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What We Get For the Hundreds of Millions We Give To Terrorists

“We pay the Palestinians HUNDRED OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year and get no appreciation or respect,” President Trump tweeted. “With the Palestinians no longer willing to talk peace, why should we make any of these massive future payments to them?”

The President of the United States has a very good point. But it’s not as if the Islamic terrorists in the West Bank and Gazan territories of Israel have ever been willing to do more than occasionally talk peace before getting bored and stomping away from the table. And then stabbing a few children to death.

The United States has paid the PLO’s Palestinian Authority billions to occasionally pretend to talk about peace. There isn’t a dollar amount high enough to get the terrorists to actually agree to peace.

We know two things about the terrorist leader who will succeed Arafat and Abbas. His name will start with an ‘A’ and like Arafat and Abbas, he’ll wait around for the perfect moment in a peace negotiation with a lefty president before, as Arafat did to Clinton and Abbas did to Obama, breaking it all up.

And that’s one of the priceless things that the fake terror statelet of the Palestinian Authority gives us for our hundreds of millions of dollars. Every decade its leader will lead on a lefty and then leave him at the altar. It may cost us another few billion, but somewhere around 2026, President Cory Booker will be certain that he’s finally solved the Palestinian problem only to sit there confused with egg on his face.

Is that worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year? Maybe not. But it’s also a good lesson to lefties that they don’t understand the Muslim world and that no matter how hard they try, they never will.

But that’s not all that we get for our money.

The peace process with the PLO was the original test case for the Arab Spring and the Iran Deal. All three were founded on the same stupid belief that if you give the terrorists almost everything they want, they won’t kill you. Every year that passes shows that no matter what you give them, the terrorists will kill you. Bribing killers doesn’t work. Meeting their demands is impossible because there are always more.

If we had paid more attention to Arafat’s lying smirk, maybe we wouldn’t have fallen for the Arab Spring or the Iran Deal. And that’s another thing that the terrorists give us in exchange for all our hundreds of millions of dollars a year. The Palestinian Authority is a living museum of terrorist treachery. Its peace negotiations are an ongoing demonstration of the folly of appeasing terrorists.

Most small children learn not to put their hands on a hot stove at a very young age. Unfortunately none of them become politicians. And so every time a new president starts thinking about appeasing Islamic terrorists by letting them take over Egypt or develop nuclear weapons, he can test his terrorist appeasement theories in the confines of the smaller sandbox of the West Bank and Gaza.

Decades of testing have thus far produced no peace and no smarter politicians. After a few hundred years of peace negotiations, there still won’t be any peace. But maybe there will be smarter politicians.

Of the two impossible things in this scenario, smarter politicians are more plausible than nicer terrorists.

If we can just keep the peace process going for another few centuries, maybe our distant descendants will finally figure out that appeasing terrorists really doesn’t work. Not even if you offer them parts of Jerusalem, freeze settlements and agree to build a giant statue of Mohammed’s flying demon horse.

But that’s not all that we get from the hundreds of millions of dollars that we lavish on terrorist welfare.

Consider the arts.

The PLO’s takeover of the territories in ’67 Israel unleashed an unprecedented burst of artistic creativity. There’s hardly a gray concrete wall anywhere in Ramallah that isn’t decorated with murals of a smiling Arafat beaming down on the wretched suckers he spent his life ripping off. And then there are the posters of the suicide bombers, the ritual burnings of American flags and the Jihadist poetry readings.

“Our blood is food for the revolution/Yasser Arafat, for you we shall die” and “Sons of Zion, most evil among creation/barbaric apes and wretched ‎pigs” are examples of the arts that we subsidize. And while those poems may sound pretty horrible, they’re still better than what we get for our money at the NEA.

And then there’s the pioneering technological research being carried out by top PLO scientists.

Before the Car Jihad could be efficiently deployed on the streets of New York, Nice, Barcelona and London, it was field tested by expert Palestinian researchers in Jerusalem. Suicide bombings, airline hijackings and many of the other tools of the modern Islamic terrorist were refined in the PLO lab.

The hundreds of millions of dollars we spend each year funding the PLO is an investment in new terror tools and techniques. The terrorists of tomorrow are counting on us to fund their research. And every dollar we give the Palestinian Authority is an investment in helping the terrorists kill us in new and interesting ways. The possibilities are as horrifying as they are endless.

Back in ’04, a member of the PLO’s Fatah faction tried to build an AIDS bomb.

Rami Abdullah, an engineering student, wanted to blow himself up while carrying blood from a donor infected with AIDS. "After a period, it will kill a lot of people," he explained.

