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After President Trump rejected the Paris Climate treaty, which had never been ratified by the Senate, the European Union announced that it would work with a climate confederacy of secessionist states. Scotland and Norway’s environmental ministers have mentioned a focus on individual American states. And the secessionist governments of California, New York and Washington have announced that they will unilaterally and illegally enter into a foreign treaty rejected by the President of the United States.

The Constitution is very clear about this. “No state shall enter into any treaty.” Governor Cuomo of New York has been equally clear. “New York State is committed to meeting the standards set forth in the Paris Accord regardless of Washington's irresponsible actions.”

Cuomo's statement conveniently comes in French, Chinese and Russian translations.

“It is a little bold to talk about the China-California partnership as though we were a separate nation, but we are a separate nation,” Governor Brown of California announced.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, the radical leftist described California as “a real nation-state”.

Brown was taking a swing through China to reassure the Communist dictatorship of California’s loyalty to an illegal treaty at the same time as EU boss Juncker was bashing America and kissing up to Premier Li Keqiang at the EU-China summit. It’s one thing when the EU and China form a united front against America. It’s quite another when California and China form a united front against America.

The Climate Alliance of California, New York, Washington, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii, Virginia and Rhode Island looks a lot like the Confederacy’s Montgomery Convention. Both serve as meeting points for a secessionist alliance of states to air their grievances against the Federal government over an issue in which they are out of step with the nation.

"We’re a powerful state government. We have nine other states that agree with us," Brown boasted.

Two more and Jim Jones' old pal could have his own confederacy.

All the bragging and boasting about how much wealth and power the secessionist states of the climate confederacy represent sounds very familiar. But that wealth and power is based around small enclaves, the Bay Area and a few dozen blocks in Manhattan, which wield disproportionate influence.

Like the slaveowner class, leftist elites are letting the arrogance of their wealth lead them into treason. And as they look out from their mansions and skyscrapers, they should remember that the majority of working class people in California and New York will be far less enthusiastic about fighting a war to protect their dirty investments in solar energy plants and carbon credits funded by taxes seized from many of those same people in these left-wing slave states.

The declared intention of the Climate Alliance, in words appearing on the New York State government website, is to treasonously “convene U.S. states committed to upholding the Paris Climate Agreement”.

States cannot and are not allowed to unilaterally choose to “uphold” a treaty rejected by the President. Their leaders are certainly not allowed to travel to enemy nations to inform foreign powers of their treasonous designs and to solicit their aid against the policies of the United States government.

This is all the more treasonous at a time when the United States is on a collision course with the People’s Republic of China over North Korea’s nuclear weapons and trade agreements.

“It’s important for the world to know that America is not Washington," Brown declared. "Yes, we’re part of the union, but we’re also a sovereign state that can promote the necessary policies that are required for survival.”

Governors don’t normally feel the need to declare that their state is still part of the union. But they also don’t announce that they’re a separate nation and then set off to cut separate deals with enemy powers. No state should be issuing, “Yes, we’re part of the union, but” disclaimers before going to China.

The disclaimer is the first step to leaving the union.

Governor Brown's trip to China isn't funded by California taxpayers. That might be a relief to that overburdened tribe except that it's partially being paid for by the Energy Foundation. Behind that generic name for a pass through organization are a number of left-wing foundations who have been paying for American politicians to travel to the People’s Republic of China.

Donors to the energy foundation include Ecocrat billionaire Tom Steyer who has pumped millions into EF. Steyer’s finances are entangled with China and even with members of the Chinese government.

Steyer has accused President Trump of treason for rejecting the unconstitutional Paris Climate Treaty. But who are the real traitors here?

Other major EF donors include the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Bloomberg and George Soros.

There is something deeply troubling about a governor’s treasonous trip being funded by private interests with business ties to a foreign power. If Democrats were really serious about rooting out influence by foreign powers, they would be taking a very close look at Brown’s backers.

But the greater outrage is that the governors of secessionist states are using a manufactured crisis to conduct “diplomacy” with foreign governments in defiance of the policies of the United States.

