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Home Crime Racism recent Was Christina Lee Murdered Because Critical Race Theory Told Her She Was a Racist?

Was Christina Lee Murdered Because Critical Race Theory Told Her She Was a Racist?

During the violent Black Lives Matter race riots, the blog for the Splice platform offered the ritual BLM slogan and urged everyone to "educate yourself on the Blacks Lives Matter movement and how you can become a better supporter." One of the company's BLM tips included garbage like, "6 ways Asian Americans can tackle anti-black racism in their families".

Two years later, Splice offered an RIP to "our beloved Christina Lee" who was "senselessly murdered in her home." It asked everyone to remember the 35-year-old New Yorker as "dedicated to making beautiful and inclusive artwork."

Even Lee’s murder had to be reframed in the service of diversity, equity, and inclusivity, when it was really caused by the cultlike obedience to the critical race theory obsession with equity.

Lee’s murderer, Assamad Nash, a black career criminal, had multiple court cases in his wake. Instead of being locked up, he followed the young woman to her Chinatown apartment and was caught covered in her blood. This latest crime by Nash may be serious enough that Soros DA Alvin Bragg will feel moved to actually prosecute him and ask for actual jail time. Maybe.

Nash, a homeless criminal, had followed Lee home. He had trailed her up six flights of stairs.

Did the young woman see him at any point? Was there a flash of fear followed by a recourse to diversity, equity, and inclusion? Did she start lecturing herself about her prejudices and ignore her common sense so that she wouldn’t be seen as a “Karen” perpetuating systemic racism?

What could Lee have done? Called the police?

During the BLM race riots, Cuomo signed a bill into law that banned "reporting a nonemergency incident involving a member of a protected class."

Nash was a member of a “protected class”.

Calling the police on a black person without "an imminent threat" made the victim into the perpetrator.

Until the moment when Nash physically assaulted Lee, she would have been the criminal for calling the cops on him.

The co-sponsors of the bill that protected Nash from Lee included State Senator John C. Liu, who later appeared at a press conference bemoaning her brutal murder.

The same Splice BLM page promoted National Bail Out as a "collective of abolitionist organizers, lawyers, and activists that bails out those impacted by mass incarceration" and a variety of local bail funds that free criminals enabling them to commit more crimes.

New York's destruction of bail has enabled the crime wave that is now destroying the city.

Lee’s death was senseless only in that Splice and the city’s lefty hipster elite helped make it happen. The politicians are back to deploring violence against Asian or “AAPI” people while implying that it had something to do with President Trump’s Wuhan Virus comments.

But, like so many attacks on Asian people in Manhattan’s Chinatown, it’s absurdly easy to trace the origins of this attack back to the infamous red doors of the Bowery Mission.

When the Bowery Mission opened in the 1870s, it was in the Five Points, the vilest slum in New York where gangs like the Dead Rabbits rampaged in the streets, Tammany Hall's thugs controlled the wards, and the water was unfit to drink.

Quite a lot has changed in 150 years.

The Manhattan mission with its infamous red doors now intersects the gentrifying East Village on the one hand and Chinatown on the other. The Bowery’s historic nature (it appears in some 19th century fiction and 20th century movies) and the cult of enabling junkie vagrants means that hardly anyone dares to tell the obvious truths about the violence surrounding it.

The Bowery Mission is close to a school, but child rapists have been found living there. Assaults routinely happen in the vicinity of the Bowery. When the violence targets a minority group, whether it’s the Asians or gay bars in the area, politicians condemn it as a hate crime. The perps out of the Bowery Mission do sometimes shout slurs when slashing people in the face, but the slurs are a symptom of the problem, and not the actual problem itself.

The area is a notorious open-air drug market and people are assaulted all the time in the area.

But the worst Bowery Mission massacre happened a few years ago when Santos, a Dominican immigrant who had previously been arrested for everything from biting a man on the chest to groping a woman, who punched his mother and broke his grandfather's nose, who had been arrested four times in one year, murdered four men by beating them to death with a metal pipe.

Cops caught the immigrant crackhead carrying a metal pipe covered in blood and hair. His victims included 83-year-old Chuen Kwok. The killer, a regular at the Bowery Mission, committed his crimes in its vicinity, targeting fellow vagrants who were sleeping nearby.

Santos didn’t have to be on the loose. He had been arrested for a series of violent tantrums when he was bailed out by NYU Law School’s Washington Square Legal Services Fund.

The Fund’s mission is to “subvert the cash bail system by bailing out as many people as possible.” Four dead people were just collateral damage from the Fund’s subversion.

