Home immigration Islam Islamization In 5 States, 1 in 5 Prisoners are Muslims
Home immigration Islam Islamization In 5 States, 1 in 5 Prisoners are Muslims

In 5 States, 1 in 5 Prisoners are Muslims

At 1%, Muslims are still a small percentage of the population. But there’s one place in America where they are vastly over-represented.

State prisons.

Take Maryland, which has an estimated 70,000 Muslims, making up over 1% of the population. But of Maryland's 18,562 prisoners, 5,084 were Muslims.

That's 27.4% or over 1 in 4 prisoners.

It would also mean that 1 out of 13 Muslims in Maryland may have been in a state prison.

Those are startling numbers, yet they come from Muslim Advocates, an Islamist legal advocacy
group. Both MA’s numbers and the number of Muslims in different states may be miscounted, yet these figures raise serious questions about public safety and the toll that immigration is taking on our communities.

While Maryland’s numbers are some of the worst, MA lists similar figures for Washington D.C. where out of 5,219 prisoners, 1,232 were Muslims, so that once again 1 in 4 prisoners were Muslim.

D.C. does have one of the largest Muslim populations in the country, numbering between 2 and 3 percent. Even taking the highest estimate, 6.5% of the Muslim population in D.C. was in jail in 2017.

Muslims make up 1% of the population in Pennsylvania, but 1 in 5 of its prisoners.

Of the 48,438 prisoners in Pennsylvania, 10,264 were Muslim. That’s 8% of an estimated statewide Muslim population of 128,000, meaning that 1 in 12 Muslims in Pennsylvania were in prison in 2017.

In 5 states, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, Muslims make up 1 out of 4 or 1 out of 5 prisoners.

In another 4 states, Wisconsin, Missouri, Delaware, and Arkansas, they make up 1 in 10 prisoners.

That’s a total of 9 states in which Muslims make up between a quarter and a tenth of state prisoners.

The MA numbers are incomplete because the Islamist group only includes information from 35 states, but they do point to the scale of the problem of what Muslim Advocates call, “overrepresentation”.

Overrepresentation may be partially a product of the success of Islamic Dawah or missionary activity in prisons. Islamic prison Dawah has produced many converts and at least some terror plots. And it may serve to explain high Muslim prison numbers in some states, but not necessarily in others.

Delaware is a fairly small state with a population of under a million and a Muslim population of 10,000. Nevertheless, of its 5,235 prisoners, 516 were Muslims. That’s not only around 1 in 10 of the prison body, but also around 5% or 1 in 20 Muslims of the statewide Muslim population of the First State.

The Muslim settler population is usually at around 1% in the country and its varying states. But in only two states, South Dakota and Idaho, was the Muslim prison population at 1% or below.

The overall population, as MA noted in its partial numbers, was 84,882 or 8.9% of prisoners.

Combine all those Muslim prisoners into a city and you have a population larger than Youngstown.

The MA report also claims that 12% of federal prisoners are Muslims. (CAIR in the past had claimed that it was only 6%.) The current federal BOP population is 177,619. That would mean over 21,000 prisoners.

And over 105,000 Muslims are prisoners in state and federal prisons.

Using Pew’s growth estimate, which projects that the Muslim settler population will reach 8.1 million by 2050 (a severe underestimation of actual growth), that would mean a quarter million Muslim prisoners.

This is not just an abstract statistic. It’s a compilation of human misery, lives lost, futures taken, a litany of abuse, loss, assault, and the accompanying taxpayer expenditures on trials, prisons and free lawyers.

The current cost of incarcerating Muslim federal prisoners is taking $670 million a year from taxpayers.

By 2050, the cost could climb to over $1.5 billion.

In some states, inmate incarceration costs are much higher than they are in the federal system. In New York, inmate incarceration costs run to $69,355 per inmate. There were 7,838 Muslim prisoners in New York in 2018 at a cost that approaches $550 million. By 2050, New York would also be spending billions.

Maryland is already spending over $225 million on its Muslim prisoners. Michigan is spending an estimated $265 million. New Jersey is blowing through around $250 million on Muslim inmate costs.

Texas spends $191 million on its Muslim inmates. Wisconsin is on the hook for $113 million a year. North Carolina taxpayers face a $160 million Muslim inmate bill. Missouri taxpayers shell out some $70 million. In Illinois, it’s up to $180 million. Florida is blowing through $93 million. Georgia spends almost $30 million. And Connecticut is forced to spend over $100 million and Ohio spends $90 million.

Even tiny Delaware is stuck spending $20 million on its Muslim inmate population.

Pennsylvania taxpayers have the worst of it and are spending $438 million on Muslim prisoners.

These numbers however are based on average inmate costs. Muslim inmate costs may be higher due to their special needs and special circumstances.

Nidal Hassan, the Fort Hood Jihadist who murdered 13 Americans, ran up $548,000 in costs.

But even these extremely incomplete numbers suggest that the federal cost plus the cost in 15 states approaches $3.5 billion. Assuming average state costs across the total population would mean a $2.8 billion cost to the states. (Although this is an extremely inaccurate means of calculating these figures.)

But it does mean that by 2050, the nationwide bill for Muslim incarceration would approach $10 billion.

Estimating the projected increase of Muslim prisoner populations can be tricky, but the rise in Muslim crime documented by the MA report still appears to be disturbing.

