Home immigration Islam Terrorism An Al Qaeda Emir Came to America and Applied for Disability
Home immigration Islam Terrorism An Al Qaeda Emir Came to America and Applied for Disability

An Al Qaeda Emir Came to America and Applied for Disability

After engaging in terrorism in Iraq, an Al Qaeda leader came to America as a refugee and applied for Social Security disability benefits because his “injuries” in Iraq had made it too hard for him to work.

In 2006, Ali Yousif Ahmed Al-Nouri was the Emir of an Al Qaeda terrorist group in Fallujah. The Iraqi city was the scene of brutal battles between Al Qaeda and America. It was where American soldiers had suffered the most casualties in any battle since the Vietnam War. Despite multiple defeats, Al Qaeda remained deeply entrenched in the city and was even able to seize a number of neighborhoods in 2014.

By then, Al-Nouri was living in Arizona.

Only 2 years after being the Emir of an Al Qaeda group, Al-Nouri had traded the deserts of Al-Anbar for the deserts of the Southwest. How was an Al Qaeda leader able to move to the United States?

Easy. He claimed to be a refugee from Al Qaeda.

In 2008, the United States raised the refugee admission celling to 80,000 to accommodate the surge of Iraqis applying to come to the United States. The Iraqis claimed to be fleeing terrorism, but some, like Al-Nouri were terrorists, and our refugee resettlement program was not interested in telling them apart.

A quarter of refugees that year were Iraqis. The Al Qaeda leader was one of 13,823 Iraqi refugees. The huge increase from 1,608 in 2007, made any real screening of the Iraqis all but impossible. And, worse still, Iraqis, like Al-Nouri, were in the top 3 refugee groups and their claims were processed 'in-country'.

"In-country processing", as noted by the Center of American Progress, makes "the process less onerous and cumbersome for Iraqis seeking asylum by allowing for in-country visa processing, making screening less restrictive." And what migrants from Al-Qaeda’s stronghold needed was less restrictive screenings.

The less restrictive screenings were one of Senator Ted Kennedy’s final immigration gifts to America. The Refugee Crisis in Iraq Act was introduced by Ted Kennedy, backed by Grover Norquist, and co-sponsored by Joe Biden, Pat Leahy, Chuck Hagel, Dick Durbin, Bob Menendez and Barack Obama.

The disastrous legislation cosponsored by Obama and Biden no doubt helped ease Al-Nouri’s path.

"The United States has a clear responsibility to support these brave Iraqis who have stood by us," Senator Ted Kennedy had insisted.

And Al-Nouri, like many other fake refugees, pretended to be one of those imaginary Iraqis. He did such a good job of pretending that under Obama, the Al Qaeda leader became a military contractor.

The Emir’s job was training American soldiers preparing to deploy to fight Al Qaeda in Iraq (the group that would eventually be known as ISIS) about Iraqi culture.

After arriving in the United States as a refugee, the Al Qaeda leader applied for Social Security disability. Refugees applying for Social Security disability payments is a popular scam that hurts Americans.

But Al-Nouri claimed to have been shot by Al Qaeda terrorists and that he had 20 bullets in his body.

The 20 bullets might have been real, but they likely came from either the Iraqi or United States forces that Al-Nouri might have fought. The Emir had not only contrived to come to America as a refugee, but to make taxpayers foot the bill for his bullet wounds that he had picked up while fighting for Al Qaeda.

Despite the Al Qaeda leader’s supposed disability, he was able to work as a military contractor in California and to open a driving school, the A-Plus Driving School, in Phoenix.

1,050 Iraqi refugees were resettled in Arizona in 2008. Iraqis were the number one refugee group resettled everywhere from Alabama to Virginia. But Arizona had the highest share of Iraqis in any state outside Michigan's Islamic enclaves. Al-Nouri became one of 12,329 Iraqi refugees operating in Arizona.

