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Shooting Down Gun Control Memes

“Guns are uniquely lethal.”

In 2016, a Muslim terrorist with a truck killed 86 people and wounded another 458.

Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, the Tunisian Muslim killer, had brought along a gun, but it proved largely ineffective. The deadliest weapon of the delivery driver was a truck. Mohammed, who was no genius, used it to kill more people than Stephen Paddock would with all his meticulous planning in Vegas.

Do we need truck control?

Deadlier than the truck is the jet plane. Nearly 3,000 people were killed on September 11 by terrorists with a plan and some box cutters. And then there are always the bombs.

The Boston Marathon bomber wounded 264, a suicide bomber at the Manchester Arena last year wounded 250 and the Oklahoma City Bombing (the only non-Islamic terror attack on the list) killed 168 and wounded 680.

Guns are not uniquely lethal. We live in a world filled with extremely lethal objects from chemical compounds to big trucks. We can license and regulate some things. But we can’t regulate everything.

“This is the only country where this happens.”

America is not the only country where rampage killers operate. South Korea’s rampage killer Woo Bum-kon murdered 56 people. Seung-Hui Cho, one of this country's worst rampage killers who murdered 32 people at Virginia Tech, was South Korean.

But the worst rampage killer in South Korea didn’t use a gun. He set a train on fire.

Kim Dae-han, a paralyzed middle aged man, started a subway fire that killed 192 people and wounded 150 others.

Guns aren’t uniquely lethal. Neither is America. Or South Korea. Or anywhere.

“A mass shooting happens in this country every few days.”

The myth conflates drug violence in Chicago, which is nearly constant, with rampage killers like Stephen Paddock or Adam Lanza, who are far rarer, and Islamic terrorists like Omar Mateen.

Mass shootings and rampage killers are not the same thing.

Do we really have a “mass shooting” every few days? Most gun violence in this country is really gang violence. The mass shooting trackers list gang violence incidents in urban areas. And gang violence doesn’t depend on guns. It sharply rose in the UK despite gun control.

And it’s the left that has crippled the laws meant to fight gangs and drug dealers. Obama initiated a drug dealer pardon amnesty even while calling for more gun control. But the only way to control gang violence is by cracking down on gangs, not on guns. The pro-crime left deems such measures a “school-to-prison pipeline” that’s little more than “modern slavery”.

And so the gang violence goes on.

Most gun violence takes place in Democrat territory. And it’s caused by leftist pro-crime policies.

By conflating an Adam Lanza with a gang member shooting up a street corner in Chicago, the media hides what is really going on. Rampage killers are rare. Gang violence is commonplace. By making rampage killers into the face of gun violence, the left gets to blame its own policies on the NRA.

“If only we had gun control.”

Gun control works as well as any prohibitionist policy. It works as long as you follow the law. If you don’t follow the law, then getting the prohibited item is a matter of money and connections.

And it’s those people who shouldn’t have guns that are most likely to be able to get them.

The left will lecture on the failure of drug prohibition, but is sure that gun prohibition would work. Why? Because they usually have some personal experience buying drugs, but little experience buying guns. And so they’re sure that a ban that they would ridicule in any other area will somehow work with guns.

There’s always some country that’s a shining example of how gun control works.

The Europeans, who are progressive, suave and sophisticated, have no doubt figured out gun prohibition, along with socialized medicine. But Muslim terrorists armed with assault rifles and grenades have repeatedly carried out attacks in Paris. French gun control was working wonderfully.

The Bataclan attackers and other members of their cell had no trouble getting their hands on Kalashnikovs either. The Charlie Hebdo attackers used an AK knockoff.

Muslim terrorists were able to repeatedly strike in France despite its gun control laws. And they used the weapons that the media refers to with ominous dread as “assault rifles”.

“We have so many weapons in Paris,” the spokesman for France's police union had complained.

The French authorities seize some 1,200 “assault rifles” every year. Meanwhile in the capital of the European Union, you can get a “military weapon” for $500 in half an hour.

Gun control works as well at keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists as enforcement does at keeping drugs out of the hands of criminals.

Legal firearms make it easier for people to defend themselves and for the authorities to track criminals. Criminalizing firearms just creates a massive black market in which anything goes.

The Charlie Hebdo terrorists brought a rocket-propelled grenade launcher to the party. That's what happens when you let the black market take over. You don't control guns. Instead you feed a black market and lose all control over the sorts of weapons being sold in your country.

After every attack, the clamor for “common sense” gun control begins by political hacks, talk show hosts and celebrities who don’t set foot outside their homes without an armed guard. None of these “common sense folks” seem to know the first thing about guns. And none of them care.

Gun control isn’t a policy. It’s a moral panic. Like prohibition, it’s a xenophobic reaction to a different culture that shares the same country with them. Guns have come to embody a rural conservative culture in the minds of urban leftists the way that alcohol once embodied foreign immigrants to prohibition activists and the way that drugs represented urban decadence to rural America.

