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Breaking Up With Mr. Islam

Islam is peaceful. Just ask Rafiqi Islam, a loving husband, who told his wife that he had a present for her, blindfolded her to make it a surprise and then cut off her fingers. Then the rest of the Islam family mopped up the blood, while Mr. Islam threw her fingers into the trash, and after a few hours took her to the hospital where they warned her to tell the doctors that she had an accident.

The proximate cause of this event was that Mrs. Islam wanted to continue her education and Mr. Islam being a good Emirati Muslim was not so fond of the idea.

This is the sort of thing that Mr. Islam does from time to time. Diners in London got a surprise from Mr. Islam, three of him, who began stabbing and slashing their way through some trendy nightspots. The blindfold had been slapped on them by their own government and their own media.

Close your eyes while hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants show up in America and Europe. Keep your eyes closed and Mr. Islam will give you a great big surprise.

Before the machete comes down, the blindfold goes up. We ourselves have had quite a few Muslims asking us to put on a blindfold because they have a present for us and they don't want to spoil the surprise. All we have to do is close our eyes for twenty years or so and we'll be missing a hand or a head too. Surprise, you're a backward theocracy with a legal system overseen by child abusing Mullahs. Now blow out the bomb belt and make a wish.

There are a number of lessons here. The first is don't go into a room with Mr. Islam. The second is don't put on a blindfold when he tells you that he has a surprise for you. The third is don't marry Mr. Islam in the first place.

Unfortunately the free world has been forced into an arranged marriage with Mr. Islam. One day he just showed up on our doorstep and the authorities told us we would be living with him from now on. Sometimes he cuts off a head, plants a bomb or kills a few thousand people-- but when we complain to the authorities, they warn us not to cast any aspersions on the good name of Mr. Islam. There might be people doing these terrible things, but it's only because we haven't made them feel at home. We didn't make their coffee just right, we told the wrong jokes and didn't prop up their self-esteem. But whoever those people are, they are certainly not Mr. Islam who is a fine peaceful gentleman and would never harm a fly.

There are quite a few people who would like to be able to get a divorce from Mr. Islam, but the authorities won't hear of it. Mr. Islam is here to stay and we had better make him feel at home or he'll have another surprise for us.

That leaves us with a choice between putting away the books and learning to Salaam with the worst of them, or go on trying to learn while wearing a blindfold so that we don't see the machete coming. The leaders of the West have donned the blindfold and are eagerly awaiting the surprise that Mr. Islam has for them. Will it be moderation they wonder, or perhaps some of that Islamic science we have been hearing so much about. Unfortunately it's just a machete. It's always a machete.

Lucy always pulls away the football and Mr. Islam always brings down the machete. And if Charles M. Schultz had allowed Mr. Islam to emigrate to Peanutsland, then Lucy would soon have no hands. But those who wear the blindfold go on being fooled, believing that the moderate Muslims will be in their corner when they need them and that the football will be there when they kick it. And if it isn't, then it must be their fault.

Within a generation our leaders have turned the West into the battered spouse of the East, always going around with black eyes or missing parts, while singing the praises of Mr. Islam, that very peaceful gentleman who wouldn't harm a fly. There's no shelter for the free world to go to, not when it used to run the shelter for the battered peoples of the world. But now that their Muslim batterers have boarded and are having their way in London, Paris and New York, there's no shelter anywhere.

Early divorce proceedings are underway, in the Netherlands, Mr. Wilders, ESQ, would like a divorce. But dumping Mr. Islam is very controversial. In parts of Europe, they are looking to renegotiate the terms of the marriage to bar some of its more unpleasant aspects, such as burqas and machetes, but they haven't gotten all that far. You can't have Islam without burqas and hijabs. And you can't have burqas and hijabs without machetes.

There's no word on whether Mrs. Islam has become an Islamophobe ever since Mr. Islam cut off her fingers. But it wouldn't be an irrational response. When Islam cuts off your fingers, it's natural to feel a twinge of unease when he shows up at your door with a gift wrapped machete. And if Americans, Europeans, Israelis, Canadians, Australians, Filipinos, Thais, East Timorese, Greeks, Paupans, Armenians, Serbians, Russians, Ivorians, Nigerians and any of the other countless peoples who have had their lives made more interesting and more final by Islam are made a little uneasy by Mr. Islam, it's not really a phobia, more of a sense memory.

