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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Amazon’s Mega-Yacht Owner Funds $10 Billion “Great Reset" to Save Planet

Amazon’s founder and executive chairman announced a $10 billion Bezos Earth Fund. The billions will be spent by the Washington Post’s owner to save the planet from people.

The Bezos Earth Fund calls for "a great reset that will lead us all toward a more sustainable, prosperous future." The term, "great reset" became highly controversial after its embrace by the World Economic Forum and the Bezos Earth Fund is touted by the WEF.

The Bezos Earth Fund's version of the Great Reset argues that the "economy in 2030 must be dramatically different from what it is today" and insists that "radical changes will be needed" that will encompass "some 40 to 60 shifts".

Those changes however will probably not involve Jeff Bezos abandoning his mega-yacht, the 14th largest on the planet, which reportedly may require the dismantling of the historic Koningshaven bridge in Rotterdam just to get it out of the harbor.

The Bezos Earth Fund warns that most people will have to shift “transport modes (e.g., walking and public transport)”. Bezos will have his mega-yacht, you will walk or ride a bus.

While the Bezos Earth Fund calls for the "replacement of the internal combustion engine", his $500 million mega-yacht is powered by two diesel engines which together can deliver 12,000 horsepower in order to move it anywhere one of the richest men in the world wants to go.

Meanwhile, the Bezos Earth Fund proposes to use satellites to “identify methane pollution, hold those responsible accountable and highlight opportunities to manage and minimize oil and gas methane emissions. Actionable data will be produced and used to implement advocacy campaigns to spur regulations and secure commitments to reduce methane pollution globally.”

Will those satellites be tracking their boss’ colossal yacht?

Americans are facing impossible car and gas prices due to the environmental policies of the Biden administration. While the working class and middle class are being cut off from car ownership, the mega-yacht proletariat of the world are demanding even further crackdowns.

The Bezos Earth Fund claims that the economy needs to be "decarbonized". His mega-yacht has a second “support” yacht with a helicopter pad. The Fund says that "radical changes will be needed in the way we power our world”, “manufacture and consume products" and "grow our food". The Bezos yacht has its own swimming pool, and 25 rooms across three decks.

But everyone else can expect to live in a cramped urban gulag that “co-locates housing and jobs”. Perhaps entire families can occupy a room in an Amazon warehouse that will allow them to wake up and then shuffle out bed to sort packages with maximum efficiency.

The Bezos Earth Fund will also spend money forcing agriculture to comply with environmental demands and push non-billionaires to shift their “diets towards plant-based sources”. Bezos however reportedly enjoys a "Mediterranean octopus breakfast" with bacon. Even after the Great Reset, he’ll be able to eat whatever he wants. Ordinary Americans will get soy.

“The economy in 2030 must be dramatically different from what it is today,” the Bezos Earth Fund decrees. And in 2022, it already is, in no small part thanks to Jeff Bezos.

Amazon destroyed retail, wiping out countless businesses and jobs. It’s evolved into a platform for rapidly moving Chinese knockoffs of American products through third party sellers into this country in a move that will doom the last remnants of manufacturing in this country.

While 200,000 American businesses were destroyed by pandemic regulations, Amazon profits tripled. The vast wealth looted from the middle class is now being injected into calls for “systemwide transformations” and “environmental justice”.

Perhaps the staff at the Bezos Earth Fund could take a minute to discuss "environmental justice" with the Amazon delivery drivers who were killed during the collapse of its Illinois warehouse during a tornado.

The Bezos Fund’s version of “environmental justice” promises to focus on “women of color”,

The dead at Amazon's warehouse were four white men, a black man and a black woman.

The family of one of the victims, Austin McEwen, has sued Amazon claiming that there were structural flaws and no safe shelters. Maybe the Bezos fund can cut loose a few thousand from the $43 million it’s spending on “environmental justice” for “women of color” for actual justice.

Instead, the Bezos Earth Fund is moving $12 million to NDN Collective, a leftist activist group which calls for an “indigenous green new deal” while "uprooting white supremacy and colonial institutions".

Nothing like one of the richest white men in the world funding the uprooting of white supremacy.

