Home recent Russia Trump 'We Lied the Last 1,000 Times, Trust Us Now'
Home recent Russia Trump 'We Lied the Last 1,000 Times, Trust Us Now'

'We Lied the Last 1,000 Times, Trust Us Now'

Remember the time the media justified the feds investigating, entrapping, eavesdropping and arresting Trump associates based on a bunch of nonsense assembled by a former British secret agent working for the Clinton campaign? Don’t worry, this time it’ll be different.

Or how about when a senile former FBI boss was dragged out of retirement to serve as the public face of a team of Democrat prosecutors who ran an “independent” investigation of Trump for two years that turned up absolutely nothing? Probably not this time.

This time there are nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago which actually turned out to be a pardon agreement, expired passports and Melania’s unmentionables. Who could have seen that coming after this long history of entirely trustworthy political hit jobs disguised as investigations?

Democrats, their media and their media’s contracted experts tell us we should trust the DOJ, the FBI and the same folks who have been pulling some variation of this scam for the last six years to know what they’re doing when they set out with a search warrant empowering them to grab every single box at Mar-a-Lago, every administration record and anything else they want.

In America, the public is supposed to distrust the government and the government is supposed to trust the people. In D.C., the government doesn’t trust the public, but tells the public to trust the government. And who wouldn’t trust an investigation based on a secret affidavit that can’t be released because then the public might find out it’s as legit as Steele and Mueller?

If you can’t trust hacks pulling a political hit job before an election, whom can you trust?

Peter Strzok, the former FBI agent who was fired for attacking Trump even while he was supposed to be investigating him, told MSNBC that, "the American public should trust what the FBI is doing." If you can’t trust a disgraced former FBI agent obsessed with destroying Trump to assure you that his compadres are running an honest investigation, whom can you trust?

Last year, Strzok also insisted that, "there was never an FBI investigation of the Trump campaign". A year of investigations, informants, FISA warrants never happened. Much like Strzok’s affair with a colleague, his political biases, and his post-disgrace career as a professor at Georgetown University teaching counterintelligence theory also never happened.

Not only did we lie to you a thousand times over, but we’re still lying to you right now.

Trust us.

The media, which is trusted by 11% of Americans, tells them that they ought to have faith that Joe Biden, whom even 75% of Democrats don’t want to see in office anymore, and his political appointee, AG Merrick Garland, who got the job as a consolation prize for not getting a SCOTUS seat, probably know what they’re doing by going after a potential 2024 opponent.

They do. What they’re doing has nothing to do with the words coming out of their lying mouths.

But we have to focus on what really matters.

Rep. Adam Schiff wants to replace Pelosi. A whole bunch of retired Obama appointees who ran the CIA, FBI, NSA and some other three-letter words into the ground need CNN contracts. The media has lost millions of readers and billions of dollars. It’s shedding jobs faster than Chinese mask makers and CNN’s entire viewing audience can fit in the back room of a 7-11.

Only Trump can save them now. Or at least another Trump investigation.

We’ve all been through this. The Trump investigations are the Marvel movie franchise of politics. They’ve been around forever and after all that time and energy, they never go anywhere. The purpose of the investigation is the investigation. The changing charges are a pretext for perpetuating a political witch hunt. The promises of a takedown flicker out like the old Mueller votive candles. And yet the true believers are still convinced that this time it’ll be different.

Trust us. That message isn’t there for Republicans who haven’t trusted the media since 1972. It’s not there for the independents who never trusted the media. It’s there for the Democrats who still believe what CNN tells them. And they’re holding on for the endgame that never comes.

Children born when the Democrats first began investigating Trump on various charges that have all since fallen apart are now first graders. An entire generation was born and is now being groomed by woke preschool teachers to think that they’re the opposite of whatever sex they were born while the Steele dossier and the Mueller investigation added up to nothing.

They will at this rate grow up, go to worthless colleges that will saddle them with seven-figure debts, get jobs installing solar panels or teaching equity to squirrels, and grow old while the Democrats conduct another investigation and another FBI raid on Trump’s tomb.