Naturally we mustn't confuse Mr. Islam with Islam. There are millions of Muslims who have not yet chopped off their wives' fingers and probably never will. And that remains our best hope. The odds are in our favor until it happens to us.

All this can be a little confusing, but the rule of thumb (if they haven't been chopped off yet) is that Islam is never associated with anything bad, only with something good. If you see Mr. Islam tossing a coin to an orphan on Eid Eve, then he's being a Muslim, but if he's chopping off his wife's fingers then he has nothing to do with Islam. Hamas' social services are to be praised, but its rocket launches are to be deplored.

The easy way to do this is to always wear a blindfold and hope for a surprise. Think Eid dinner, not September 11. And if your hand is intact, then it's an Eid miracle. But for those who want a life without playing the game of blindfold and machete (Machete and Blindfold (TM) is the official game of Ramadan) then there's no choice but a divorce.

Divorce is still controversial in the multicultural household, but sometimes it's the only answer. The more we wear the blindfold and hope that this time it will be a good surprise, the harder it is to contemplate breaking the "Till Death Do Us Part" part, even with someone who takes the death part rather literally. But it's not as if we have any choice.

This arranged marriage of ours with Islam is going very badly. Our home has become a dangerous place and every night out has become another opportunity to experience one of Mr. Islam's surprises.

The longer this marriage goes on, the more we forget who we used to be, courageous peoples who used their minds and were not afraid of anything. Artists, warriors, scientists writers, builders. And it can be hard to do remember what we used to be capable of doing when we're trying to build up the self-esteem of Mr. Islam, who gets very upset when we read too many books because it makes him feel inferior.

Either we go on playing the game of blindfold and machete, or we take off the blindfold, take away the machete and show Mr. Islam the door.

(Daniel Greenfield will be speaking on Defending Israel and Fighting Anti-Semitism in Los Angeles at the Ariel Avrech Memorial Lecture on Sun, Jun 11 at 10 AM at the Auditorium, 1619 South Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90035)


  1. Anonymous4/6/17

    Wonderful essay.

    1. Gardengardening Houseboughtning27/8/17

      I certainly agree that Islam is a dangerous presence wherever it goes, but I have one gripe. Describing the West as the battered wife of the East, when the West is responsible for hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths in the Islamic world,is a bit lopsided. Islam is hostile to the West, true, but the West has not historically behaved like a cringing, hapless victim. Big fan of the blog, by the way.

  2. Anonymous4/6/17

    What an excellent essay. You have described Islam and the current situation perfectly. I hope that President Trump reads it and, more important, forwards it to General Mattis. The latter may have many fine qualities as a warrior, but he does not quite comprehend Islam.
    Gloria Stewart

  3. Anonymous4/6/17

    Dear Mr. Greenfield, It's an absolutely amazing piece! It was a great pleasure to read it. Thank you.

  4. As usual, spot on.

  5. Anonymous4/6/17

    The brilliance of Mr. Islam's tactics is it allows the so-called moderates to assume the veneer of ordinary people, people who just want to live in peace amongst the citizenry. As Mr. Islam commits his atrocities and advances, the moderates maintain a quiet admiration for his faithfulness and the rightness of his cause, because Mr Islam continues to advance into the dens of the apostates. Mr. Islam's wins, his adherence to his purpose, lends further righteousness and truth because, no matter his viciousness, the peacefulness of the moderates and the co-opted apologist apostates cry out on their behalf, whilst Mr. Islam commits continously more heinous acts. This numbs the apostates, as it has today in Europe, that this is the normal we apostates must accept, until the moderates are given the word from on high - join Mr. Islam.

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  7. Anonymous4/6/17

    The personification of this inhuman culture helps to see its nature. Of course, we have no reason to excuse or rationalize it further. Our indignant rejection is the least we owe all past victims. Banish this evil from the otherwise noble human race.


  8. Great essay.

    Even the educationally challenged can understand.

    It's Islam made simple even a child could get the meaning.

    Hope this essay has lots of views!

  9. Mrs. Islam is tricked in the story, but the Western leaders exhibit willful blindness. Islam is a sickening death cult they embrace because it has the same destructive energy as their own negation of Judeo Christian culture and Western Civilization.

  10. Anonymous5/6/17

    Great article, unfortunately too many people are afraid to remove the blindfold, they have the belief that "if I can't see them they can't see me".

