productivity drops across the board except for the one class of workers who don’t work any other time of the year.


With the midterm elections in the rearview mirror, the Senate is a furious hive of activity, dirty deals and furious negotiations as its small membership uses the opportunity created by the incoming House Republican majority to rush legislation through the lame duck session.

A dozen Senate Republicans already voted to abolish the Defense of Marriage Act, eliminating both marriage and religious freedom in one fell swoop, just as the Supreme Court was moving to protect it. Some of the senators then had the chutzpah to claim that they did it to protect religious freedom. The betrayal is bad enough, treating voters like bamboozled idiots is worse.

And that’s just the beginning of the lame duck sellout session.

Senate Republican RINOs are rushing through their betrayals while they hope no one is paying attention. Next up is amnesty for illegal aliens. Every time you hear about secret negotiations to reach a deal on immigration, it’s always the same damn sellout that it’s been for decades.

The latest incarnation of “immigration reform” once again promises more money for “border security” in exchange for amnesty for illegal aliens. Trading amnesty for border security is like trading your alarm code for a better alarm system. And after multiple rounds of these deals, our border is more open than ever and our country is more filled with illegal migrants than ever.

While Senate sellouts are conducting secret negotiations in the latest incarnation of amnesty (as befits a nation where the people answer to the government, not the other way around), it starts by ratifying Obama’s illegal DACA amnesty to legalize at least 2 million illegal aliens.

And, if past immigration dirty deals are anything to go by, the dirty deal will get much worse.

Republican proponents of making Obama’s lawlessness, lawful, call this a “DACA fix”. An actual fix would end the lawlessness and enforce immigration law, instead of finding new spin for their sellouts. But many of the Senate Republicans who had voted to abolish marriage and religious freedom have also been longtime supporters of illegal alien amnesty. And this is their hour.

Most Americans, in poll after poll, say that they’re sick and tired of Biden’s immigration policies, and yet, somehow, a number of Senate RINOs looked at those numbers and decided that they want a piece of those 60% disapproval ratings while giving Democrats millions more voters.

Why try for win-win, when lose-lose is so much better.

Senate Republicans keep promising that their latest bipartisan deal will finally secure the border. Only the most naive human being alive who had already bought the Brooklyn Bridge with the crypto millions from FTX would take them seriously. Money won’t secure the border. Only a consensus to follow the laws of our country will do that. Politicians who cut the heart out of immigration laws while promising that they’ll enforce them in the future don’t mean it.

Just like a drunk who promises to stop drinking tomorrow doesn’t mean it.

Illegal alien amnesty would be bad enough on its own, but Senate Republicans rushing it through a lame duck session to avoid a Republican House is a lawless act of contempt for midterm voters whom they begged to turn out only to cynically deprive them of their influence. If a lame duck president shouldn’t be able to appoint a Supreme Court member, how does a lame duck Senate legalize millions of illegals?

After abolishing religious freedom and legalizing millions of illegals, the next great RINO sellout on the lame duck horizon is crack.

After illegal aliens, crack dealers will get their turn at a Senate bailout. And then, who knows what depths of evil they’ll plumb, child molesters, Al Qaeda, or a bailout for the media? (The latter is actually on the agenda in the form of the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act.)

But first the crack dealers must be served.

Pro-crime activists are convinced that crackheads are unfairly discriminated against in sentencing. They argue that there’s a sentencing disparity between powder cocaine and crack cocaine users. And that since the latter are more likely to be black, the disparity is racist.

The disparity is real and has nothing to do with race. Crack cocaine offenders have the highest recidivism rates.while the stockbrokers powdering their noses in the bathroom have the lowest rates. The former are also a whole lot more likely to assault you randomly on the street.

While a higher number of crack cocaine offenders are black, more powder cocaine offenders are still black than white, so the claims of racism simply don’t hold up.

The sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine was not systemic racism, it came at the request of black communities who were struggling with the crack epidemic. This was an era when black ministers called for shooting crack dealers and community groups endorsed the death penalty for dealers. The crackdown on crack was a response to black anti-crime activism.

But after House Democrats passed the EQUAL Act, some Senate Republicans are negotiating their version which would match up crack cocaine and powder cocaine sentences. Even as crime is surging, some RINOs have decided that crack dealers need to be a protected class.

But if crack dealers are getting bailed out, where’s the bailout for meth?

The sentencing guidelines for meth are the same ones that pro-crime campaigners for crack dealers have complained were racist. The crack cocaine guidelines continue to be watered down and, if the Senate RINOs bail out crack dealers, then meth will have the 1-to-100 sentencing disparity with crack cocaine. If the crack cocaine disparity was racist, why isn’t the meth disparity racist? While black people made up 88% of crack cocaine offenders, whites represent 48% of methamphetamine offenders while black people made up only 2.5%.

Classing drug offenses by the race of the offenders, not by the severity of the consequences, is classic racism. Pro-crime activists, like most lefties fueled by critical race theory, claim that they see systemic racism everywhere except in their own systemically racist pursuit of equity.

Too many black crack dealers behind bars is a civil rights crisis, but white and Hispanic meth dealers behind bars is equity. And equity is what lefties and RINOs call social justice.

It’s no coincidence that the three big agendas, abolishing religious freedom, immigration law and public safety are all giveaways to identity politics groups that are key to the Democrat base.

The unhappy question is why are Senate RINOs so eager to jump on the bandwagon for the special interests of the Democrats, but refuse to do anything for their own beleaguered base?

Why are they obsessed with cutting dirty deals to fill our cities with crack, our country with illegal aliens and our culture with the wreckage of what used to be our values? What, one might ask, would the RINOs do differently if they were honest and simply ran with Ds next to their names?

Every so often, the RINOs remind their voters that they don’t work for them, they serve the criminals, junkies, illegal aliens and worsening every crisis that we are already drowning in.

While you hang up your Christmas lights and light your menorah, in Washington D.C. they’re finally getting to work on their real jobs of destroying our lives, our beliefs and our country.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Your article is spot on. As a retired DEA agent, I can testify that crack cocaine is a much more insidious drug than powder cocaine hydrochloride. It is more powerful, (pure) gets into the system faster, produces a more intense high, and leaves the system quicker. The result is a very quick process of addiction. You can't simply compare the weight of crack vs powder cocaine in terms of prosecution and sentencing.
    Historically, the black community has been impacted harder, but that doesn't matter to the liberals because all they see is more black dealers in prison. So what is the result? More black crack dealers on the street. Overall, the black community at large is the loser. It has been devastated by the crack epidemic, just as with Methamphetamine and now fentanyl..

    It should be very simple. We need education and treatment for drug users and stiffer sentencing for drug traffickers.

    1. thank you for the benefit of your experience, those are some of the reasons why crack is handled differently, but sadly there's no interest in realities or consequences for the woke crowd

  2. Anonymous15/12/22

    How depressing! In this Twilight Zone, the
    Commie and Jihadi are more honest than the
    RINO. Speech after speech, election after
    election; McConnell, Graham, Romney & Co.
    raise our hopes before the inevitable screw.

    These thoughts are so dark, so painful!
    Perhaps frustration, like a coiled spring,
    will rouse Americans to drive the scoundrels
    out and bring a better day.


  3. Anonymous16/12/22

    Should I be amazed by your inability to call out the Rhinos by name and state?

  4. Anonymous16/12/22

    Clearly we've been on post-Constitutional ground for some years now. But...there is some good news. California ponders a $350,000 reparations payment to blacks there. That should be enough to enable them to purchase powder cocaine instead of crack, thus ending that stigma.

    And the RINO's who continue to sell us out will continue to prosper. The rest of us, uh, not so much.


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