When Al-Nouri came to this country, Arizona was accepting the most refugees per capita of any state. Money for resettling refugees poured into the state which was happy to take in Muslims from Yugoslavia, then Sudan, and Iraq. The Iraqi community in Phoenix boomed. Along with Al-Nouri.

And the problems have been growing.

Last month, the 9th Circuit Court ruled that Mohammed Mostafa Altayar, an Iraqi refugee, could be deported after he had threatened another man with a gun and assaulted him in 2014. But that sort of thing hasn’t stopped Arizona politicians, including Republicans, from demanding more refugees.

After the last September 11 anniversary, numerous Arizona representatives, including Republicans signed on to a Welcome Refugees 2020 letter, demanding that President Trump bring more refugees.

Meanwhile, in Phoenix, even as the Al Qaeda leader’s driving school was touting, “peace of mind”, the refugee belatedly attracted government attention after flying to Istanbul: a common ISIS travel route.

FBI agents questioned Al-Nouri and appeared to suspect that he might have traveled to Iraq.

Now, Al-Nouri was finally arrested for extradition to Iraq, where he is suspected of the murder of two Iraqi police officers as the leader of an Al Qaeda group operating in Fallujah. While having Iraq request his extradition may be a simpler process than trying to bring him to trial here, it’s far from easy.

Last year, the FBI busted Omar Ameen, an Iraqi refugee in Sacramento, for his role in Al Qaeda and ISIS. But efforts to send him back for trial to Iraq have been stymied by an aggressive media campaign with the New Yorker and CBS News, not to mention pseudo-conservative sites like Bill Kristol’s The Bulwark and The American Conservative, launching a campaign in the alleged ISIS terrorist’s defense.

There is every reason to think that Al-Nouri will benefit from the same defense.

Iraqis in Phoenix have already come to Al-Nouri’s defense, describing him as a popular figure in the community. They claim that they had no idea that he could have been an Al Qaeda terrorist.

That’s unlikely.

In a culture with massive extended families and tribes whose members do everything, whether it’s fighting Al Qaeda or joining Al Qaeda as a group, coming out of a major Iraqi city, Al-Nouri’s story would not have fooled everyone in his community. But Al-Nouri was far from the only terrorist to come to America as a refugee. We don’t know how many terrorists who pretended to be fighting Al Qaeda tricked the system to come to America. And we don’t know how many more are coming now.

The Pentagon, which had hired an Al Qaeda Emir to train troops deploying to Iraq, recently warned again that failing to bring Iraqi refugees to America will undermine our national security. Military brass complained that the FBI’s more intensive screenings were keeping too many Iraqi refugees out.

The number of Iraqis coming to America on special visas had dropped to a mere 3,000 in 2017.

The FBI found suspicious information on 87 out of 88 Iraqis who had been specially screened in 2018. Instead of praising the FBI for doing its job, the Pentagon complained that it was doing its job too well.

In a White House meeting, an unnamed senior Pentagon official proposed exempting Iraqis from President Trump’s lowered refugee cap.

The battle over Iraqi refugees pitted White House advisor Stephen Miller against the Pentagon. The outcome is 4,000 refugee slots for Iraqis, some legitimate refugees and some Islamic terrorists.

Most governors, Democrats and Republicans, have indicated that they will keep admitting refugees.

On a quiet desert lot, in Surprise, AZ, the horrible surprise of an Al Qaeda Emir living next door in a quarter-of-a-million house should come as no surprise. It’s just refugee resettlement at work.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. Anonymous13/2/20

    What the hell? Easy visa, disability benefits,
    taxpayer bribes to states, charities, scam NGOs,
    and now we have no-go enclaves just like our
    stupid European cousins. These metastatic
    burgeoning tumors, of course, are loaded with
    arrived terrorists and all their enthusiastic

    Our Western fixation on justice insists that
    when the next jihad attack occurs, we must pursue
    the rigorous Sherlock Holmes process. They can
    just shoot outward from their hive toward a sea
    of infidel faces.