In Colorado, the Muslim share of prisoners doubled between 2010 and 2018.

In Utah, the number of Muslim prisoners doubled, and in Georgia, they tripled between 2011 and 2018.

In Michigan, the number of Muslim inmates rose by almost 1,000 even as the general prison population fell by 4,000.

In Missouri, the number of Muslim prisoners increased by over 800, even as the general population only rose by 600.

D.C., Indiana, and Minnesota, saw share increases of between a quarter and a third. In Kansas, the Muslim prisoner share rose by a fifth.

Texas added over 1,500 Muslim inmates even as its overall number of prisoners fell by 10,000.

These are worrying numbers in an era where crime numbers and arrests have been declining. And they forecast the future of states which have consented to refugee resettlement without calculating the harm and expense that migration will inflict on their people, their children and their future.

In British prisons, the proportion of Muslim prisoners rose from 8% in 2002 to 16% in 2018.

As a report to the British parliament noted, aside from Muslims, "no other religion had a higher proportion of representation in prisons than among the general population."

We have begun seeing similar numbers in the United States.

As the debate over immigration continues, we must ask ourselves difficult questions about the price we are willing to pay to welcome in one particular group without caring about the cost to ourselves.

How many thousands of lives, how many billions of dollars, are we willing to pay?

And is diversity worth the price?

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. It's what happens when you invite in the religion of revenge.

  2. Another excellent article...no, diversity is NOT worth the price...
    Unfortunately, they will probably use these numbers to complain about how "Unfairly" they are treated, hence their vast numbers in prison.

  3. Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch® said:

    “The Qur’an depicts the Jews as inveterately evil and bent on destroying the well-being of the Muslims.

    They are the strongest of all people in enmity toward the Muslims (5:82); they fabricate things and falsely ascribe them to Allah (2:79; 3:75, 3:181); they claim that Allah’s power is limited (5:64); they love to listen to lies (5:41); they disobey Allah and never observe his commands (5:13). They are disputing and quarreling (2:247); hiding the truth and misleading people (3:78); staging rebellion against the prophets and rejecting their guidance (2:55); being hypocritical (2:14, 2:44); giving preference to their own interests over the teachings of Muhammad (2:87); wishing evil for people and trying to mislead them (2:109); feeling pain when others are happy or fortunate (3:120); being arrogant about their being Allah’s beloved people (5:18); devouring people’s wealth by subterfuge (4:161); slandering the true religion and being cursed by Allah (4:46); killing the prophets (2:61); being merciless and heartless (2:74); never keeping their promises or fulfilling their words (2:100); being unrestrained in committing sins (5:79); being cowardly (59:13-14); being miserly (4:53); being transformed into apes and pigs for breaking the Sabbath (2:63-65; 5:59-60; 7:166); and more.

    They are under Allah’s curse (9:30), and Muslims should wage war against them and subjugate them under Islamic hegemony (9:29).”

    SOURCE: Sharia Professor:
    “If you are a Muslim who believes in the Quran,
    you must believe that the Jews are your enemies”

    by Robert Spencer, 2019 August 4

  4. Small wonder with Islam as their life style ideology being in favor of: deceit, rape, theft & murder of nonbelievers. The question is why the west not only admits muslims but welcomes them in.

  5. Anonymous12/8/19

    Has anyone else heard the name 'feral humans'?

  6. DenisO12/8/19

    You know, of course, that these are American inner-city "Muslims", Obama's people, the kind that always populated our prisons, not the imported kind, but you must have found it convenient not to make that clear.

  7. Jailhouse conversions to the most violent religion available ==> tolerance run amok.

  8. Anonymous12/8/19

    Don’t we already require a sworn loyalty oath
    from naturalizing citizens? That should give
    a basis for deportation for Sharia adherence.

    Next, deport all non-natural born citizens, or
    other aliens who commit felonies. No bail,
    quick trial, and out forever.

    I doubt that the statistical case will work
    to exclude Muslims. Better to brand Islam as
    a major dangerous cultural aberration proven
    to be anathema to Western Civilization. No
    infected person may enter or remain here.


  9. More importantly is why most prison chaplains are Muslim enablers.

  10. Now let's get to the real demographic, of the Muslims how many are American born Afro?

  11. In the UK and other Western European countries the Muslim prisoner count becomes so high that it essentially becomes a recruiting ground for Islamic terrorists. There is no possibility of reeducating Muslims into a peaceful coexistence population as these are self-selected criminals that are easy for the mainstream Islamic teachers with in prisons to keep on the path of jihad. There is no possibility of compatibility between Islam and it's necessary violence and the tolerant West

  12. You might not remember this, but the 1993 Lucasville, Ohio prison riot, in which one guard and nine inmates were murdered, was in part instigated by Muslim inmates who objected to getting TB tests.

  13. Anonymous12/8/19

    Eventually as our justice system and law enforcement entities are sufficiently diversified by Moslems the incarceration rates of Moslems will finally be falling even as their population increases. The Zombie Muhammad incident will act as my exemplar as to why.

  14. The sooner the mon-Muslim world recognizes that Islam isn't a religion, but a criminal political movement masquerading as a religioin, then and only then will this be dealt with.

  15. How better to start a holy war but with an already disaffected population; conversion of the prisons to Islam.


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