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Home Anti-Semitism black nationalism Media Bias Black Nationalist Hate Group Praised by Media Shot Up Kosher Market

Black Nationalist Hate Group Praised by Media Shot Up Kosher Market

The New York Times called them "sidewalk ministers" who practice "tough love." The paper quoted Heidi Beirich of the Southern Poverty Law Center who described them as victims of racism and claimed that they were non-violent.

The Washington Post, in its own puff piece on the Black Hebrew Israelites, also falsely described them as non-violent, and concluded that, "Israelite street preaching in parts of D.C., Philadelphia and New York is commonplace, a familiar if odd accent to city life."

The odd accent to city life in Jersey City came amid a hail of bullets as two members of the racist black nationalist hate group opened fire in the JC Supermarket. Despite initial claims by the media and the authorities that the Jewish market had not been targeted, David Anderson and Francine Graham ignored passerby on Martin Luther King Dr, to get to the store and kill as many Jewish people as they could.

When the shooting had ended, Moshe Hersh Deutsch, a yeshiva student who was known for helping distribute food packages to the needy, Mrs Leah Mindel Ferencz, a mother of 3 who helped her husband run the grocery store, and Miguel Jason Rodriguez, the father of an 11-year-old daughter and a parishioner at an Assemblies of God church, were all dead.

Anderson, who left behind anti-Semitic and anti-police writings, had also killed Detective Joseph Seals, a father of 5, and wounded Officer Ray Sanchez and Officer Ferenella Fernandez.

The black nationalist terrorist had hated cops and Jews. He managed to kill both.

The media whitewash of the racist Black Israelites had come during the Covington Catholic case when the Washington Post, among other papers, had falsely blamed the pro-life students for a confrontation that actually began when members of the nationalist hate group had begun calling them, “crackers,” “faggots,” and “pedophiles.” An African-American pro-life student was called the ‘n-word’.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, who has her own history of racism and anti-Semitism, falsely claimed that the Covington Catholic students were “taunting 5 black men.”

The New York Times equivocated that members of the hate group “use blunt and sometimes offensive language, and gamely engage in arguments”. The typical “offensive language” and argumentative style of the Times’ second favorite racist hate group involves shouting racist and anti-Semitic slurs at people.

David Anderson, the Kosher supermarket shooter, had a whole YouTube playlist of such ugly incidents. In one video, a Black Israelite preacher shouts, “Satan is in you” at a Jewish man. “You stole our history. You are pretending to be us. The messiah, who is a black man, is going to kill you.”

Gamely indeed.

In another video, a Black Israelite preacher calls a Jewish teen a member of the “Synagogue of Satan”. “We want our book back and we want our land back,” the preacher demands. “Go back to Russia.”

You can see why Rep. Ilhan Omar might have felt called to defend the racist hate group.

“They move you all over the earth, but we know who you are. You are part of the Zionist deception. You go among the earth to spread Zionism, which is really Catholicism,” he rants. “Witchcraft and sorcery.”

Such statements may seem deranged, but they’re typical of the supremacist theology of the hate group.

Previous incidents involving the hate group have been even uglier with a video that doesn’t appear on Anderson’s playlist showcasing a Black Israelite preacher shouting, "The Holocaust is a damn joke! Heil Hitler!" A documentary shows another preacher standing on a prone white man and declaiming, "We're coming for you, white boys. Negroes are the real Jews. Get ready for war.”

It’s no wonder that Tom Metzger a KKK leader and the founder of the White Aryan Resistance, had described them, as "the black counterparts of us".

And yet, the New York Times concluded its whitewash of the hate group with a closing quote by Todd Boyd, a professor of race and culture at UCLA, which claimed that, "To many black people, Hebrew Israelites are a harmless part of their communities."

No doubt to many white people the KKK are a harmless part of their communities. Racist hate groups are the bigger problem for people who aren’t a member of their race.