Beyond the Bowery, the area is ground zero for homeless shelters and halfway houses, which eventually reach the housing projects that line the eastern shore of the island.

Sara D Roosevelt Park, planted in the middle of what would become Chinatown and named after FDR's mother (over her objections), was carefully rehabilitated in the Giuliani and Bloomberg eras only to revert back to a hellhole filled with junkies, vagrants, and violence.

A newspaper walkthrough last year noted a delivery man stabbed to death for his electric bike and how "a man stabbed a stranger in the chest in the park, putting him in critical condition” while a “baggie of angel dust was found in the suspect’s wallet."

What’s going on here is senseless, but no mystery.

Asian politicians, like their Jewish counterparts, are captives of a Democrat political machine and unwilling to address violent attacks on their community members in any but the broadest of generalities.

The Asian American Federation responded to Lee's murder by tweeting, "we urge our community to remain calm & reserve judgement until we get all the facts."

"We are asking for a $30 million emergency commitment toward mental health resources for (People of Color) POC-led orgs serving communities of color," its director clamored.

The only thing that would do is worsen the problem which can only be solved by locking away dangerous monsters from the general public in what lefties like to call the “carceral system”.

State Senator John Liu, whose career has depended on balancing leftist virtue signaling and Asian constituents, opined, "now, maybe this is a hate crime. Maybe this is not a hate crime. But it’s yet another Asian woman."

What it really is, is another crime that could have been prevented with a working justice system.

The collapse of the justice system, of police, prosecutors, and prisons, has filled the streets with junkie criminals, many of whom orbit around an area that intersects Chinatown. Political dogma means more tearful press conferences like the ones attended by Liu and other Chinese-American lefties who aren’t allowed to talk about what’s actually going on.

Instead they bewail, in general terms, hatred and discrimination against Asian people. Rhetoric that sounds like it’s indicting white people is safer than holding the minority killers and their white enablers accountable. And then they complain that nothing has changed. Of course not.

“This has happened so many times, and we have attended too many vigils," Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou complained.

And it's going to go on happening until people actually speak the truth.

The truth might have warned Christina Lee that her fears were legitimate. They might have saved her life. Instead she was programmed by everyone from her political representatives to her colleagues to her culture to believe that being afraid of criminals made her a systemic racist.

By the time she was being murdered in her bathtub, it was too late.

Meanwhile at Splice, the links to dismantling the prison system and freeing all the criminals, to accusing Asians of being racist against black people, still remain even after Lee’s death.

The author of "6 ways Asian Americans can tackle anti-black racism in their families", who has a PhD in Ethnic Studies from UC Berkeley for a thesis on Asian American solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, later revealed that she had been raped by a by a fellow Berkeley student who introduced her to pro-crime politics and opposition to the criminal justice system, and who later received a "prestigious racial justice fellowship from an elite university".

Throughout her article, it never seems to occur to her that his crime and his politics were linked.

"Many of us believe that the people who hurt us deserve to heal," she concluded.

Did Lee believe that? There may be no way to know, but as another brutal murder strikes Chinatown, as part of a crime wave engulfing New York City and major cities, it’s time for believers in the cult of critical race theory to choose their rapists and their killers.

Or choose themselves.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. Post Vietnam War NYC..as seen in Taxi Driver.. reminds me of what I sense is happening.. I was lucky to live in Manhattan briefly in 2008....

  2. Anonymous20/2/22

    The Sanction of the Victim

  3. Anonymous20/2/22

    Blacks attack Asians as easy marks and likely
    to be carrying cash and valuables. As long
    as the Black Community continues to exhibit
    hostile behavior, it's logical to be ready
    with avoidance and self defense.


  4. We are destroying freedoms and liberties, prosperity, jobs, independence of thought and speech and assembly ... in short, Western Civilization ... in order to promote the absurdity that - PER THE UNITED NATIONS - the lowest-IQ cohort on the planet must rule those who invented.... everything. NO sane nation would do this. Are all people MORALLY equal? Of course. Equal under the law? Not since BLM. Are all people INTELLECTUALLY equal? Ask Mozart or Beethoven or Chopin or Fitzgerald or Hemingway. Of course not, nor are we physically equal - ask Michael Jordan or Alberto Clemente or Lou Gehrig or Maury Wills. So we are putting those who invented modernity under the INTELLECTUAL rule of those who progressed not at all in the same million years of our existence... because...???????

    1. Anonymous22/2/22

      Dear Unknown; You pose many excellent
      questions. I'll have to circle back
      on those. Charlie


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