Washington’s Jay Inslee was recently talking Global Warming in a meeting with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. “We’re both very strongly engaged on issues of climate change, on issues of openness to trade, on leadership on refugees as well,” Trudeau declared.

“We share an incredible commitment to defeating climate change,” Inslee flattered him. “And it is a great pleasure we have a national leader on the North American continent who is committed to that.”

And he didn’t mean the President of the United States.

Inslee’s fondness for the illegal Paris Climate treaty is unsurprising as his own efforts on Global Warming similarly depended on unilateral moves that lacked legislative support. But that is a problem for Washington’s Constitution. His participation in a secessionist pact is a problem for our Constitution.

And the problem isn’t limited to the Climate Alliance.

California and many of the other entities declaring that they will enforce an illegal treaty are also sanctuary states and cities. They are choosing not to follow Federal law while implementing foreign treaties that they have no right to unilaterally participate in.

This is a treasonous situation that is more troubling in some ways than the original Civil War because it involves states making open alliance with enemy powers such as China and welcoming them in. State governments are undermining the united front of the national government in the face of the enemy.

"California will resist this misguided and insane course of action," Governor Brown ranted. The logic of “resistance” has inevitably turned into treason.

A civil war is underway. In the last election the territorial majority of Americans rejected the rule of a minority of wealthy and powerful urban enclaves. Outside of their bicoastal bases, the political power of the Democrat faction has been shattered. And so it has retreated into subversion and secessionism.

“China is moving forward in a very serious way, and so is California,” Brown declared. “And we're going in the opposite direction of Donald Trump.”

While Democrats have spent the better part of the previous week waving their arms in the air over a back channel with Russia, one of their faction’s leading governors is openly allying with China against the President of the United States. And the treasonous Democrat media is cheering this betrayal.

Brown and his colleagues are in blatant violation of the Logan Act. Their actions are in violation of the United States Constitution. And all this is another dark step on the road to another civil war.

If the climate confederacy is not held accountable for its treason, the crisis will only grow.


  1. Just a common 'tater13/6/17

    Thank you for this expose of the treasonous actions by the band of sore losers. In WWII we had a band of brothers that recognized the dangers we faced and acted accordingly. Even the Nisei petitioned to be allowed to join the armed forces and to join the battle to save the US, despite their undeserved incarceration.

    Today, the band of sore losers, including some judges, the MSM, and far too many "students" and "faculty" work to undermine our current government. The problem is that in some of these "blue" states, there are concentrations people outside of the predictable urban areas that are also unstable and unfriendly to our constitution and laws.

    Furthermore, a large number of our former military reservations are now parks, historical sites, and otherwise not ready for action. The port of Long Beach and former Naval Base is actually run by a Chinese company. So are the Panama Canal and the shipping terminals at each end. There are probably other US terminals run by the Chinese. I wonder, what is really in those shipping containers? How many of these Chinese companies are subsidiaries of the PLA? How many of these Chinese port "workers" are really PLA active duty or reserves?

    I hope that I am wrong, but as you point out, we have something going on here that looks suspicious. Andrew Jackson certainly had his faults, but he knew when to act to stop secession. I hope Mr. Trump starts to cancel visas and invites some governors to the WH for a little heart to heart talk as soon as he gets a new FBI director, who should also be part of the discussion.

    I feel like I am waiting for some otherwise obscure incident to be the spark that sets the left off in an uproar and they openly voice their intent to break up the country. Hopefully prematurely so they can be shown to be the inept clowns and useful idiots they really are. The real foes are waiting for an opportunity.

    The current dog and pony show in DC regarding Trump, Comey, and the Russians are intended to distract the leadership, the citizens, and the military from the real dangers. I hope that at least the majority of the military are cognizant of this.

  2. Moonbeam Brown needs to be frog-walked to another state to be arrested on multiple charges of treason and fitted for an orange jumpsuit, and then handed a chamber pot where he can evacuate all his usual nonsense. Then he can be introduced to some of his cell block mates from MS-13 and the resident Dahwah prison imam, for enlightening company. He'll be able to exercise his fingers giving an ISIS signal and gang signals.