There’s never going to be a trial because those require evidence. Court cases have much higher standards than impeachment proceedings where Jamie Raskin can pound the pulpit, wave his arms and know that it doesn’t matter because the vote will split down party lines.

Unlike his associates who lack the resources to spend years fighting a federal investigation, and plead out to end the torture, Trump has the money and the lawyers to play the game. And that’s why there can’t be an actual trial. There will only be the perpetual investigation. Interlocking teams of Democrats at the federal and state levels will generate and juggle investigations.

The only thing any of those investigations will do is generate more investigations.

Like generals still refighting the Vietnam War, Democrats have tried to ‘Nixon’ every single Republican president and haven’t brought one single one down since 1974. The investigations of Reagan, two Bushes, and Trump wasted enough money to clone Biden some real hair. Impeachment resolutions have been introduced against every single Republican president since. Rep. Henry B. Gonzalez, who spent almost 40 years in Congress, launched impeachment proceedings against Reagan and Bush. If he were still around, he’d be thrilled.

The difference is that the investigations are now permanent. They begin before a candidate even runs, follow him through his time in office, and hound him after he leaves. Trump was the first target of the permanent investigation. He won’t be the last. The permanent investigation is government opposition research. It interlocks directly with political campaigns, whether those of Hillary or Biden, and feeds material back and forth between government investigators and campaign hacks. It takes out their allies and aides to weaken them.

This isn’t a criminal case. It can be a counterintelligence investigation, a fishing expedition for process crimes and procedural violations that never finds a justifiable original crime. The one thing it can’t produce is an original crime that justifies the original investigation. That’s also why the investigation has to be permanent. If it were to ever end, there would have to be a reckoning. An endless investigation however always holds out the promise that one day there will be something. The fraudulence of the endless Trumpgate is why it can never end.

“Trust us. This time it will be different. It can’t all have been a bunch of lies. Right?”

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. Anonymous25/8/22

    Will there be an election in November?

    1. Anonymous26/8/22

      While this is painfully true, and most logical thinkers know it, what good is knowing the truth when 'they' know exactly how to cheat to stay in power? The growing cold spot in my gut warns me that a day of great tragedy is looming. I don't care so much for me, I'm old. I grieve for my grands as they are just becoming adults in a world gone mad.

    2. Anonymous26/8/22

      I have been thinking this very thing. What about the next presidential election? Will we survive? It doesn't seem so. They claim millions of illegals (from MANY different countries) have been crossing the border since Biden's dictatorship took over. I am reminded of Obama's "we need a civilian army just as powerful just as strong" statement. The 1,000's of armed IRS agents from their pick of the aliens being trained right now comes to mind. The complete lawlessness is frightening.

  2. Anonymous25/8/22

    Fool me twice, Shame on me.


  3. AislaPS26/8/22

    The lying hounds of hell that comprise the churnalist and hacktivist caste are choosing to go down with the ship
    The rest of us have long walked away, as they compare flatus from their fat rumps, as they block the elevator. Sealed in, and unable to reason or to change. Their black souls are where truth goes to die. But Truth is going nowhere, and anybody with eyes and ears linked to a brain knows it. Even when the spine doesn't extend beyond a cowardly brass neck.
    Stelter and Cuomo, Behar and Reid? Goldberg and Maddow? Todd and Lemon?
    Lord Haw Have was hanged for less. If only we had the maths required to calculate the length of the drop rope still eh?

  4. Anonymous26/8/22

    In that short piece you've outlined exactly why America is in Crisis. Excellent.

  5. Anonymous26/8/22

    Thank you, Daniel. You are a rare treasure for us. Your clear vision and ability to compile the working parts of every topic according to its relevance is a gift. I always think *this* article is your best.

    Keep writing for us until the last minute, and before you reach that moment, would you name a ghost writer?

  6. This is so good. Bravo!

  7. Anonymous29/8/22



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