    1. Alice Braddy5/6/17

      Like a two year old, playing Peek - A - Boo...with a much more deadly outcome.

  11. Anonymous5/6/17

    Oh no, the black and white Coronet Films series from the 50's "Mr Islam" is playing in my head!

  12. Anonymous5/6/17

    It's not as much that our leaders wear a blindfold, it is that they have utterly refused the information their eyes have provided them, because it contradicts their ideology. They see, and choose to discard what they have seen because it is politically inconvenient.

    Much as NOAA alters measured climate data to fit what the model says it should be, in direct opposition to the scientific method, they choose the route of self-delusion. If reality contradicts their ideology, they simply ignore it and go on spouting their platitudes. A million lemmings can't be wrong.

    To understand why this is, I recommend reading John C. Wright's blog post titled "The Unified Field Theory of Madness." All of the post-modern Left's thought is built upon the idea that there is no objective truth in politics or human events.

    We see clearly defined cause and effect. They see rolls of the dice. Like any gambler who has lost something he can't afford to lose, they're going to keep rolling until they lose it all.

  13. Perfect. Thank you.

  14. I went to the bank the other day to make a deposit. What's behind the counter? A hijab wearing muslim. Made me cringe to think of the financial access this woman has into people's accounts. PEOPLE BEWARE!!! I'm thoroughly convinced every one of "these people" are planted there for a purpose and it's not for the purpose most of the uninformed American sheeple think. WAKE UP PEOPLE, YOU HAD BETTER WAKE UP!!!!

    1. After watching what muslimes do around the world I would never trust any of them. They practice sharia and taquia. thereligionofpeace.com

  15. Anonymous5/6/17

    Send this to our Canadian P.M.......THE IDIOT

  16. Anonymous5/6/17

    Just say "NO!" to Mr. Islam. There is no beauty in a world of Islam.

  17. Anonymous5/6/17

    "…There are millions of Muslims who have not yet chopped off their wives' fingers and probably never will. And that remains our best hope. The odds are in our favor until it happens to us."

    Sp maybe in the next 1400+ years Muslims will not be barbarians?

  18. Anonymous5/6/17

    As long as the world remains secular/pragmatic rather than spiritual in the public zeitgeist's mind, we cannot solve the isis problem, since, for them, it's all about their god and their religion, and no amount of "reaching out" to them will deter them. You can only fight the spiritual with the spiritual.

  19. It's about human sacrifice. How many lives are worth the "progressive" future? As many as it takes, of course.

    How many lives are worth the triumph of Islam? As many as it takes. Of course.

  20. Anonymous5/6/17

    Be ready for them! I mean it.
    They're in ur neighborhoods jogging and entering backyards. Soon, they will be given the 'go' sign & they will kill you & ur kids;pets, not just seeing how far they can get. Call the cops, & tell them they threatened to kill you. Press charges, acoordingly. WE ALL HAVE TO PLAY DIRTY. REAL DIRTY.

    Enemy is on American soil is an act of war. They are NOT immigrants & they're NOT Christians fleeing the mid east. They already killed the Christians in the middle east, during the Gulf war. The enemies ARE here & awaiting the signal to kill us.
    They stole our jobs, act of war.

    They (muslms,chinks,russkies) have been taught/brainwashed,that 'Americans are stupid'. This is fact.

    They'll see how "stupid" we are. They should not believe the propaganda that "All Americans are stupid".
    All Americans are NOT stupid. You'll see.

    Confiscation or not, Americans are not stupid, and will still be ready for them.

    Americans will show them just how stupid they 'think' we are.

    Assume they will kill you. This is what they are practicing to do. First, even in broad daylight, they practice how easy it is to gain entry to YOUR homes, apartments, etc., while noting all possible entry points and obstacles, to your home, in your yard (scoping the surrounding landscape). They open gates & windows, so put locks and alarms on with batteries.

    Plan to cause accidents and lots of noise.

    They are entering peoples backyards. Caught. They've been taught/molded/brainwashed to do this (it builds up their courage and teaches them how far they can get, even now). Some folks in this country have been shocked to find that they opened the door and walked right in. LOCK YOUR DOORS and WINDOWS.
    Put something nearby to handle any situation swiftly. Don't let them get away with it.

    It's not going away. Do not put it off until tomorrow. They are doing it now. And, it will accelerate real fast.

    I went to a store yesterday (June 2017), and I was the only white person in this very busy store. Mideast Muslms and black Somali's (muslms) everywhere.