  3. Those states need to be stopped and the traitors rooted out and executed for treason. But until then, people should prepare for a short but violent civil war and be able to protect their own lives and family. It could get bad in certain locations.

  4. I doubt Democrats and Republicans would come to a shooting war, at least, not before a high degree of the suppression of personal liberties gets enforced by one side against the other.
    Although, under the flag of civil liberty Democrats have done more to suppress speech, threaten and practice political violence, and define correct political speech. And even though the majority of the media is "all in" for the Left, Democrats would have to specifically circumscribe Republicans' constitutional rights before Republicans would consider armed conflict with Democrats.
    Violence, of course, ends debate. If Democrats start shooting, and from their continued hyperbolic extreme mindset this seems less and less farfetched, the above calculus goes out the window.

  5. Anonymous13/6/17

    Of course, Ex-presidents, Governors, Legislators, Dog Catchers, etc. can't just flit around making pronouncements. Charge and arrest them without bail; Pull their passports.


  6. Anonymous13/6/17

    Less TALK. More ACTION.

  7. There is a readily accessible solution. All energy if all forms and types that California gets from outside California be it gasoline, oil, gas, electricity if that electricity is derived from any non renewable sources should priced and or taxed at 2 or 3 hundred percent of going market rates to limit their use and consumption. I would prefer that the pricing be neutral and the state impose massive taxes so that the residents of California have one place to contact and petition. This way the people of California could make their own decisions about what to do with their own money as regards energy and the environment.

  8. I say it's time to cut them off at the knees!

  9. DenisO13/6/17

    Interesting article and more interesting comments. What I would ask is what can Gov. Moonbeam do that he and the lawmakers are not already doing? I've lived in CA for well over 50 years, and see that the foolishness of the morally-superior leaders usually just hurts the little people. State employees, who vote Demorat, are often excluded from laws. Nonetheless, these people love the show, which is more noise than anything else. What futher harm can Brown's heroic bluster and indignation do? It's "noise".
    Treason is defined in the Constitution, and unless we are at war, aid and comfort cannot be given to an undeclared enemy. At the same time, there is no way the Logan Act can be enforced against someone who is not negotiating "with foreign governments having a "dispute" with the United States". China plans to continue to pollute the People's atmosphere and there's no dispute about it, certainly none that would allow a penalty against individuals.

  10. Anonymous14/6/17

    It is interesting the Brown would suggest it is a sovereign state, when it is a state without borders.

    I will watch with interest as CA navigates the Paris deal, it's open border with Mexico and its new single payer healthcare system.

    CA isn't going to be a sovereign state, it will be Mexico's welfare state.

  11. Infidel14/6/17

    Speaking of California, the Oakland "Ghost Ship" fire where dozens were burned alive is a good example of the practical consequences of irresponsible "progressive" government, where even enforcing building safety codes is considered alt-right fascism.

    The London Grenfell fire might be another good metaphor: most of the victims being the little people, including many muslim immigrants.


  12. Anonymous14/6/17

    Let them go, many of us are done with those states. Then pick and choose which of their chinese made products are allowed into the rest of the states. California is a damn basket case as it is, when they are no longer propped up by the rest of us they will go full third world and Jerry will come running back to the US.

  13. Those Americans who object to the U.S. can still send a cheque for 1000.00 or so to the UN Climate Green Fund.
    To not do so would make you a hypocrite.
    If everyone in the U.S. who objects to Trump's decision did so, that would be a great deal of money.
    Also, if the world's climate is in such dire straits, then the 195 participant countries can pay the U.S. to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint. If this seems absurd, then why is it not absurd the other way around. The reduction of CO2 will be resolved through technology.
    I only wish that the billion dollars the U.S. already paid were instead invested in finding a reliable alternative to the combustible engine.
    Even James Hansen and other major Climate Alarmists did not support the Paris Climate Agreement. Claiming it would do little to solve the problem and was more focussed on wealth redistribution.
    That is why the new Chairman of the IPCC is Hoesung Lee's whose background is in "The Economics of Climate Change." They wanted an expert to help divvy up the funds!

