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Home ADL Anti-Semitism recent ADL Hires Director for Jewish Outreach Who Hates Jews

ADL Hires Director for Jewish Outreach Who Hates Jews

After the Hamas, kidnapping and murder of three Israeli Jewish teens, resulting in Israeli forces aggressively pursuing the Islamic terrorist group over the horrifying atrocity, Tema Smith retweeted and praised an article titled, "There Are No Good Guys In The Gaza-Israel Conflict".

The article, among other things, claimed that, "Hamas — and the Palestinians as a whole — have desperately real and legitimate grievances against Israel."

She also retweeted another piece urging Jews to, “repent for Gaza’s dead.”

“Here’s the thing: Jews *have* to be ok with Palestinians *explaining* why some turn to terrorism,” Tema Smith insisted two years ago.

Now, the ADL has chosen Tema Smith as its Director of Jewish Outreach. As a Jewish activist on Twitter quipped, “Whom do the Jews hire as Director of Outreach to the ADL?”

It’s a valid question since Smith, in her own words, has said of her role, “I educate the Jewish community on race and racism as a speaker and writer.”

Rather than educating anyone about the threat of antisemitism, she tells Jews they’re racists.

The ADL’s idea of “Jewish Outreach” is an identity politics hire who spends her time castigating Jews for opposing critical race theory and intersectionality because of its inherent antisemitism.

In an op-ed for the extremist Forward site, Tema Smith argued that black anti-semitism didn't really exist because "antisemitism in the black community is shown to be the symptom of the structures of racism in the United States". Last year, she attacked Jewish institutions that "platform speakers who call Critical Race Theory and antiracism inherently antisemitic."

Tema’s views on Israel come as no surprise. She was a fellow at the Israel Policy Forum. The IPF was J Street before the Soros group even existed and engages in anti-Israel activism. The self-described, “red diaper baby” refers to Israel’s “occupied West Bank and Gaza”, and repeatedly attacks the Jewish State for defending itself against Islamic terrorism.

The latest ADL outrage comes after a series of horrifying moves by its boss, Jonathan Greenblatt, which include ties to anti-Israel activists and minimizing BDS. But the hiring of Tema Smith outraged so many Jewish activists because it conveyed the ADL’s disdain for the Jewish community. Whom, they wonder, is the ADL reaching out to by hiring Tema?

But the ADL’s new constituency isn’t the Jewish community, it’s the anti-Israel Left.

Six years ago, Greenblatt wrote of BDS activists, “we should acknowledge the earnestness of their motives.”

Five years ago, the ADL touted Rep. Ilhan Omar as “inspiring”.

Four years ago, the ADL came out against security grants for synagogues. That same year,

Jonathan Greenblatt opened an ADL conference with a vocal defense of George Soros, and invited anti-Israel activists to the conference while a panel accused "some in the Jewish community" of labeling "almost all expressions that are deemed 'anti-Israel' as anti-Semitic".

Two years ago, Greenblatt and the ADL stood with Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch against Israel. They cosigned a Black Lives Matter letter alongside anti-Israel hate groups like JVP. This was one of several anti-Israel letters or letters with anti-Israel groups that the ADL had signed on to that year.

Even while the ADL has undermined Israel and the Jewish community, it has waged a war on authentic pro-Israel groups like the Zionist Organization of America and Canary Mission.

The ADL’s embrace of Tema Smith is part of its repudiation of Israel and Jews. Tema Smith isn’t just terrible on Israel, but on even the most obvious and basic forms of antisemitism.

Two years ago, British Jews protested antisemitism by Wiley, a British rapper who claimed that, "there are two sets of people who nobody has really wanted to challenge Jewish and KKK" and ranted, “Why did Hitler hate you? For nothing?”

Tema Smith posted that "the Jewish community's reactions to antisemitism coming from black people is inherently tied to (implictly racist) fears of black violence."

Academy Award nominated screenwriter Lee Kern noted that, "Tema helped antisemites rather than British Jews when she slandered us as the racists for symbolicly leaving twitter for a day in protest of someone who champions Nazi talking points."

Even as synagogues boost their security in the face of antisemitic violence, Tema Smith had contended that "security agencies uphold white supremacy through profiling, etc” and defended claims that “Jews uphold white supremacy.”

Smith cheered the idea that the Muslim murderer of Sarah Halimi, a retired Jewish kindergarten director, who had shouted Allahu Akbar after violently beating her and throwing her out of the window, was the real victim.

On Twitter, Smith endorsed a claim that the "Jewish community press" are out to "maximize outrage and minimize understanding" of the Halimi murder case.

Smith agreed that the "sources on this have been misleading and inflammatory"

The ADL frequently complains abut inappropriate Holocaust analogies, but Smith retweeted an attack on the Holocaust Museum for daring to condemn AOC's comparison of llegal alien detention to the Holocaust.

Tema Smith is a wholly inappropriate choice for any organization that still occasionally claims to be pro-Israel and to be dedicated to fighting antisemitism. But the ADL is actually neither.

The ADL is far more interested in Black Lives Matter and transgender activism than Jews.

Jonathan Greenblatt, the ADL's new boss, a veteran of the Obama administration who many blame for the organization's hostility to Israel and Jews, tweeted, "Mazel tov to @temasmith. Kudos for being honored for your vital voice in the movement to empower & include Jews of Color."

Tema Smith’s leftist politics and her identification as a black woman matter far more to the ADL than her position on any Jewish issues.

The ADL’s hiring of Tema Smith comes after its Never Again Is Now summit last year invited anti-Israel figures who had falsely accused Israel of "ethnic cleansing" and blamed the Jews massacred in the Mumbai terror attack for their alleged attitude which "gives the sense of an elite club for Jews alone, is part of what provoked the terrorists to target them for the attack.”

I titled my coverage of that abomination of a conference, "The ADL Convenes a Summit of Anti-Semites to Fight Anti-Semitism."

Now the ADL has hired a Director of Jewish Outreach who hates Jews.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. Anonymous1/2/22

    ADL with Greenblatt and Tema are not alone.
    Biden, Pope Francis, Macron, Merkel, Trudeau,
    Boris J. are all idiots, evil or both;
    leading their followers to doom. Clearly the
    intent of these rogues isn't the benefit of
    their constituents. Not even close.

    Pondering intent wastes time. Americans
    alone have the philosophy and drive to
    achieve escape velocity from the deadly
    malaise. We did it in 2016.


  2. Anonymous1/2/22

    Your kidding, right. This can’t be for real!

  3. Dwight2/2/22

    LEE BENDER AND NAPHTALI PERLBERGER published a brilliant editorial back in 2018 (a good companion piece, I think, to your voluminous insights on these phenomena).


    The Jewish universalism of "tikkun olamism", and the "tikkun Tzion" of Jewish particularism are, at best, oceans apart.

  4. I just saw this post. As a Christian and lover of the Jewish people I do a lot of research and anti-Semitism is everywhere, even on Conservative news sites! It grieves my heart to see it. I had a few friends who let it slip that they too were anti-Semites and I promptly defriended them, but not until I gave them a piece of my mind! As I so when I see it on websites. There is only one God and that is the God of Israel (even if many of them are atheists), but God still loves them and calls them to Himself if they are willing, just like He did me and I am not Jewish, neither did I convert to Judaism. I read the Bible, I believed what God said, and I called on Him to save me. Jesus is God, and he is Jewish!


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