It’s why the “common sense solution” talk quickly gives way to broad denunciations of a “national gun culture”, of “white privilege”, of rural folk “clinging to their bibles and guns”, of American militarism and toxic masculinity, and of all the things for which guns are merely a symbol to the leftists who hate them.

A cultural critique is very different than a common sense solution. It isn’t guns that the left wants to ban. It’s people. It was never really about banning guns. It was always about the culture war.


  1. Infidel20/2/18

    Excellent article. So many points that need comment ...

    The take down of leftist "common sense" is really good. Every time I see that I think of it as total stupidity by people lacking street sense.

    I don't know how to deal with all the exceptional cases (bad cases make bad law) but the main problem is inner city violence, best handled by depriving the weapons of their mobility (meaning the criminals can't take their weapons with them when they move about) by (1) more traffic stops in high crime areas (2) stop and frisk in high crime areas (3) police anti-gang units in high crime areas.

  2. Anonymous20/2/18

    Thanks for another great article! I particularly appreciated your observation that lefties have confidence in the State's ability to manage the prohibition of guns, but scoff at the idea of the prohibition of drugs because of their own life experiences. As you write, "they usually have some experience buying drugs, but little experience buying guns." Such a simple and obvious explanation, but one that never occured to me. Now I can quit scratching my head over the question of how lefties can actually believe in their absurd gun abolitionist fantasies.

  3. Look up “toxic masculinity,” lest ye be too willing to believe it or nod when you hear hysterical people railing about it (your way of politely acknowledging they may have a point, which merely feeds the beast).

    If you’re a normal American male over 30, your idea of what it means to be a man is likely going to be labeled toxic. And misogynistic by association.

    The Left controls language, and we conservatives had better wake up and question some it... because our kids are buying it hook, line and sinker.

  4. Anonymous20/2/18

    The country that's a shining example of how well gun control works is Israel. What's wrong with having strict rules in order to get your gun? Medical and police evaluations, required gun training, having to state an actual reason why you need/want the gun, limit to one gun and limits on bullets. Israel rejects the majority of applicants. This is what they do in Israel and they have virtually no mass shootings. And yea maybe there's not a mass shooting everyday. But one is too many. Why does this need to be so politicized? but speaking of political all lobbying should be illegal. NRA, big sugar, pharma enough already. All politicians left and right are impotent.

  5. Stop digging that hole Daniel, you're starting to sound like a guy who is in a constant state of denial loop, lather, rinse, repeat ad naseum, comparing non gun related Islamic terror attacks and Korean arson attacks is disingenuous to all the dead from America's chronic mass shooting and gun violence problem.

    No shit Sherlock people with Terrorist links can get their hands on powerful weaponry?, Islamic terror is a threat to the whole world, be it Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia, if you remove the Islamic threat from the equation, the vast majority of citizens across the world can send their kids to school safe in the knowledge they will be back home for dinner unlike American parents, who have to be at the very least more than a little apprehensive when they see their loved ones out the door for the school bus that maybe just maybe their school might be next?, or go to the workplace and not be worried about some disgruntled ex employee acting out his revenge, or going to watch a Batman movie, or church service, or music festival, or having you and your extended family wiped out by your angry ex husband etc etc etc!.

    Oh and of course Chicago had to get the token mention, yeah thats right the Chicago criminal gangs just handed in their vast weapon arsenals when the stricter gun laws came in?, they were armed to teeth anyway, criminals will of course always get guns, but America has probably the most heavily armed criminals in the entire civilised world, so of course most of the gun violence is going to be crime and drug related, but that doesn't hide the fact that America is the mass shooting capital of the world by "STRATOSPHERIC" proportions, outside of war zones, America has more mass shootings than the rest of the world combined!.

    And whats this Daniel that most mass shootings happen in gun free zones or democrat dominated states?, Newtown, San Bernardino, Orlando, Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs and Parkland have all surpassed Columbine's body count, San Bernadino in California been the only one that could justify that claim, the rest happened in states where gun laws are fairly or in Nevada's case extremely lax.

    Well of course there is always the archaic 2nd amendment to call upon, you know that precious freedom Americans are always banging on about you, well as far as I'm concerned when the likes of Ben Shapiro among others are calling for all American schools to have numerous armed guards and prison like lockdown facilities to protect your children in a place of learning, that to me flies in the face of any so called freedom your precious guns supposedly affords you when you're contemplating sending your kids to prisons to get educated?.

  6. Nick Cruz had autism. Also misaligned eyes. The new book by Forrest Maready, Crooked, explains how vaccine damage can cause misaligned eyes and a crooked smile. He was a walking red flag. Twenty calls to the police about him in the last year and a half. Two calls to the FBI, one in November and one on January 5, specifically saying that he had said he was going to shoot up a school. And the FBI did nothing. I told a friend and also commented at The Age of Autism that if there had been an armed guard, then they could have killed the kid when he started his rampage. Since Adam Lanza, all the schools here have an Intercom system to get in. I thought it was universal now, but my daughter's speech therapist (she has autism from vaccine damage) says that our town is unusual in having the Intercom system. Why is that? An Intercom system couldn't possibly cost as much as everything schools routinely pay for. Armed guards, of course, would cost more, but should be put in place in the most hazardous schools.

