Home Hamas politics Democrat 'Hamas Firsters' Fight for Gaza
Home Hamas politics Democrat 'Hamas Firsters' Fight for Gaza

Democrat 'Hamas Firsters' Fight for Gaza

Thousands of Americans have died of the coronavirus. But ‘Gaza Firster’ Democrats don’t care.

Eight Senate Democrats, including Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, dispatched a four-page letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, demanding to know what America was doing about the coronavirus.

Not in America. In Gaza.

According to the Senate letter, “as of March 24, the first two cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in the Gaza Strip.”

That’s two cases. Two. The United States has over 200,000 as of now.

By the time you read this, there will be many more.

Bernie and Leahy’s Vermont has 293 cases. But Sanders cares more about Gaza than Burlington. Warren’s Massachusetts has 6,620 cases. Van Hollen’s Maryland has 1,660 cases. Udall’s New Mexico has 315 cases. Thomas Carper’s Delaware has 319 cases. Jeff Merkley’s Oregon has 660 cases. Sherrod Brown’s Ohio has 2,199 cases.

None of these eight Democrats represent states that are free of the pandemic. All of them represent states that have far more severe coronavirus problems than the terrorist occupied West Bank or Gaza.

Unfortunately, they’re Gaza Firsters.

The Democrats whine that Gaza has a “weak public health system”. Maybe that’s because Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group in charge of Gaza, has put its money into rockets, not health care.

Lefties love lecturing about how much health care a jet or tank could pay for. They can take their anti-war lecture tour to Gaza and explain to Hamas how many ventilators they could get for one missile.

But Bernie Sanders has repeatedly urged cutting off military aid to Israel, while pouring more money into Gaza. The lefty theme is, “No missiles for Israel, lots of missiles for the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The letter quotes an article claiming that in Gaza, “health ministry officials” whined “that just one person infected with the deadly virus would end in ‘complete disaster’"

The health ministry officials are Hamas terrorists. They're just as illegitimate as officials of Al Qaeda or ISIS.

And the article is from March 9th.

There has been more than one person infected with the coronavirus in Gaza. And a month later, there's no disaster.

Senate Democrats are searching for a coronavirus disaster in Gaza that isn’t there while ignoring the one in their own states. This bizarrely treasonous Gaza Firsting is wildly irresponsible when the people who elected them are dying. And they’re demanding that we urgently focus on the Gazans who aren’t dying.

The eight Democrats complain that President Trump cut off aid to UNRWA. The reason we did that is because UNRWA's employees in Gaza were Hamas members and the UN group's facilities were used as staging grounds for terrorist attacks.

They demand that the State Department inform them of what steps President Trump is taking to "provide the Palestinian people with access to adequate medicine, medical equipment, personnel, and other resources to combat the threat of a major coronavirus health crisis?"

Here's a thought.

Perhaps the United States government should make sure that every American health care worker has protective masks and gloves, and every coronavirus patient in this country has access to a ventilator, before anyone even thinks about sending a single piece of medical equipment to Gaza.

Just last week, Trump administration officials caught USAID officials shipping the protective equipment they were trying to secure for American health care workers off to foreign countries. We're already providing aid to close allies like Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and, Pakistan. Maybe we can hold off on shipping stuff to Hamas that we could use in the United States.

But it’s not just the eight Gaza Firsters in the United States Senate that are running the Gaza show.

Reps from the EU, the US, the UN, and Russia talked on the phone about the UN's $2 billion coronavirus plan with a "focus on Gaza."

It’s a good thing that the EU, which has a horrific death rate in Italy and Spain, and Russia, which just shut down much of the country, and the UN, have nothing to worry about except the Hamas territory.

According to the Quartet article, there are nine cases in Gaza.

Meanwhile Italy is turning away elderly people from the hospitals and leaving them to die in their homes and on the streets. But the European Union and the United Nations are focused on nine cases in Gaza.

Where is all this pressure to focus on the non-existent coronavirus crisis in Gaza coming from?

Robert Malley, the CEO of the Crisis Group, a former top Obama advisor who had been dumped by the Obama campaign because of his backdoor contacts with Hamas, has been beating the drum. The Crisis Group is a George Soros project, with assistance from the Rockefeller Brothers and the Islamic terror state of Qatar, which is a major backer of Hamas and its Muslim Brotherhood parent group.

