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Home Europe immigration Islam Sweden Muslim AK-47s and Bombings Turn Sweden Into War Zone

Muslim AK-47s and Bombings Turn Sweden Into War Zone

This isn’t terrorism. It’s a war. And it’s going on every day in Sweden.

Sweden is reeling from a wave of shootings and bombings with 268 shootings just this year so far. And that's in a country of 10 million people which has crime numbers on par with some American cities.

"Sweden may have the answer to America's gun problem," Vox declared in 2016. Or maybe not.

These shootings aren't being carried out with handguns, but with AK-47s. The weapon so often used as a boogeyman by gun control advocates, but rarely featured in everyday gun violence, is a staple of Sweden’s gang war scene. Along with hand grenades and other explosives rarely seen in America.

A call by the police last year asking gang members to turn in their grenades worked as well as expected.

There have been 187 bomb attacks this year. In just 1 week in August, there were three major bombings. Much of the violence is concentrated in Malmo which experienced 58 bombings in 2017.

Malmo has a sizable immigrant and Muslim population. And it’s a center of gang violence.

Swedish authorities and its media rarely discuss or name the perpetrators, but the latest shooting left Jaffar Ibrahim, a 15-year-old boy, dead. Jaffar was shot in a Malmo pizzeria and had been part of a family of Syrian refugees who migrated to Sweden in 2016. Services for him were held in a mosque.

The shooting attack was preceded by a car bombing which was used as a diversion.

The media cited as a precedent the shooting death of Ahmed Obaid, a 16-year-old, a few years ago. This isn’t unusual as 9 out of 10 shooters are foreign immigrants or the children of foreign immigrants.

But Muslim gang violence in Sweden isn’t just its problem anymore.

Bombings took off in Copenhagen with explosions outside a police station and a tax office over the summer. The targets were political and the bombs weren’t fireworks or hand grenades, but commercial explosives used for demolitions. The suspects turned out to be criminals who had entered from Sweden.

The violence was probably related to gang wars involving the Brothas, Loyal to Familia and other splinter gangs. Despite the gang names, the actual gang members have names like Osman and Omar.

While Muslim gangs operating out of Malmo appear to be pushing into Copenhagen, likely fronts and splinter groups of the Hells Angels, Muslim gangs out of Copenhagen, like the Black Cobras, are pushing into Malmo. To the Muslim gangs, Sweden and Denmark are just territories to seize and control.

That’s the same attitude that has brought Muslim gang members into ISIS.

Omar El-Hussein, a “Palestinian” Jordanian migrant criminal, who attempted to murder Mohammed cartoonist Lars Vilks before attacking a bar mitzvah at the Great Synagogue, had come through the ranks of the Brothas, building up a long criminal record, before finally joining ISIS.

After the attack, a journalist interviewed fellow Brothas gang members, Ahmed and Abdur Ramadan. “Those who depict our prophet, we’ll blow them up,” they declared.

The reference to bombings isn’t accidental.

Muslim gang leaders have reportedly taken the lead in joining ISIS. And their interest in explosives isn’t purely about gang violence. The bombing attacks on a police station and tax office weren’t gang rivalries. Despite the denials by the authorities, they have all the classic hallmarks of terrorism.

Denmark has reacted to the terror traffic from Sweden by imposing border controls on bridge crossings.

And while that might help slow the rate at which weapons flow into the country and bodies pile up, the real problem isn’t coming in from Sweden, but from Morocco, Turkey, Pakistan, Jordan, and Somalia.

Europe’s open infrastructure, its rejection of national and regional borders, has worsened the problem. From the mass flow of migrants from Muslim countries to the ease with which Muslim gang members move between European countries, the lack of border security has made the conquest of Europe easy.

The growing linkages between Muslim gangs across national borders is a warning of worse to come.

The main components of Islamic militias, like the ones that tore apart Syria and Libya, were gangs. Islamist forces like these are often made up of gangs with grandiose names. The Copenhagen gangs are still associated with international gangs and use their names, but eventually they will go Islamic.

And then it won’t be the Hells Angels anymore. It’ll be the Islamic State of something or other.

That’s a reality that Swedish authorities are deliberately ignoring.

A government site insists that immigrants are no more likely to be criminals than anyone else. "In a study from 2013, researchers at Stockholm University showed that the main difference in terms of criminal activity between immigrants and others in the population in Sweden was due to differences in the socioeconomic conditions in which they grew up," it argues.

As if Swedes, including the researchers of Stockholm University, are only refraining from picking up AK-47s and throwing hand grenades because of their socioeconomic conditions. The moment they lose their lucrative research grants, they too will be setting off bombs and fighting over the drug trade.

But nonsense like this sounds reassuring because it suggests that the solution to Islamic violence is social welfare. That’s a comforting message for socialists for whom social welfare is the answer to everything.

Social welfare has been tried. Muslim immigrants are so deep in the social welfare system that they often never leave it. The gang members and ISIS terrorists are the welfare system’s children.

While the same old lies keep being told, the bombs keep going off and the bullets keep flying.

