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Home military recent Soros Soros General Demands Purge of Military

Soros General Demands Purge of Military

The United States has Soros prosecutors who have turned our cities into violent hellholes where criminals run loose, Soros politicians who wage war on this nation from the ramparts of their offices, and Soros generals who advocate for political purges of the nation’s military.

Recently the Washington Post ran an op-ed from three retired generals, Antonio Taguba, an immigrant who had accused America of war crimes during the fight against Islamic terrorists in Iraq, Steven Anderson, a board member of the left-wing VoteVets, and Paul Eaton, a senior VoteVets adviser, urging that the military prepare for a "2024 insurrection" in proper Soviet style.

The three left-wing ex-generals called for "intensive intelligence work" to "identify, isolate and remove potential mutineers" and "guard against efforts by propagandists."

A Commie commissar couldn’t have said it any better than Taguba, Anderson, and Eaton.

These “propagandists” and “mutineers” are not the members of the pro-Hillary “Resistance” who pledged to undermine and sabotage the Trump administration in 2016. Nor are they the Democrats who insisted that President George W. Bush was illegitimately elected.

Only conservatives are up for the purge.

Or as Eaton had tweeted before the election, “The empty shirt in the White House deserves your contempt. Aiding and abetting is treason. What American could vote for such a person? I know: a traitor.”

That’s rich coming from the board member of a Hungarian Nazi collaborator’s pet project.

Shortly thereafter Eaton spoke to NPR which, like the Washington Post, did not bother identifying VoteVets as a left-wing group or explaining to readers that his hatred for Republicans knows no bounds. Nor did it inform readers or listeners that Eaton is a board member of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft which was co-funded by George Soros and the remaining Koch brother.

Eaton told NPR that military leaders needed to "war-game the possibility of a problem and what we are going to do" while warning that the United States is "compromised... as far as 39% of the Republican Party refusing to accept President Biden as president." He suggested that a scenario in which the military is "compromised" needs to be "addressed in a future war game held well in advance of 2024."

Remember when we held war games to fight our enemies rather than to purge our own people?

Eaton, a Hillary Clinton adviser, isn't however worried about the 33% of Clinton supporters who claimed that Trump was not the legitimate winner right after the election, or the 56% of Democrats who viewed him as illegitimate a year later. Polls actually show that much higher numbers thought that Bush and Trump were illegitimately elected than the number that thought Obama and Biden were illegitimately elected. Should the military be purging Dems or holding “war games” to determine what will happen if Democrats try to live out their coup fantasies?

Dems would be the first to denounce that as McCarthyism.

Eaton keeps trying to pass off the dangerous idea that military personnel, active or retired, being skeptical about the legitimacy of an election is an existential threat. That’s un-American.

While Eaton doled out fearmongering about the role of the military during a contested election, the only tangible example he managed to offer was the Flag Officers 4 America letter which was signed by retired officers and raised serious questions about the election and other issues, but at no point in time urged active duty military personnel to do anything to interfere in the process.

In response to an apparent NPR question about how a coup could play out, Eaton referred to a lack of the "clear-cut understanding, that can infect the rank and file or at any level in the U.S. military" using as his example the "124 retired generals and admirals signed a letter contesting the 2020 election."

When a difference of opinion among retired officers is defined as a threat, that is a threat against all Americans.

Eaton has spent his retirement taking all sorts of radical political stands, including actually suggesting that military leaders undermine President Trump, yet insists on trying to smear patriotic retired military leaders because they have expressed criticisms of Biden.

"Will the Air Force Chief of Staff comply or do what generals know how to do. Slow roll for a few weeks to allow sanity to kick in?" Eaton had tweeted, suggesting that Air Force leaders sabotage President Trump's decisions.

Trump “must be stopped in his aggression against Iran,” the board member of a pro-Iran group had tweeted.

“How many Americans died with blood on Trump’s hands? What does Putin have on you Trump?” he tweeted another time. He described all Trump supporters as, “sedition in pure form”.

That’s a small sampling of unhinged tweets by the board member of a seditious Soros group.

Eaton would like the privilege to engage in these rants while going after patriotic officers for even expressing the least bit of concern about the abuses of his extremist political party.

The constant references to Flag Officers 4 America makes it abundantly clear that this is about using a manufactured crisis to intimidate officers, retired or active, threatening the former and purging the latter. After a Washington Post op-ed, an NPR interview, and a Newsweek article, Eaton and the media hacks writing about him have come up with no meaningful examples.

“If there is any doubt in the loyalty and the willingness to follow the oath of the United States, the support and defend part of the U.S. Constitution, then those folks need to be identified and addressed in some capacity,” Eaton told NPR.

Did he mean the West Point cadet displaying "Communism Will Win" written on his cap?

The only widespread effort by supporters of a political party to sabotage a sitting president by forming covert organizations within the government was directed by Dems at President Trump.

But any effort to root out the members of the so-called “resistance”, let alone any active duty member who did not believe that Bush or Trump were legitimately elected, would have led to cries of McCarthyism. And yet the lefties who are quickest to cry McCarthyism are also the loudest voices demanding a purge of conservatives from the military for questioning Biden.

While the Soros general amps up paranoia about a civil war and urges having military leaders “war game” election outcomes, there have been plenty of contested elections, much more seriously so in the nineteenth century, without any proposed purges of the military.

If General "Fighting Joe" Wheeler could serve as a general for the Confederacy and then command the cavalry in the Spanish–American War, overseeing, among others, Teddy Roosevelt, then the military is big enough to survive political differences of opinion.

And still fight on the same team against our foreign enemies: whether it’s China, Iran, or Soros.

The trouble is that the Left has manufactured a threat from the military in order to conduct a political purge of political dissent. There has never been any question about the loyalty of the rank and file, but there ought to be grave questions about the loyalty of those doing the purging.

And what they intend to do with the military that requires them to purge patriots from its ranks.

While Democrats go after dead Confederate generals, we ought to look at living Soros generals.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. Anonymous4/2/22

    Our military is a paradox. In a free country
    and staffed by citizens, soldiers are not free.
    Obey or prison; you can't quit. Except some
    exercise power downward, but disobey the
    Commander-in-Chief. Why? Smarter? Or just
    more narcissistic? Dangerous jerks!



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