George Soros, with his fortune, could make a big difference for his adopted country at a time when American health care workers are struggling with basic supplies and equipment. Instead, Malley and the Crisis Group are focusing on the coronavirus in Iran, Syrian, Yemen, Libya, and Gaza.

What do all of these places have in common?

They're dominated by Islamic terror groups and the United States has sanctioned their governments or endorsed efforts by allies to battle the terror groups or regimes.

The coronavirus is a thin pretext for aiding Islamic terrorists.

Iran has a coronavirus outbreak. Most of these countries do not. Neither the United States nor its allies are preventing humanitarian aid, medicines, food, or medical equipment, from reaching them.

False claims of sanctions on medical aid are being used to help Islamic terrorists get cash and weapons.

It’s an old and despicable routine tying together Democrats, radical lefty media outlets and non-profits, who have chosen to ignore thousands of senior citizens dying in Europe and America, to rally support for an imaginary coronavirus crisis in Islamic terror territories combined with a heavy dose of bashing Israel.

Israel's Teva donated six million doses of hydroxychloroquine to treat the coronavirus in the United States. Israeli open source ventilator technology is being released free of charge.

What have the “Palestinians” done for us in this crisis for all the billions we’ve given them?

A Gaza imam praised the coronavirus as a soldier of Allah. The Islamic preacher, speaking on Al-Aqsa TV, a broadcast system run by Hamas, praised the virus for having "hit all 50 states. An hour ago, they said on TV that in California... They said that they expect 58% of California to be infected within two months. They talk about 25 million infected people in just one of the 50 states. Allah be praised."

"Are there people infected with the coronavirus? Allah be praised!" the hateful cleric ranted on Hamas TV. "The numbers in Italy: 450 victims yesterday. There is a victim there every 8 minutes... China is second to Italy with 3,300 victims. What is going on? Allah be praised! This the greatness of Allah."

"The Muslims are the people who are least infected," he went on to claim. "I contacted senior doctors, and they told me that as of this moment, there is not a single case in Gaza."

That was in late March. How about we take the word of this top Gazan expert broadcast on the station run by the terrorists in charge of the area.

Not a single case in Gaza. Only non-Muslims fall victim to this biological soldier of Allah.

Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Pat Leahy, Senator Chris Van Hollen, Senator Thomas Carper, Senator Jeff Merkley, Senator Tom Udall, Sherrod Brown, and other Gaza Firsters are welcome to contact this gentleman for more details about the non-existent coronavirus crisis in Gaza.

Preferably in a personal briefing.

Meanwhile, Hamas has threatened to begin shelling Israel, and use the coronavirus as a secondary weapon, if it doesn’t get the Qatari money on time. The Islamic terror group boasted that it “can send half of Israeli society into the bomb shelters, which will increase the number of coronavirus cases.”

That would make the virus a literal “soldier of Allah.”

There is a reasonable response to threats like this in a pandemic and it isn’t sending more money. When Islamic terrorists openly talk about weaponizing the virus, the response should involve actual weapons.

Meanwhile the Gaza Firsters, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pat Leahy, and the rest should be asked why they keep demanding that American taxpayer money be diverted from helping people in this country to helping Islamic terrorists who openly cheer the coronavirus as a soldier of Allah.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Anonymous22/4/20

    “We love death.” Remember? Sure bet that every
    dollar they (Gaza and entire OIC) get goes to kill
    infidels. Our policy should be not to support
    Islam nor organizations that do. Clear enough?


  2. And a drive-by run-over a soldier in the past 48 hours in Maale Adumim.

  3. Anonymous23/4/20

    Thanks DG.


  4. Hamas Chief Sinwar: “Hamas Seeks Sacrifice of Palestinian Children for Destruction of Israel”

  5. Watch: Senior Hamas leader Fathi Hammad says Hamas has built a new factory for making suicide vests that will be given to Palestinian girls (and boys) in order to storm the Israeli border and blow up Israeli families.
    Remember Golda Meir said, if only Palestinian leaders loved children.

  6. Fact and truth. Demoncrats do not give a crap about their own constituents. I don't understand why they aren't being recalled.


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