    Stop the fetish of pretending to save the “good
    Muslim”. This is War, not a WhoDoneIt. Send
    them all back to their sandpile. Oh, and rip
    away Norquist’s tax mask and expose him for the
    Islamist he is!


  2. Anonymous14/2/20

    It is proof of the blatant and deserved contempt that muslims have for the west and the bleeding heart Leftist fools in it. It is also evidence for the incompetence, at least, and the treason, at most of those who allowed him in and gave him benefits. Naturally as in the UK rape grooming farce, no one responsible for the infliction of their politics upon others, instead of doing their jobs properly, will be punished. Incompetence when politically motivated is never punished in the west. It should be. as a deterrent is direly needed.

  3. Under Bush we were told we are fighting terrorist over there so we don't have too fight them here. Under Obama, we paid to bring them here. Under Trump, we are racist for wanting to send them back.

  4. The key for everyone was that Ted Kennedy supported this. That's the first rule of sane public policy. If Kennedy was for it, then be against it. As for his view that "we should support these brave Iraqis who have stood by us", he he sia "us" he meant the people who hate and want to destroy America, like he and his insane leftist mob.

  5. Anonymous15/2/20

    This comment contains vulgarity so sensitivity warning.

    Besides the obvious total corruption of all politics, academia, culture, etc., the real reason for this izz invasion is simple.
    Toxic Femininity. The Western Matriarchy fetishizes brown izzlumical males -- our female-centric society is driven by women's rape fantasies of white 40 year old "princesses" ravished by hordes of swarthy violent males -- 50 shades of grey is the most popular women's book and over 62% of Western women admit to rape fantasies as their primary sexual focus so women use Me-Too "rape" lies to cover their sordid tracks. In Germany fat middle aged feminutzis who hate their own men fill their homes with "refugee" izz males and end up in hypersexual fetish situations they devised for their newly imported sex pets -- that's why they're bringing them in -- spicy pizza delivery rough sex dialed from home for power-insane spoiled brat females drunk with power. The women were shocked after the internet revealed to them the news (to women) that most men are not all Alpha males as they once thought -- porn-endowed hypersexed male conquistadors of all that is female, men who know all women want and worship them for their prowess and disdain of "love" -- the men who women will cheat on any husband for, indeed will sell out her entire society for even one night with such men. Women learned that most men are not Alpha males but are normal average Betas (not a put down, just a fact) who are so p-whipped from gratitude at getting the Alpha's leftovers that the female worm has turned against her own men. So the newly empowered black widow spurned her limp-wimp breadwinner for the invader brown sex fantasy that she is entitled to as ruler of the Western cultural and political world. Girl Power! This is why this izz invasion is happening so suddenly, so easily and so universally. Toxic Femininity. Wrecks a society faster than a drunken floozy cuckolds a timid husband. Feminism put women in charge and the internet unleashed their inner sexual freak which she is now living out with relish (I am woman hear me whore). Our civilization is not just dying -- it is dead. For the record I am a (former) homosexual so have no skin in this male-female sex game -- I just watched in horror as the slow motion train wreck of 60 years of feminism poisoned us all. You've come a long way, baby. You killed us. Thanks a lot.

  6. Anonymous15/2/20

    ps from Proverbs:

    "For a whore is a deep ditch; and a strange woman is a narrow pit. She also lieth in wait as for a prey..."

    Wow. It's almost like someone knew all about "strange" women from day one. Who'd a thunk it, huh?

  7. What is most disturbing to me is that the "Pentagon Islamist s" embedded commanders want to import more terrorists who will bring the war here.

  8. Anonymous15/2/20

    God help us.....

  9. Anonymous16/2/20

    Dear (former) homosexual;
    You make many good points. Essentially, I doubt
    that women have principles; they see men as
    resources to be exploited; for wealth, status,
    power, security. They go for the guy who offers
    the most: even gangster, conquering soldier,
    assassin of her previous husband.

    The idyllic notion that the “family” is source
    of a free nation’s strength only holds while
    wise principled male leaders keep a strong
    economy and national defense.



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