"More alarming to many African Americans," the UCLA professor of race had argued, is "seeing a white guy in a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat."

The dead at the JC Supermarket would have liked to have seen a MAGA had instead of black coats.

The whitewash of the Black Israelite hate group was the work of John Eligon, a reporter hired by the New York Times to report on race, who had previously defended Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism, and had injected black nationalist sympathies into his writing. The Washington Post’s whitewash of the hate group was the work of Sam Kestenbaum, a contributing editor at the radical leftist The Forward. The anti-Jewish paper has a long history of whitewashing and defending anti-Semitism by its political allies.

But the problem is much bigger than just the media’s whitewash of the Black Israelites.

The FBI’s warning about the threat of “black identity extremism” was met with a wave of attacks by the media. A New York Times op-ed warned of "The F.B.I.’s Dangerous Crackdown on ‘Black Identity Extremists’" The Intercept, a notorious radical hate site funded by Franco-Persian eBay billionaire Pierre Omidyar, joined in. "Why the FBI's "Black Identity Extremist" Classification Is Dangerous," Teen Vogue had argued. The Nation had warned of a "Coming War on 'Black Nationalists'".

Rep. Karen Bass, a militant anti-Israel Democrat, despite representing a partially Jewish district, attacked former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the FBI, and other officials over the BIE category. This was after the murder of 4 Dallas police officers by Micah X. Johnson and Kori Ali Muhammad's targeted killing of three white men in Fresno.

“I don’t believe black identity extremists exist, and I believe the FBI should retract the document and send out a document throughout law enforcement saying that black identity extremists do not exist,” Bass had ranted.

This year, under pressure, the FBI jettisoned the BIE term. Just in time for the Kosher market shooting.

The FBI report helps police officers prepare for coming threats. By undermining the warnings about black nationalist violence, Rep. Bass, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and every media activist and politician who went to bat for black nationalist racists sabotaged police preparedness.

And they have blood on their hands.

The media is already embracing the familiar narrative about lone wolves and individual instability. That’s the same story we hear after acts of violence by members of a movement that it is politically allied with.

Hate groups, whether it’s the KKK or the Black Israelites, or campus hate groups like the Groypers or SJP, should be exposed with clear and honest facts about who they are and what they believe.

When political activists and media whitewashes cover up the truth for partisan reasons, people can die.

A father of five with a badge, a mother of three running a grocery store, a man working to support his daughter, another man delivering food packages, did not have to die. If the truth had been told about the Black Israelites, they might still be alive today. Instead the media lied and they are gone.

Truly standing up against racism and anti-Semitism means jettisoning partisan agendas for the truth.

Rep. Karen Bass, the New York Times, The Intercept, the ACLU, and others colluded to tie the hands of the FBI and local police because they see black nationalists like Anderson as allies in their cause.

After the attack, a representative from Americans Against Anti-Semitism, an organization which, unlike the ADL, actually opposes hate wherever it comes from, took a camera to record local reactions.

"I blame the Jews. We never had a shooting like this until they came," one resident bellows. “My children are stuck at school because of Jew shenanigans.”

"Four of y'all are dead right? That's great. If they was there, they got shot dead, that's great," a man says.

"Get the Jews out of Jersey City," someone else shouts.

There’s nothing extraordinary about this. It’s the everyday hate that we can’t talk about. The hate that the media is quick to cover up. If you want to understand why children are beaten on Brooklyn streets and why a Kosher supermarket was shot up, it’s because we aren’t allowed to talk about it.

Evil needs silence and complicity. The media and Democrat politicians are guilty of both.

The Ferencz family, Moishe and Leah, opened a small market on Martin Luther King Dr. They filled the narrow aisles with bread, juice, candy, milk, and the household staples you need when time is short.

They worked late hours.

And then, while Moishe was praying next door, the black nationalist bigots whom the New York Times, the Washington Post, Rep. Ilhan Omar, and Rep. Karen Bass had defended, killed his wife.

