Home Muslims Were America's Top Mass Shooters in Last 2 Out of 3 Years
Home Muslims Were America's Top Mass Shooters in Last 2 Out of 3 Years

Muslims Were America's Top Mass Shooters in Last 2 Out of 3 Years

Turn on CNN and you get the impression that mass shootings are mainly carried out by mentally unstable teenagers with assault rifles in high schools. But the data points to a very different picture.

In the last 5 years, five major mass shootings were carried out using AR-15 or similar rifles.

The perpetrators of the Parkland school massacre, the Las Vegas massacre and the Texas First Baptist Church massacre were Americans. Muslim terrorists however were responsible for the mass shootings at the Pulse nightclub and in San Bernardino. While the Vegas shooter was responsible for the deadliest attack last year, the deadliest attacks of 2015 and 2016 were both carried out by Muslim terrorists.

Two of the last three years were dominated by mass shootings carried out by Muslim terrorists.

In the last decade, there were only 10 major mass shootings where the death toll went into the double digits. Three of those were carried out by Muslim terrorists. That’s all the more remarkable since Muslims make up less than 1% of the United States population, but account for 33% of major mass shootings. Proportional to their representation in the population, Muslims are responsible for far more mass shootings than Americans.

The trend is worrisome. Since 2015, not a single year has passed without a Muslim mass shooting. While 2017’s Muslim mass shooter Kori Ali Muhammad only managed to kill three people in Fresno, his expressions of racial and religious hatred make it clear that we are dealing with a hateful pattern.

Muhammad had sought to kill "as many white males as possible". He shouted, “Allahu Akbar” when captured by the police. While the media has emphasized Dylann Storm Roof’s racist attack on a black church in Charleston, he was only 1 of 3 racially motivated mass shooters in the past 5 years, 2 were African-Americans, Muhammad and Micah Xavier Johnson, the Black Lives Matter protester who murdered 5 Dallas police officers. Johnson’s massacre of police officers and September 11 were the deadliest attacks on American police officers in this century. Both were carried out by Muslim attackers.

Johnson and Muhammad allegedly both had Nation of Islam ties. As did Gavin Long, who shot six police officers (three fatally), in a spree of racist violence. The funeral of Lovelle Mixon, who murdered 4 police officers in Oakland, included a minister from the Nation of Islam. A hate group championed by Obama’s church, by the Congressional Black Caucus and by a top figure in the Democratic National Committee.

The Nation of Islam is the racist hate group whose leader had met with Obama. Rep. Keith Ellison, No. 2 at the DNC, was a longtime member and it was recently revealed that he had also met with its leader.

It is deeply disturbing to learn that two-thirds of the racist mass shootings in the past 5 years were carried out by murderers with ties to a racist hate group that had connections inside the White House, whose leader had met with members of the Congressional Black Caucus and whose man has the second top job at the DNC. When asked about his Farrakhan connections, Rep. Ellison attempted to deflect by urging the media to look at white nationalist gun violence. But black nationalist gun violence is just as important. And it is rarely discussed because its existence taints top Democrats like Obama and Ellison.

John Allen Muhammad, also known as the Beltway Sniper, was also a member of the Nation of Islam. The racist terrorist and his accomplice murdered 17 people. The NOI has less than 50,000 members and yet it has managed to account for a disproportionate number of mass murderers in this century alone.

Can gun control stop Muslim mass shootings? Gun control advocates urge us to be more like Europe.

The Muslim terrorists who attacked the offices of Charlie Hebdo came packing assault rifles, submachine guns and a grenade launcher. The Bataclan terrorists had assault rifles and hand grenades. The total death toll from that wave of attacks stands at 130. Last year, a Muslim terrorist opened fire on police officers on the Champs Elysees with an AK-47 rifle. Gun control doesn’t stop Muslim terrorists.

Gun control doesn’t stop terrorists, but immigration laws do. They can’t kill us, if they can’t come here.

Even as lefties demand the suspension of the Second Amendment, they vehemently oppose common sense Muslim migration reform. Even as cable news filled with vocal demands for gun bans, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals announced that President Trump wasn’t allowed to protect our children from Muslim migrant terror. The decision was met with unanimous cheers by the media.