    They all speak perfect English. Want to know how?
    Our FBI and CIA have been very busy overseas teaching all our enemies, the fine art of the English language. This I know personally, as well. My father once introduced me to this 26ish year old FBI agent, and (my father) bragged to me (in front of the agent) that this agent was teaching English to Russians IN Russia. Big proud smile on my father's face (he, who should have known better, since he fought in WWII). Our 3 letter agencies, have been IN foreign ENEMY countries teaching them English.

    I looked at my father, and then the agent, with horror. The agent knew immediately, that I must know something. He quickly looked away, like, 'oh shcit'.
    He figured out, that I apparently knew things that my father was ignorant of. So, now, here's our enemies on our soil speaking perfect English and ready to slaughter us and our families, swiftly.

    Have we any doubt that this was planned and our own govt was, and still is, involved, and prepared for this, 1/2 a century ago? No doubt at all.

    We have to change our attitudes and get seriously motivated to save ourselves, at the cost of our enemies. That's what they are...our enemies. They must be dealt with accordingly.

    Beware of 'TOTAL' 'SOLAR' ECLIPSES (not lunar, and not partial). The next one is August 21, 2017.
    Gangs to be released on a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE.
    Many gang members have a tattoo of a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE on the 'inside' of their 'right' forearm, just above the wrist.

  21. Just a common 'tater5/6/17

    1. Your timing and descriptions in this essay are amazing.
    2. OPEC money buys lots of things, including willful ignorance and tolerance of the intolerable by our so called leaders.
    3. BOHICA

  22. This subject is terrifying. If all our "leaders" are promoting Islam or are demanding we "leave them alone," how in the world can we defeat them? Or secure our selves? The history of the Crusades is unknown to the Western world, yet we are in exactly the same situation now as the world was then. A major question: How can we change our "leadership" (politicians, lawyers, ministers, etc) so they can see, and cause the people to see, and actively fight the Islamic evil?

  23. Anonymous5/6/17

    Islam is Jihad against the Infidel, to make him SUBMIT to Islam. Anyone who is not Muslim. Murder, enslavement, rape and torture are part of the definition of this Jihad, according to the KORAN. Lying and denying Islam is also part of the Jihad, if it furthers the goal of Islam of World dominance and rule. Barry Soetoro, aka Barach HUSSEIN Obama, is the best example of this, saying he was a Christian. Therefore we hear the LIE that "moderate" Islam exists, which is not possible according to the Koran. This Jihad is BY COMMAND OF THE KORAN, not some figment of our imagination, or something subject to amendment and change, or just some radical Islamic faction. Jihad is the CORE and BYLAW of the religion of Islam. Islam is a scourge of the earth, like the black plague or WW3. 1400 years of rape, rob, murder and torture of the Infidel prove Islam is Jihad is the KORAN. ALL Agree.

  24. Infidel5/6/17

    Very well said. I was thinking earlier something similar should be recommended reading for females thinking about getting involved with Islamic males. Of course the males would probably succeed in conning them anyways, until it was too late.

    Spiritual religions vs Bestial religions: Bestial religions like Islam shouldn't be confused with spiritual religions. Bestial religions appeal to the worst in man, dragging him down below the level of the animal, to the demonic, like worship of Moloch, human sacrifice, etc.

  25. Anonymous5/6/17

    Your writing in such an inspiration. Such a serious subject made into a brilliant and interesting read. The other day you called "Mrs. Islam" the Eloi, the bong has rung and they are all walking to their destiny. Truly sad, but its not just the Eloi at stake- they're taking us with them.

  26. Anonymous5/6/17

    Excellent! I have enjoyed reading your article. Now
    what if the Westen Leaders/ The Elite have the same agenda as Mr. Islam?
    In other words, they are Mr. Islam as well only a disguised version.

    As far as I see, the results of the leftist/globalist ideology and Islam are one and the same: The purging eventually by death of all/any opposition especially Christians and Jews.

    Hence the mollycoddling of Islam.

    It's over for the West who have no identifiable values anymore having rejected its Christian values. When you have no foundation, it's time for the building to collapse.

  27. Well, what a supreme coincidence. Just the other day - to my interlocutors' dismay and shock - I was comparing the Western world's attitude towards Islamic terrorism to the (in)famous case of the battered wife in denial. "Oh, he's a good man, you know. It was my fault, really. I keep crossing him. But he loves me. Honestly. Deep down inside, he really loves me."