That is the story that the media won’t tell. But it must be told.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Anonymous17/12/19

    ..."the black nationalist bigots whom the New York Times, the Washington Post, Rep. Ilhan Omar, and Rep. Karen Bass had defended, killed his wife. That is the story that the media won’t tell. But it must be told."

    I'm listening Daniel, and passing the word! Tks for sharing the facts of these beastly attacks on innocents, and of those who shield the BEASTS!! On Watch~~~

  2. @Mr. Greenfield: I first saw this article about Rep Omar at Jihad Watch. I note your comment here that
    "Hate groups, whether it’s the KKK or the Black Israelites, or campus hate groups like the Groypers or SJP, should be exposed with clear and honest facts about who they are and what they believe."

    Please respond to the observation that in a similar way that Tommy Robinson's EDL (aka Steven Yaxley-Lennon) was compromised by true supremacists so too Nick Fuentes and the Groypers are experiencing a similar smearing by false association viz a vis the recent two-year old MTV interview, etc.. and media bias and knee-jerk call of 'racist' in general. I think that your own address from a year ago to the South Carolina Tea Party group is much aligned with Nick's own "America First" nationalist world view especially regarding demographics. As you suggest in your own statement quoted above, I sincerely hope that you yourself will examine Nick Fuentes' own views as expressed in his Dec 7th interview with Milo Y. I do look forward to your response. Thank you.

  3. Sorry, the interview can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9Rtr922ENg and the pertinent statements can be found at about 12:53-24:05 and elsewhere.

  4. Anonymous17/12/19

    A great help in the decline of Scientology is
    the internet. Too late for the victims of the
    Peoples’ Temple. Now, should new beliefs be
    spared free scrutiny if they bear the talisman
    of a supposed “correct” victim class?

    So, here’s the scam: Adopt a bland base, like
    a club, church, hobby. Weaponize with a hatred
    of an unprotected class: Jews, Smokers, Males.
    Immunize with “Victim Mojo”: Black, LGBT, Muslim.

    Absent free comment, uninformed public are
    sucked in with cult tricks to lock in allegiance.
    Building on cultural, family, other ties, the
    charismatic narcissistic leader builds his army.

    Fresh Air of Free Speech is really needed here.


  5. Anonymous, thank you

    Islam is Islam, Nick Fuentes' own quotes are pretty clear. A guy who calls people 'shabbos goy race traitor who work for Jews' isn't being smeared by false associations. He's a Nazi.

    These alt-righters are not America Firsters. They're fascists who want to get right of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to create whatever imaginary utopia they have.


    They're also internet trolls who are great at gaslighting, wrongfooting and branding. And little else.

    They also have support from some in Conservatism Inc.

    Charley, Very good analysis.

    Yup, scientology seems unlikely to survive the internet. But smaller cults can thrive in isolation.

  6. Mr. Greenfield: Thank you for your reply. Are you America First? From listening to your speech at the South Carolina Tea Party rally, it seems as if you are. To clarify please answer a couple of questions: is it possible to really and truly put America First and continue to have unending wars centered in the Middle East on the behalf of Israel? Is Israel not able to defend Herself in large part due to America's previous support? Have you seen/heard Michelle Malkin's defense of America First-ers over the Turning Point USA conservatives that, as Mr. Horowitz frequently points out, conserve nothing of value?

    Again, I do hope you take a deeper look into Nick and the America First Groypers and restate or retract the way you have lumped them in with the actual anti-semite groups. You are likely mistaken in this point which is potentially tragic since you are correct so much of the time. From a demographic demise viewpoint, you, Ms Coulter, Ms. Malkin, and America First are on the same page. I look forward to your considered answers to my questions. America will not stand with the ongoing divisions and when America falls no one is left.

  7. Please comment on Nick Fuentes' interview with Jesse Lee Peterson, a black Christian, at 32:09. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tUJ02LdSb0 "Do you hate the Jews?". Further on @37:25 Jesse Lee Peterson says, "We need some white baaaabies!" Wouldn't David Horowitz agree?