But despite the claims by various lefty activist judges there is nothing in the Constitution mandating that Muslim terrorists be allowed to enter the United States. There is however an explicit right to bear arms.

An op-ed in the Washington Post declares that, “The Second Amendment is being turned into a suicide pact.” But it’s open borders migration from terror states that is turning immigration into a suicide pact.

Mass shootings remain a small fraction of the shootings that take place every year. Most fatal shootings are still suicides. Mass shootings, especially those carried out with rifles, are a fraction of a fraction. But Muslim mass shootings represent a growing percentage of that fraction. If the media is truly concerned about mass shootings, it must discuss the role that Muslim terrorists play in these mass shootings.

And if not, there’s no reason to take the fake concern of fake news about mass shootings seriously.

Likewise, if the media is serious about racist violence, it needs to take the Nation of Islam seriously. Its literature and paraphernalia should receive the same treatment that the Dukes of Hazzard got after the Charleston church shootings. And when that doesn’t happen, the media’s hypocrisy must be challenged.

The media wants to talk about mass shootings as if they are the work of inanimate objects. It doesn’t want to talk about motive, whether it’s mental illness, Islamic beliefs or black nationalist racism. But inanimate objects don’t kill people. Media propaganda blames the NRA and gun owners for shootings carried out by the mentally ill, and by the Muslim terrorists and the black racists who are their allies.

After Omar Mateen murdered 49 people in the Pulse nightclub massacre, Obama blamed the Muslim terrorist’s gun. He demanded that Congress “end the plague of violence that these weapons of war inflict on so many young lives”. He pontificated that “those who defend the easy accessibility of assault weapons should meet these families and explain why that makes sense.”

But inanimate objects don’t “inflict” anything. And it was up to him to explain why he believed that Muslim migrants, like Omar’s immigrant Afghan parents, should have easy access to America.

Hillary Clinton had also denounced the “weapon of war”. Then Omar’s father showed up at her rally.

The media wants us to talk about guns instead of people. It’s time to stop talking about triggers and start talking about the killers who pull them. That’s not the conversation that Obama and Hillary, that CNN and the rest of the media want us to have. But the numbers show it’s the one we need to have.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. Criminals have no problem acquiring guns of any caliber to commit their crimes with even in societies like the one I live in with the strictest of gun laws, forbidding even BB guns to be carried in the public sphere. I used to be member of a gun club when young and owned a number of handguns, the ownership of a Derringer .38 which I kept loaded for selfdefense at home almost resulted in a fatality when on cleaning my cupboard the gun fell on the floor on it's hammer, discharged and luckily did not wound or kill the maid. This accident did result in me abolishing guns. As citizen in ever more uncivil society one feels "naked"in case of intimidation or harassment by young, tall strong punks, the Colt 45 was not called "equaliser" for naught. On the other hand, hot tempered people can not in a flash of anger, road rage, or sensitive shoulder chip or such do more than vent this anger by beating the subject up while if they could carry a gun they might in an uncontrollable moment do something they would honestly regret afterwards. The US should raise the age of both being allowed to buy a gun and to vote till 21, when the peak of easy anger starts to wear off and limit the allowed type of guns to be purchased to handguns till the age of 23. Such an addition to the 2nd might be nothing but cosmetic but also shows some goodwill from the fierce defenders of the right to bear arms.

  2. Anonymous28/2/18

    Regarding immigration, it appears to me that there definitely is a globalist conspiracy for a border-less world. I think George Soros is the front-man of those financial elites who deem it appropriate to have totalitarian control over people's lives regardless of where they live. The nation-state is obsolete as far as they are concerned and Donald Trump wasn't meant to be elected. As the Chinese understatement goes "may you live in interesting times" has become the curse for freedom loving Westerners everywhere. The attached is about Ireland:

  3. FOX and Trump are pushing the same confiscation

  4. and the police state is hiding the truth on Vegas...
    Greenfield - refuses to tell the entire story

  5. There is no easy answer to trust, to responsibility, to honor and competence, to virtue. Many youth of less than 18 or 21 are able to safely handle weapons, including firearms. Particularly in rural style areas. Anyone here know many aged are not, and never will be honorable, nor trustworthy, and haven’t a responsible bone of intelligent sense in there body. Even though the majority of which may be competent in some talent, and not frankly mentally defective.