    Edit the above a bit, to read like this, "Oh, Islam is a religion of peace. It is our fault that they bomb, stab, and run over women and children. We keep discriminating and hating them. But the terrorists are good boys. Honestly. They never were any trouble," and you have the case of the Western World in Denial About Islam's Hatred for It.

    Right now I am arguing with a Brit on Breibart about putting a stop to all this Islamic slaughter of innocent lives. My opponent's only concern seems to be Islamophobia. He says it will make thing worse rather than help. I told him that there is a difference between Islamophobia and the genuine concern about, and fear of, an entire ethnic group that seems to be bent on destroying all those how are not, or do not think like them.

    I could go on forever on this subject (and any other, according to hubby), but I will just say that I am not concerned with Islamophobia. What really concerns ... nay, horrifies me, is listening to our esteemed politicians tell that terrorism is the new normal and we should get used to it.

    Sorry, Mr. Khan and Monsieur Macron. I do not have the stomach to tell parents anywhere in the world to get used to the idea that their young daughter, who went to enjoy a musical concert, might be come back to them in a plastic bag. That is NOT normal (new or otherwise) and those who tell us it is should be locked in a padded room for the good of society.

    I will NEVER, EVER get used to terrorism as the new normal.

    And to all the multicultural lefties who consider me racist, discriminating, and all the rest of the tricks in the leftist bag, I have this reply: I will consider getting used to terrorism as the new normal when you get used to global warming as the new normal. Let's see how far that gets me.

  28. Anonymous5/6/17

    It's been said the unending(?) genocide of Hindus by Moslems is the greatest genocide the world has ever known. The upper bound on the number of Hindus slaughtered by Moslems is 80 million and the slaughter has yet to cease.
    The modern states of Israel and India were both born in the same year (1948) and both have experienced 70 years of unending problems w/their marriage to Mr. Islam (and at least one genocide in the Indian sub-continent -- courtesy of Mr. Islam).

  29. Anonymous5/6/17

    So sad as it's true.
    We actually need to put those Government leaders (including Presidents), politicians, media execs in jail for lying about the risks to us. I think 1-3 yrs is acceptable.
    We need to say to Mr Islam (and their supporters on the left/liberal) amongst us that Sharia will never be allowed here so leave if you don't like that.
    We need to stop future Mr Islam's from coming here, if they are students they must leave after finishing their studies.
    Meida who don't tell us the truth must be closed down in future.

  30. DavidM5/6/17

    I agree 1,000% with Clorinda. Every word.

    And this "I will NEVER, EVER get used to terrorism as the new normal." I agree 10,000% with.

    10/29/1941 Winston Churchill said, " Never give in, never, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

  31. Anonymous5/6/17



    Only a Separation from Islam can save Western civilisation.In 30 years it may well be too late, given the demographic growth of Muslims.

  32. The article is perfect, impeccable logic... with the exception of "Now blow out the bomb belt and make a wish." - sorry to tell you but it won't work, you have to do it the other way around.

  33. Anonymous5/6/17

    Lets us not forget that Mr Islam can not come into the country unless the gatekeepers let them in.

    Now why would the gatekeepers let them in unless they have similar ideals as Mr Islam and that is to destroy God's people laws so that there is no backlash if they get caught i.e. just one example would be child marriages/sex.

  34. The shotgun marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Islam must be nullified, and Mr.Islam tossed out the door with only the clothes or robes on his back and the change in his pockets, with no compensation or settlement.

  35. My hope is everyone here at least, recognizes the devil’s disciple, sadiq kahhhhhhhhn recent mayor of London, who is one Mr. islam, lying (performing “taqiyya” jihad), through his devout 'blood stained teeth'…..such lying required by the koran, to advance the “religion” errrr- “gang” of mohammad, satan’s pal. He is like them all, just doing his jihadi job, for his gang.

  36. The only downside I see for Mrs. Islam is that she cannot scratch her head while wondering about the irony of her hubby's actions. The upside is that she'll save a lot of money on manicures.

  37. Anonymous5/6/17

    This is the deliberate capitulation of the West to Islam, and it is certainly no accident, nor is it the result of blindness, or political naivete.
    This is a plan implemented by globalists and their minions, including our own politicians, to destroy our borders, destroy national sovereignty, overwhelm the system, and ultimately, to collapse our system of governance.
    Only after Western democracies have been deliberately collapsed (eliminated), can a a totalitarian, world government be instituted.