Whether or not the Swedish authorities can successfully keep feeding their population the same lies about the magic of integration, Denmark and Norway don’t want Sweden’s problems coming home.

But while Sweden’s insistence that it is a “humanitarian superpower” because of the volume of migrants it has taken in has obviously worsened the problem, no European country is immune from the threat.

The gangs in Sweden and Denmark disregard national borders and governments. They’ve bombed police cars and police stations because they believe that they are the law. They don’t care which government is in power or what its policies might be. They are the only authorities in their particular no-go zones.

And while it’s fashionable to deny that no-go zones exist, the bombings amply testify otherwise.

While the debate goes on about the thin line between terrorism and gang violence, the authorities are deploying the familiar toolkit of counterterrorism measures, including eavesdropping, to fight the war.

And when bombs go off and AK-47 fire is heard in broad daylight, does it matter what kind of war it is?

Bernie Sanders would like us to be more like Sweden. That means a frightened citizenry, bullets and bombs going off in the streets, while our taxes go to fund social welfare programs for our killers.

America can’t be more like Sweden. Not even Sweden is going to be able to be like Sweden anymore.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Anonymous20/11/19

    As a backpacker in Sweden in 1975, I sat near a
    Stockholm fountain on a quiet Sunday. Writhing
    on a bench nearby a stoner was approached by the
    cops. My American instinct expected a rude
    arrest. But no, the cops spoke in calming
    tones and gently helped him up and toward help.
    He was grateful and I was amazed, impressed.
    How compassionate!

    Forty four years later, it’s the Swedes who
    are stoned with their fantasy mindset.
    Bearing down on them is a predatory hoard
    with honed fangs and claws. Such defenseless
    prey, such succulent and tender meat.

    Swedes expect to receive as they give. Such
    a reassuring meme. Europe will mutely watch
    the slaughter as they await their turn on
    the block. Baaaah…


  2. Anonymous20/11/19

    Sweden, the first Lebanon of Eurabia?

  3. Anonymous20/11/19

    “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, You are mad; you are not like us.”

    St. Anthony the Great, circa 250

  4. The 1400 year War of Islamic Manifest Destiny is a zero-sum conflict. The war won't end until the World is either 100% Islamic, or 0% Islamic; their rules, not ours.

    Therefore, by definition, Worldwide forced Islamic proscription is the only objective that ends the war and gives us victory. This isn't going to happen with words and diplomacy alone. Words didn't even work on our own people in the South. Ultimately, only violence and cruelty, and the fear of violence and cruelty could force the CSA to US will. This is how successful warfare has worked for millennia. Our grandfathers knew this, and successfully demonstrated for us how this all works. But we're woke, and morally and intellectually superior to them, as the Left firmly believes.

    Our hubris and virtue-signalling is a sure strategy to continue losing the war at rapid pace. The extermination of Western Civilization is the consequence of our inaction to identify our enemy and fight back.

    Our military can win any war in short order, as long as we have the national will, and our leadership unleashes them to fight and win, and stay out of their way while they're doing it.

    We will never win if we refuse to identify our enemy. Declaring a War on Terror is like declaring war on flanking and ambushes. Terror is not our enemy. Terror is a war tactic. Our enemy is the motivation for the terror. Our enemy is Islam and its 1.8 Billion adherents. That's the inconvenient truth, and the giant menacing gorilla in the room everyone is pretending to ignore.

    All Muslims are required to emulate Muhammad, the "Perfect Man." Allah commands all Muslims to pursue Worldwide conquest until every human on Earth submits, is enslaved, or is killed. This isn't a choice -- it's their duty to their deity. It's all clearly articulated in the Koran and Sunnah, sacrosanct in perfection, and eternally immutable. The Muslims down the street in your local mosques adhere to and worship the same Koran and Sunnah as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and co do.

    Islam is Islam. It's extreme. There is no less-extreme version of it.

  5. The Conservative Curmudgeon20/11/19

    To many of you the essence of Conservatism has become to "own the left" and in this attempt to own the left Conservatism has become a caricature of it's former self. But claiming to own the left is much easier than thinking which becomes obvious when no one wished to get involved in a discussion of facts. When you ignore or dismiss facts by calling the person a liberal or troll. When you rely on conspiracy theories to substantiate your beliefs and dismiss all else as "fake news" it may satisfy an immediate inner need but it displays a total lack of any serious intelligent thought. Being motivated by spite and retribution has never been the essence of Conservatism and wielding the middle finger has never constituted an intelligent conversation. That is the essence of TRUMPISM not Conservatism.

    I have never come across a conversation that couldn't be discussed in an exchange of ideas but your responses are drivel and aren't worth any intelligent response. It's time for you to avoid the shiny distractions that are irrelevant to solving our problems and grow up to facing reality. I'm in my 70's and you will soon be the ones running the country which I find frightening. Prove me wrong and lets actually exchange ideas instead of this adolescent echo chamber.

  6. Anonymous21/11/19

    Daniel Triplett, your statement of our world
    is like a cancer diagnosis. For you to live,
    every last cell must die. There are no “nice”
    cancer cells. They do what cancer cells do;
    just like Muslims.