    Neurons are claimed to not finish networking, until around age 25, and they are filled, someday, with luck, with whatever careless or careful programming the lottery of birth and life permit. The new term of justifiable sarcasm is “manolescense”, which may extend nowadays, with the astounding failure of Frankfurt style defective teachers through to post doc work in all humanities, at least, until way into the 40s and later. Who can dare speak of anger control, at some magical youthful age?

    The danger is again growing, always, with the gang threat of islam growing. Military grade munitions and weapons are being smuggled in our boarders, especially to the south. Things, attacks, and dangers will grow. And the schools damn well better harden and the leftist democrats better grow up, along with all others. Or many more will pay, before they grow up.

    Making as so very many do, careless remarks about this or that magical age being a special time for this nonsense idea or that one, is the height of irresponsibility. If youth of even less than 18 can become police or veterans, then one cannot, must not, dare not, dismiss so blithely firearm or weapons possession. Nor can one do so in rural areas, where very real danger from predators, and evil doing peoples, who must vitally be defended against. This is real life, not some game show, not some evil video game. Real life surrounded by an evil brutal and very real world of hurt for America, and her American citizens.

    Nor can one dismiss the simple minded deceivers, just those residing in America, who imagine such tyranny cannot happen here, meaning in America. IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING, we are in, and have been in for 60 years, terrible peril. A partial coup attempt IN EFFECT HAS JUST OCCURRED, IT IS TECHNICALLY NOT YET PUT DOWN, EITHER, at the top levels, throughout the hussein regime. Soros, and associates, is part of the “resist” subversive coup abettors, don’t forget, and around the world as well. Hungary, and others well know these facts. That is why so many of us called hussein’s a “regime”, since he was our first actual enemy potus, not an administration. Hrc was gleefully, deeply involved as much as was especially hussein himself, and of course the complicit DNC, along with his many criminal henchmen, distributed especially in DOJ, and FBI, it is said, in the C class levels. We all know the many criminal acts, committed by the democrats, recent times.

    All of islam teaches all of their gang members to hate-kill everyone on earth, even each other as is pitted sunni to the death against the shia who is likewise brainwashed from babyhood, and to hate all others, each and every one of all of you and we. Venezuela, with the socialist bus driver, (just as with the communist poet, painter, and writer-philosophers), hates us, because as always, socialism and communism will always fail, and blame everyone and everything else, as must all governance that is not self-governance that avoids being a pure democracy, gang style, wherein the gang majority rules. The REPULIC form of governance of minimal interference with the individual, and minimal governance, is the only one that can win, ever, IN THE LONG TERM, UNDER GOD, and we all, everyone, must “TAKE FIRM HOLD OF INSTRUCTION, DO NOT LET GO; KEEP HER, FOR SHE IS YOUR LIFE.” ~ Proverbs 4:13 This prophetically applies to the REPUBLIC form of Democracy, just as well, as learning.

    Donald J. Trump, has demonstrated in his first year, heroically, wisely, and cannily, that he knows this previously stated axiom of America’s founders, the REPUBLIC if you can keep her.

  6. Anonymous28/2/18

    Guns cause violence like pencils cause misspellings.

    King Western Man

  7. Anonymous1/3/18

    More people were killed on 9-11 by Moslems than any other attack on US soil (incl. Pearl Harbor AND the Japanese invasion of the island of Attu)

  8. There is strong statistical positive correlation between faith (secular or religious) and force-initiation. Rand explained this in her ground-breaking article, "Faith and force: destroyers of the modern world".

    Judaism has a ratio of humanism to faith, which explains why there are so many secular Jews. Unfortunately, many have thrown out the good with the bad; they associate the humanistic elements with the faith elements, and reject both, in a form of nihilism. Their humanism tends to be narrowly oriented toward career and not a classical liberal education.

    Islam has a high ratio of faith and virtually no humanism. Which explains why Islam is an ideological justification for terrorism and other force-initiation.

  9. Anonymous2/3/18

    There is a strong statistical correlation between atheism and force initiation. The atheist communists Chairman Mao, Uncle Joe Stalin and Pol Pot collectively slaughtered many more people than the Nazis.

  10. Yes; secular faith is in the same category as religious faith. Atheism is a form of nihilism and is not to be confused with the positive values of humanism.


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