    I said all Jewish schools in France have armed guards, because of all the violence against Jews, students and teachers alike. Very few Jewish students still in the public schools in France for that reason.

    Absolutely. Prohibiting guns for everyone is stupid. Every one of the massacres we've seen in the last few years could have been stopped if someone in the group had had a gun. I agree that there should be background checks and age restrictions: a mentally-ill 19 year old should not have had a gun. But sane adults should have that right.

    My father never left the house without a pistol in his pocket. He was an expert marksman. He never used the gun for anything but target practice, but he was prepared. And he would have intervened to save innocent lives.

  7. I asked Liberals why cars aren't banned as they kill way more people than guns. Why isn't alcohol banned. It kills way more people than guns. I'll tell you why...because Liberals drink and they drive. They want you to do what they tell you but they don't have to do or give up anything. Not one of them ever answers me. The ban on illegal drugs did wonders. It's worse than ever now. A friend of mine told me in downtown Cincinnati while waiting for someone outside the Jack Casino, she was approached three times in 30 minutes to buy drugs. The main police station is a block away, within sight. Bans don't work.

  8. Doctor Weasel21/2/18

    Hey Anonymous, in Israel, there are reservists all over the place (since most folks are liable for some kind of reserve service) and many of them are armed, including at the beach. Thus, military rifles are commonplace all around, maybe more common than in the US. Anyway, Israel has mass shootings (and other mass murderous attacks) also, but they are carried out by Palestinians, so they don't count in your world.

    A few facts for you: NRA money spent lobbying is tiny compared to unions, banks, financials, and many industries. Most gun deaths in the US fall into two categories: suicides and gang violence. So what's your solution to the real problem?

  9. Anonymous21/2/18

    Good article. Hey pro gun control folks - we've already had this conversation. The answer was and still is "NO." You cannot have my guns. Ever. The ball is in your court. Who will you send to take them?

  10. I was just banned for 24 hours from FB for posting a meme showing the history of those who banned guns, all fascist dictators like Hitler and Mao. This is scary, outrageous and totally ridiculous, and there is nowhere to effectually protest these bans. Now, FB is scrutinizing my news page and scrubbing it of all it deems "offensive," which means any and all posts that do not comply with its fascist agenda. It conveniently labels them as "spam." I am thoroughly appalled, more so at the fact that, somewhere, some hairy, leftist totalitarian wannabe is gleefully sitting in a basement somewhere, with greedy bug eyes aglow, rubbing their claws together and pushing away at the button that gives them so much power. Many of us are now using Gab, which has NO censorship.

  11. The entire discussion on gun control or abolishing the 2nd is senseless as there are at least 60.000.000 guns around in the US so prevention of attacks by armed guard(s) at schools and metal detectors should be more effective in limiting the amount of possible attacks and victims.

  12. I've been censored.

  13. Most of the gun violence in the U.S. is a tragedy of fatherless boys. Nicholas Cruz is just one of them. He lost both parents...and he was in that Broward County School System where the failures are hidden in "alternative" classes and schools. It's a common diversion/lie and I saw it for myself in Charlottesville. (Gosh, I don't even have to put "Virginia" on that anymore). Boys were promoted for "social" reasons until high school, at which point the smart kids had their own virtual private school within the public school system. Different buses, lunch hours, etc. One of the vice-principals even admitted to me it was a scam.

    Don't know how we'll ever get our fathers back if women aren't willing to demand commitment. If we're going to pull one loose thread from this tangle, it has to begin with women.

    I can hear them screaming now...

  14. Your commentary is accurate, logical and rational.....and totally wasted. Because the vast majority of "gun grabbers" are brain dead leftist sycoohants. They are totally immune to logic, reason and facts. They emote their way through life feeling whatever the media whores wht them to feel. The leaders of the "gun grabbers" fully understand your statements. They know full well ALL of the facts and how the real world functions. Problem is.....THEY DON'T CARE. This group lusts for power. They are ADDICTED to it. And you cannot have power over people who own arms and can resist you. Therefore this group MUST disarm us by any method possible. Thus they KNOW "gun control" won't prevent crime but crime prevention is not their goal. Ruling g with impunity is their goal and ANY LIE.....ANY ACTION....ANY TREASON is acceptable if it gives them access to what they seek...which is TOTAL CONTROL.

  15. Anonymous22/2/18

    Doesn't France have strict gun control? Funny how it didn't seem to help the people at Charlie Hebdo or the Bataclan theater -- except to keep them unarmed in the face of Moslem terrorism.

  16. Ernest Howard23/2/18

    People with guns do not get herded into extermination camps.

  17. Anonymous28/2/18

    The American Left is to blame for all of the school shootings of the last nineteen years. The refusal of the Left to arm qualified school employees, the creation of "Gun Free" school slaughter zones and now, the DOJ program dubbed "The Promise Program" by Broward County officials that made juvenile criminals like Cruz "unreportable" in exchange for Federal grant money. My right to keep and bear arms comes from God not the state.


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