Having already destroyed so many American businesses, the Bezos Earth Fund proposes to nuke what’s left from orbit by embracing the push to “accelerate progress among US financial regulators as they address climate as a systemic risk.” That means baking carbon taxes and offsets, and other gimmicks green investors are using to loot the economy into the business model, and forcing all businesses to shoulder the agenda items of the Green New Deal.

Failing to comply with the demands of environmentalists means your business is a “climate risk” while donating to politicians or organizations that oppose the Green New Deal can be defined as “fraudulent misrepresentation”.

The Bezos Earth Fund is funding a push to “mobilize commitments of banks and investors to net zero portfolios”, not to mention insurers. If your business doesn’t comply, good luck getting a loan, insurance, being listed on a stock exchange, or being allowed to operate.

Whether or not the Green New Deal or any climate accords get passed, they will be imposed by mega-yacht billionaires, banks, corporations, and their paid “grassroots activists.”

The Ceres Investor Network on Climate Risk and Sustainability, which Bezos is funding here, also seeks to pressure food producers to reduce their "emissions". What that will mean is higher costs and less food for the rest of us while Bezos can pull into a seaside Miami eatery in two superyachts and order a dozen grilled oysters because he’s so worried about “emissions”.

Are these really the actions of a man who believes the world will end if we drive our cars?

Beyond all the rhetoric, Bezos is moving millions into the same old leftist activist machine.

The Bezos Earth Fund directed $43 million to the Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund. The CCEEF was created by George Soros' Democracy Alliance. $10 million is going to Green for All, which was created by Van Jones, whose work has been touted by Bezos, and has been funded by, among others, Soros and the Ford Foundation.

Millions more are going to Earthrise Media which operates alongside the Sixteen Thirty Fund, the dark money machine of the Left, the Sierra Club, the Environmental Defense Fund, Mothers Out Front, and a variety of leftist groups in favor of the Green New Deal.

And, of course, the World Economic Forum.

"You will own nothing and be happy," a World Economic Forum video envisioned the great reset of the world in 2030.

Jeff Bezos is doing his part to make sure you own nothing while he happily owns everything.

That’s what environmentalism is. Behind the manufactured crisis, that’s all it ever was. You will be forced to give up everything to “save the planet” while the new feudal mega-yacht lords will build bigger mega-yachts and fund the activists demanding you give up whatever is left.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. Anonymous22/5/22

    At some point we may need to consider that the beast, once animated, is now too strong to kill.

  2. Maybe Jeff could plant a tree for every cardboard box he ships. Maybe Gates could plant a thousand trees for every computer sold. Maybe they both could support the American farmer to plant crops on land currently sitting idle which could increase CO2 uptake. Forcing Americans to live in misery while being taxed to death won't change one little thing about the climate. Their dystopian vision of America sees them at the top of the food chain. History proves that vision wrong. If things do completely collapse, we won't be the food, they will.

    1. Anonymous27/5/22

      Well said sir. I couldn’t add a thing to that.

  3. according to a story i read, mega yachts and private planes are exempted

  4. AislaPS23/5/22

    Pretty sure that this wilful flaunting of their double standards is intended.
    Two tier morality and leeching of any principles or judgement from those below. So those few that raise an eyebrow or make a comment are the first to lose their right to locust meal later.
    Demoralisation and Goebbels style " Big Lies" for the ghetto billboards is a well known evil.
    When helpless, unable to hold two contradictory notions as both true? Then you're right set for the abbatoir.
    Bezos,,Bono etc know this. We need to walk away, mock and subvert with local networks as we create them. Surrender nothing to them, they are Lucifer's lily Lollards. Deny and destroy them as the Global knotweeds that they are.

  5. Anonymous23/5/22

    Let's see... Owning a thing means you decide
    how to use it, when, where, to which purpose.
    It gives you power. This makes Bezos, Gore
    & Co. uncomfortable.


  6. Anonymous25/5/22

    Yet Hypocrites buy from Amazon like their life depended on it. Funny.

  7. Anonymous2/6/22

    The green tyrants will still travel the world in their private jets and mega yachts, while you and I will be reduced to a solar panel in the backyard and a bicycle in the garage. "Saving the planet" is the burden of the proletariat, not our dear "leaders."



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