    Curmudgeon, reaching age 70 clearly hasn’t
    bestowed wisdom, just a propensity for talking
    down. Very annoying and poor substitute for
    sound logic. Good Woody Allen impersonation,


  7. Why isn't Sweden's raging-teen-cum-eco-savior Greta Thunberg shouting "How dare you?" and "We are in the beginning of mass extinction" to the Islamist evildoers in her home country?

    A rhetorical question only, of course...

  8. Sweden has for years been the rape capital of Europe. Now it is the bomb capital of Europe. Malmo is the most anti-Semitic city in Europe. How can these W European countries disintegrate so quickly?

  9. Anonymous21/11/19

    Maybe Daniel could try harder and wright a coherent article next time instead of this incoherent mish mash.

  10. Anonymous, Maybe we might take you more seriously if you offered a real argument and if you had the courage to sign your name. Daniel's article is not incoherent mish mash. It is an accurate description of Sweden and Denmark today.

  11. Au contraire. An excellent review by Daniel. Over a decade ago I asked a Swedish friend how things were going with Sweden's immigration situation. This intelligent professional immediately called me a racist. If he had kept in touch I doubt he would be so quick to make a false accusation and am sure he might enter a dialogue.

  12. Charlie

    Much like WWII, we didn't need to kill all Japanese and Germans. We just had to kill enough to break their "will to fight," which, by definition, is victory in warfare. We stopped the killing the moment they surrendered. Strategic Area Bombing is an effective method to achieve this quickly, with zero Allied casualties. We wouldn't have won WWII if we hadn't.

    Neither did we try to separate all the "good" Japanese and Germans from the bad. As with Muslims, sorting them out is impossible. And bombs dropped from 25,000 feet don't discriminate. We held all Germans equally accountable -- not just the Nazis dropping cyanide into gas chambers.

    Daniel Triplett

  13. Anonymous23/11/19

    In WW2 not all Germans were Nazis because they didn't choose to subscribe to a fascist, antisemitic ideology. The same can't be said of Moslems.
    I'd like to see the Moslem world reduced to rubble because it's better than all of humanity being subjugated to its insane, fascist grip of evil.

  14. Daniel has done a another great article posting, updating the bigger, deeper picture of the growing hijra style war crimes of Malmo and all of Sweden and Scandinavia, variably, as they are being conquered-overrun with hijra!

    Daniel Triplett, gratified to see your astute and well-read remarks. You are clearly widely aware of reality connected with this civilizational war, between GOOD and evil. At the foundational level, that is all it is about. A totalitarian gang of unimaginably hateful, murderous, evil bandits, authorized, and commanded, by a fake god, to do all evil criminal behavior, and force the globe to their heel, as another type of globalist endeavor. They expect and enforce that everyone will join their evil bandits gang, at the danger, force, penalty of mutilation, vile torcher and death!

    Not one saving grace of love, kindness exists, within the koran, the meccan and medina koran, properly abrogated of the meccan verses in conflict with the medina portion, as commanded by the fake evil satanic “god”, and of course the “perfect man” mohammad, the two buddies.

    For multiple views, opinions of notables, excerpts of koran, try here: https://gatesofvienna.net/2019/11/book-reviews-the-koran/#comments


  15. Anonymous24/11/19

    Daniel Triplett,

    Both comments (to Daniel and to me) were great;
    I agree. “Will to fight” in Germany was crushed
    by devastation. For Japan, after two A-bombs,
    it STILL took public surrender by God-Emperor
    Hirohito to bring Military, Citizens, and
    Warrior Shinto to a halt. They had been as
    fanatical as Jihadis, but they did stop.

    Those were nation states. From your response to
    Daniel G., “The war won't end until the World is
    either 100% Islamic, or 0% Islamic; their rules,
    not ours.” I agree again. Supra-national Islam
    forbids change, commands world domination.

    Muslims are vectors of Islam. So, for the 0%
    Islamic ending, they all have to either die or
    apostatize... We live in interesting times.
    Appreciate your thoughtful, provocative ideas.


  16. Anonymous26/11/19

    There was an attempted coup by members of the Japanese army shortly before Hirohito's surrender speech was broadcast on the radio. At some point around the time of Hirohito recording/broadcasting his surrender speech Admiral Nagumo ordered an airstrike against US forces and personally boarded a plane for the futile effort.

  17. Anonymous1/12/19

    One correction. Hell's Angels are a Native biker gang, affiliated with global HA, and used to dominate the local underworld but are now fighting a losing rearguard action against the Muslim gangs, because even HA has moral limits. Ask me? Throw the army in behind the Native criminals. We'll deal with them later. Now, bigger issues need to be dealt with.

    Otherwise, good artikle?

  18. Anonymous1/12/19

    One correction. Hell's Angels are a Native biker gang, affiliated with global HA, and used to dominate the local underworld but are now fighting a losing rearguard action against the Muslim gangs, because even HA has moral limits. Ask me? Throw the army in behind the Native criminals. We'll deal with them later. Now, bigger issues need to be dealt with.

    Otherwise, good article.


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