Abdullah has already promised that if he gets out, he’ll try to live the dream of building an AIDS bomb.

An AIDS bomb plot by Tanzim, the most violent terror arm of the Palestinian Authority, was planned over Passover back then. But the lab Jihadis never figured out how to make it work. One day though, if we keep funding them, they might figure it out. And then we too can enjoy AIDS bombs in our cities.

And isn’t that worth a mere few hundred million dollars a year?

We could stop funding terrorists. Also we could stop smoking, running full tilt into glass doors and finally pull off that New Year’s resolution to stop drinking antifreeze. Those would all be good ideas. And they would make us safer and happier. So you can expect Washington D.C. to reject them out of hand.

The experts are convinced that if we don’t fund the terrorists, they’ll behave even worse. So far we haven’t actually tested this theory. No one wants to find out what they can come up with that’s worse than an AIDS bomb.

But if anyone in Washington D.C. can stop doing that stupid thing all the experts insist we need to do, it’s President Trump. And so just maybe this can be the year we stop running into glass doors, drinking antifreeze and funding terrorists. We may lose out on some Arafat murals and AIDS bombs, but the Americans who are regularly killed every year by Palestinian Islamic terrorists will thank him for it.

And if not, we can always look forward to President Elizabeth Warren being humiliated by President Ahmed of the PLO as he walks away from the table despite being offered 99% of Israel and Netanyahu’s first-born son. And then unleashes toddler stone throwers and AIDS suicide bombers across Jerusalem.

Because that’s what we get for our hundreds of millions of dollars. That’s all we’ll ever get from the PLO.


  1. Infidel8/1/18

    Similar to the Danegeld paid to Viking raiders, and the gold paid by Rome to Attila the Hun. And countless similar cases.

  2. One cannot blame American politicians only, even though they forced Shamir to Madrid, Israel's very own war hero Rabin was the one who said: "no more blood" "no more killing"and thought that by admitting the first "A" scumbag leader into Israel's heartland, which his meticulous military planning in '67 had brought back home, he would genuinely get peace. This miscalculation regrettably is a common thing in the elder, on ageing they milden and want their grandchildren to grow up in peace getting blind to the harsh reality. Perez did the same, but one can not be sure this trait is limited to lefty politicians therefore Israel should take care not to keep Bibi in office till he starts to ever do the same, causing additional irreparable harm to the Jewish state.

  3. Excellent article. Loved the line about the NEA. The truth you write about is being suppressed...just as sure (and I've seen this happen) as going to the junkyard and finding a tin can and an old choker cable, tying them together and calling them Globe and Cable and then selling them to the museum as art...just as sure as this is the basis for NEA grants. We for sure need to cut off Palestine just as we need to eliminate the NEA. It's all mindless waste.

  4. Anonymous8/1/18

    President Corey Booker?

    God help us...

  5. The next leftist President will destroy America. Taxpayer subsidized "cheap labor" and the social costs of same are currently destroying America. Destroy the Deep State.

  6. Anonymous8/1/18

    Sultan Knish for cabinet level position in Trump Administration.
    God bless you and increase your territory.

  7. call them what they are...




  9. Obama understands Palestinian terrorists better than most leftists because, after all, he’s on their side.

  10. The Arab League sought to eradicate the newborn Israel in 1948 and only after 70 years its beginning to dawn upon them that mindless support for their disgusting 'brothers' in Palestine has cost them not just funds but also has bought about serious damage to Arab societies everywhere.
    By the way, the Israeli leftists are no better than those of the EU and the US. Hope is not a policy.

  11. Anonymous9/1/18

    At least Al 'Scarface' Capone only bombed and machine gunned your bar when you did not make your insurance payments on time. Trump GETS it, but you can bet Cory Booker or Oprah never will, lets just hope they never get the chance...another GREAT piece by Daniel, Shared!

  12. Sammish9/1/18

    The Palestinians (elites and foot soldiers who spur hatred and incitement toward violence and murder) have always thought that peace means loosing everything (face, pride, bravado and money, money, money in Swiss banks, grand villas and mansions in the territories and travel lavish lifestyles). Why would anyone with his/her right mind presume that they would negociate towards a two state solution. They do not want that, they want everything in delivered to them: money, land and therefore ultimate submission.

    I'll be damned if I let my fate in the hands of these cretins' preconceived and misconstrued notion of myself and the Jewish state. If they want everything, it is time that they taste the taste of Nothing: Nada, Rien, Shumdavar, Oualou.

  13. Anonymous11/1/18

    Why does the free world fund any Moslem states? Under "moderate" Mubarak's regime a Coptic Christian man was arrested and imprisoned for blogging in support of Israel.


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