  8. I'm not sure what the point of recycling this garbage, much of it originally circulated by Islamists and now by the Groyper Neo-Nazis, is on an article about a terrorist attack against Jews.

    America has fought wars in the Middle East for Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and its oil supplies, not for Israel. It has prevented Israel from fighting its own wars and protecting its territory. The Trump administration was the first to stop interfering in Israel's ability to defend itself.

    If America were fighting wars for Israel, why are Islamic terrorists in control of half the country, while the US was providing weapons to Jihadists across the region?

    Hamas is firing rockets at Israel that it got through Libya.

    Iran got billions shipped directly to it which it turned into terror funding.

    These are old discredited lies that make zero sense when you look at what's actually going on.

    Turning Point USA is actually a conservative campus group that's making a difference. That's why the Groypers are going after it.

    It's why they're going after DT Jr.

    If you want to support an anti-Semitic group, that's fine. America has free speech. But considering your user name, you want to remember whom the Nazis were allied with in the Middle East.

  9. Caroline Glick said:

    ‘Over the past several years, Congress made several attempts to amend Title VI to include anti-Jewish discrimination.

    These efforts enjoyed broad bipartisan support.

    But they were all blocked by members of the progressive camp inside the Democratic congressional caucus.

    Like the anti-Semitic boycott activists ostracizing Jews on campuses, the progressive lawmakers claimed that expansion of the protections of Title VI to include anti-Jewish discrimination would undermine the free speech rights of anti-Israel activists on campuses.

    That is, they said the rights of anti-Semites to preach anti-Semitism superseded the rights of Jewish students not to be harassed.”

    Why American Jews slander President Trump
    by Caroline Glick 2019/12/15

  10. Thank you for your reply, Mr Greenfield. I respect your work and have for a long time. The point of my questions to you, which you have yet to answer with from the evidence I presented and not hearsay, is division and as well as the Leftist guilt by association tactic that you seemed to be falling for and to which I was trying to alert you. As for my user name, it connotes the facts which Robert Spencer, Bill Warner, Pamela Gelller, and history itself tells us: Islam cannot be reformed. While there may be peaceful Muslims there is no form of Islam other than that which Muhammad shows in his perfect example. Islam is Islam without any modifiers.

  11. Frankly, your leading questions were based on false premise that the wars we've been in aren't caused by Islam, but by some Jewish conspiracy.

    I ask you again whether in light of the last 20 years or everything since the rise of Mohammed, that belief makes any sense.

    As far as Fuentes goes, I've pointed you to video clips of him doing his thing. There's not much else to say on that.

    But I guess the bigger question is in defeating Islam and the Left, what kind of society do we want to live in afterward?

  12. Fair enough. Thank you for pointing to the false premises. I do not want to be taken in by hearsay and/or conspiracy theories. But quite seriously, how do we even defeat Islam and the left when we keep dividing because of hearsay and smears in order to even have a society based on what Jesse Lee Peterson, Warner, Spencer, and even you speak about?

  13. In fairness to Fuentes and the Groypers, they are young and perhaps in much the same way that Tommy Robinson and the football hooligans were young when they started the EDL, America First may be compromised. For sure when it comes to demographics and the morality of the culture, Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA is compromised.

  14. We're not just divided over this, our societies are becoming more atomized than ever. That makes us easy prey. America as a whole is breaking down into cultural and political tribes. Religion is vanishing. Politics is becoming religion.

    The original conquests of Islam were made against disparate tribes that could be divided and conquered.

    The real question is when the threat sharpens, are we going to be able to pull together or will we, like they, still be fighting each other.

    That's where the rubber will really meet the road.

    As for Fuentes and the Groypers, you're right, they're young, no way to know what they, or your random Antifa member will become. We're all on a journey. But for now we can deal with the here and now.


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