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Home Democrats Kamala Harris radicals recent The Police Defunding Foundation Behind Kamala Harris

The Police Defunding Foundation Behind Kamala Harris

Last month, the Akonadi Foundation was touting “occupations” of houses by the activists it backs. The “occupations” were said to “reclaim” the houses from real estate “speculators”.

The hypocrisy was obvious considering that the foundation is the project of Quinn Delaney and Wayne Jordan. Jordan is a major real estate developer and Democrat donor. The lefty power couple have their own multi-million dollar places in Piedmont and Manhattan.

Quite a few homeless people could be housed there if they were "occupied" and then "reclaimed".

Not only do Jordan and Delaney enjoy the good life, but their son, aspiring rapper TMG Fresh, bought an $8 million mansion in Beverly Hills, while their other son bought Demi Lovato’s $8.25 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills. While Jordan is black, TMG Fresh looks like a white kid playing dress-up, giving life to the rumors that his real father was Playboy tycoon Hugh Hefner.

And while the Akonadi Foundation spends a lot of time on pro-crime “criminal justice reform”, that didn’t stop TMG Fresh from being robbed of money and jewelry outside his gated home.

Jordan and Delaney came on the scene along with Obama. The lefty power couple were among his earliest big fundraisers in California and before long Jordan had become one of Obama's biggest fundraisers. They also poured between $500,000 and $750,000 into his foundation.

By Obama's second term, Jordan and Delaney were being ranked as the fourth biggest political donors in the Bay Area ahead of Jonathan Soros, the son of the radical Hungarian billionaire.

Jordan and his wife, Delaney, a former board member of the Tides Foundation and the ACLU of Northern California, were radicals, but they were also smart investors in business and politics.

When their PAC, People Standing Strong, threw $1 million into funding an ad campaign in Iowa for Kamala Harris that never aired because she dropped out, there was mocking laughter.

But the rival Democrat donors aren't laughing now.

Just like with Obama, they had gotten in on the ground floor. And the close ties of the leftist power couple with Kamala go beyond being major donors to her political ambitions.

When Maya Harris, Kamala's sister and a close advisor, was chosen to head the ACLU of Northern California, Delaney made the announcement as the chair of its board of directors.

The head of the Akonadi Foundation, Lateefah Simon, is a close friend of Kamala's. The two women have campaigned for each other and Kamala has been described as Lateefah's mentor.

Delaney and Jordan don’t just donate to candidates: they finance radical leftist causes.

Proposition 16, the push to legalize racial discrimination using affirmative action in California, was financed by millions of dollars from them.

But their biggest vehicle was the Akonadi Foundation named after an African goddess.

Fueled by critical race theory, the Akonadi Foundation declared that it was out to stop "structural racism" which it defined as the "privileges associated with whiteness".

Quinn Delaney is white. Her son, TMG Fresh, enjoys a privilege that not only includes two mansions, but also blonde cornrows, and rapping, "let me give you some advice, it might just save your life" and "that’s called cappin where I’m from".

Where he's from is a suburban mansion in the Bay Area where they call that appropriation.

But the Akonadi Foundation has poured millions into pro-crime projects, critical race theory agitprop, and radical Marxist groups interlinked with the racist Black Lives Matter movement.

Akonadi boss Lateefah Simon is not only closely connected to Kamala, but she also serves as an advisor to Governor Newsom. And Newsom appointed her to a task force on “police reform”.

Simon, who also serves as BART’s board president, pushed a move to defund the police by shifting money from officers on the transit system to "unarmed ambassadors". When her attacks on police officers were criticised, she falsely accused a board director of racism.

The leftist has described the Black Lives Matter riots as “global uprisings”.

The Akonadi foundation celebrated a move to "completely defund, dismantle, and terminate the Oakland School Police Department".

But the Akonadi Foundation also dabbles in all sorts of radicalism. It’s militantly opposed to immigration enforcement against illegal aliens, it has fought against cooperation between police and ICE that saves lives by stopping killers, and it champions, what it calls, “freedom cities”.

The anti-Israel Oakland Palestine Solidarity Mural was partly funded by the Akonadi Foundation. The mural, demonizing Israel, was a project of the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) which has called for the destruction of the Jewish State. An Akonadi tweet promoted Jana Jihad's attacks on Israel and the foundation has funded Nakba events.

All of this provides a glimpse of the radical ideology fueling one of Kamala’s biggest backers.

"We must work for real systemic change to disempower law enforcement," Quinn Delaney wrote while claiming that the police had killed "thousands of black people".

Quinn Delaney had contributed $1 million to the Kamala Harris PAC. But Jordan and Delaney were already in on the ground floor of Kamala Inc. The leftist couple had the largest listed donation to her campaign for Attorney General in 2010. Delaney and Jordan maxed out their donations to Kamala’s Senate race and they’re still donating to her Senate fund.

Like Steve Jobs' wife and TV hack Chuck Lorre, the duo are longtime Harris supporters who go way back with her, but unlike them, they have a very specific, focused, and dangerous agenda.

If Biden wins the election, there is little doubt that Lateefah Simon and other Akonadi veterans would have a role in the White House, in the Justice Department, and across federal agencies.

A Biden-Harris administration or, as Joe Biden occasionally puts it, a Harris-Biden administration, would allow the radicals at Akonadi to push the pro-crime policies that they have advanced in California across the country making streets and communities into killing fields.

2020 is not just an election year. It’s the year in which pro-crime activists and black nationalists sent the country into a horrifying nightmare of violence and terror, riots, looting, and murder, bringing entire cities to their knees, while wiping out the hopes and dreams of millions.

The Bay Area, which birthed the political power of both Kamala Harris and her radical donors, is rapidly becoming a template for how to make formerly great cities unlivable in every way. If Kamala Harris gets into the White House, so does the Akonadi Foundation and its agendas.

And then police defunding will stop being a marginal cause and become a national agenda.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.


  1. Anonymous10/11/20

    Akonadi sounds just like a place where a young
    Caucasian disabled vet with wife and kids can
    live while he learns engineering on the G.I.
    Bill, right? Oh, sorry, he needs a rap sheet
    and drug habit that Akonadi can subsidize. No
    crackers, either.

    Flaunting degeneracy, filth, violent crime, hate
    for domestic peace is bad enough. Throwing vast
    sums of money at it rubs salt in the wound and
    disrespects money as the symbol of honest work
    and trade.

    Is this how Kamala and friends get street cred?


  2. Anonymous11/11/20

    Twitter suspends Creeping Sharia for tweet on jihad in Austria & Joe Biden's video to repeal Trump's Muslim Ban on Day 1


  3. Every day I become further sickened.


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