  14. Of course an outstanding article, again on the issues facing the future continuity and success of America, fundamentally. America has many clamoring enemies, within and without. Just as with the run-up to the hell of America's Civil War, the immense danger it represented to success and continuity, due to too many unwise and uncontrolled miseducated people not wanting to recognize the evils of slavery.

    This climate confederacy is admitted by a secretary of the IPCC to be a cover story to destroy “capitalism”, globally, especially in America. If you don’t believe, most of you will believe Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/larrybell/2013/01/22/the-u-n-s-global-warming-war-on-capitalism-an-important-history-lesson-2/ which includes much more enlightenment, especially some of the realities of hoax “climate warming”…..

    Clearly it is a ploy, transparent to many of us who study honestly and deeply history, as conservatives, and science, and know that they are literally insane with such arguments, if one only looks at true science and history of Freedom and Science and Climate, and cleanly admitted to by the secretary of the IPCC. It is a globalist system to gain global control, country by country. That is why the evil democrats of insanity, including at the head, jerry brown are joining in, as a state of insanity, CA., to gain control of the good and free and Godly people of the West.

    Many of us have been seeing the white hot insanity on the part of the larger portion of democrats, the unending deceit, the projection of their own wholly broken “humanity”, and been worried about this progressing, in addition to the problem that hasn't before been addressed by hussein the former potus, about gangs, and islam. Democrats have been organized and funded, to resist at any price, some have said, for at least 4 coming years, since they believe themselves to be the righteous rulers of this nation. (MAY GOD FORBID SUCH TOTALITARIAN FATE!)

    They have been working up to this for 150 years, and especially for the past 60 years deviously, deeply deviously, and the story of the truth is out and being offered to all to see democrat deceit, hatred and racism....They have totally captured all but a handful of education (from kindergarten to post grad college), all the major media, and Hollywood-broadway-art world.......

    They have brainwashed (similar to islam) an entire two generations, so far with fakery, deceits, revisionism, marginalizations and even worse, just plain lies and half-truths, not scholarly truths....To them, they have demonstrated, in word and acts, it is "war" for supremacy, "uber alles" ala hitler. (Remember JFK praising adolf and the totalitarian socialist system, after visiting him in the ‘30s, and agreeing the northern Europeans were the superior race, of the world, the supremacy of it all???) Many of the democrat left take their orders one way or another, from soros and his sick evil globalist ally sidekicks of great wealth or power, around the world. They scream "Russia is here", isn't it, but don't understand, they are themselves, the very communist-socialist Russia that they (democrats, media, hollywood, schools….) (as Peter the little boy shepherd who cried wolf too often) profess fear of, so fraudulently!!!!! Democrats have themselves become a thousand Venezuela's, a thousand communist-socialist states, and all anti-American!!!

    The words I hear from the hill, ring hollow, nice but hollow, all democrat’s wrongs need to be put on billboards, just as with islam. Immense evils are winning in these groups, and must be brought to heel. Both have practiced massive insanity, via incessant brainwashing techniques, starting with madrassas-mosques of islam, and kindergartens-schools and media-Hollywood axis evil and hatred of America and the west, all over the world…….

  15. I receive an email of the frontpage mag articles every day. When I click on Daniel Greenfield's article "The Real Problem With The Public Theater's Caesar Isn't Killing Trump", I get the message "Access Denied". Does anyone know why?

  16. What Trump should do is cut off all funding to these states. If they want to portray themselves as "nation-states", then they should be able to support their "countries".

  17. Anonymous18/6/17

    The President’s MOABs
    One for ISIS… and jihadis go belly up
    Two for activist judiciary… and Gorsuch in the Supreme Court
    Three for no borderers… and a general patrolling the south border
    Four for deep state… and Comey is fired.
    Five for climatists… and Paris agreement suspended (my favourite)
    I’m loving this man

  18. Quoting Brown:
    “China is moving forward in a very serious way, and so is California,” Brown declared. “And we're going in the opposite direction of Donald Trump.”
    Since Trump is moving in the direction of Freedom, Prosperity and Energy Independence for the United States, I would tend to agree with Airhead Brown's statement as it reads out.
    However, I completely disagree with what he thought he said.


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