    “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”
    David Rockefeller

    “Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.”
    Dr. Henry Kissinger, Evians, France, 1991

    “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by consent or conquest.”
    James Paul Warburg [son of Paul Warburg, author of the Federal Reserve Act] February 7, 1950

    “Today the path of total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by the Congress, the President, or the people. Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government – a bureaucratic elite.”
    Senator William Jenner, 1954

    “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”
    Richard Salant, former president, CBS News

  38. Brilliant Essay - Thank You! .... Mr Islam, always enraged, becomes even more so when we read too many books. It makes him feel inferior ....

    Close. But Mr islam's problem is not that he feels inferior but that he is inferior. Hesperophobically-psychopathologically so.

    Mr islam's protohuman-barbaric, stuck-in-the-seventh-century, false-fuehrer's-mein korrarnpf-ordered grossly-inferior culture, mandates it so!

    Ref: John Derbyshire, September 14 2001: Hesperophobia http://www.johnderbyshire.com/Opinions/Britain/hesperophobia.html

  39. Anonymous6/6/17

    Thanks Mr. Greenfield. Thanks for having the courage to tell the truth in an ugly world full of Islamic collaborating liars/propagandists.

  40. " ... believing that the moderate Muslims will be in their corner when they need them." None so blind. We've got at least two generations of Westerners who've been indoctrinated from kindergarten through graduate school in suicidal political correctness and self-hatred. There's a very funny scene in a British sitcom from the '70s and the punch line is, "You do your thing your way, and I'll do my thing my way." I don't see much hope if we can't all get on that page and insist on it, with whatever force it takes. Thomas Jefferson understood this. Another gem from DG, well said.

  41. Anonymous6/6/17

    Great article Mr Greenfield, but if I may offer one slight quibble? Re "Hamas' social services are to be praised, but its rocket launches are to be deplored." Here in Australia most middle class pinkos have a secret yearning for certain aspects of 1930's Germany, so if there is any "deploring" of Hamas rocket launches in our MSM it's usually very perfunctory and formulaic. But you're right, the blindfold is well and truly on. The taxpayer funded broadcaster gushingly reported the claim by a Melbourne mosque that the city's latest homicidal Islamic terrorist couldn't be a true Muslim because he'd committed a terrorist act "in the holy month of Ramadan", and it never occurred to them that the public, who know that there are 12 months in a year, might not find that claim totally reassuring.

  42. Anonymous7/6/17

    I disagree about mr. islam being a good warrior as someone commented in this blog. He/it IS NOT a warrior. he is a punk. A Dog. A Pig.

    The reason for the name calling is because normal human beings do not torture people, especially their wives.
    It is PURE evil.
    Notice I did NOT Capitalize.
    Capitalization denotes respect. islam is unworthy of respect.

    Not only do those PIGS go about committing human dismemberment, they also go about in gangs, raping 6 and 7 years old little girls, then branding them with the letter "m" to show she is the property of muhammad, the demonic prophet, who also tortured and murdered, mostly by beheading.

    (Over 1400 rapes in England alone, thousands more in other countries) If one of those bast_ _ ds ever raped my little girl, the pig would be hunted until I found him---or one like him.
    There is an old story well over a hundred years old of what is done to men like those muslims who commit crimes like that against women and children.

    A large pine tree is dropped, then a wedge driven in it.
    The perpetrator (‘s) is tied, straddling the tree without pants on.
    The wedge is driven out.
    However, to show humanity (which they did not show to their victim)
    a knife is stuck in the tree so they can cut themselves loose when they wake up.
    As far as we are concerned, that is NOT enough punishment for their crimes.

    Those little girls will have to live with the painful memory and hideous mark for the rest of their lives.
    The rapist coward merely gets to be an instant eunuch with a high pitched voice praising his pig god with a series of squeaks.
    islam is the most evil, violent, sexually perverted religion in the world. Women become slaves.
    There is no freedom.
    terrorists must be exterminated for their crimes against humanity in every court of law, the world over.

    Those who watch and do nothing are as guilty as the terrorist criminals if the crimes of terrorism could have been stopped.
    Imagine how and what the victims of terrorism feel? Physically and emotionally! The terrorism of sneaking about and committing sedition, collusion, bombings, human dismemberment, torture, beheading and other forms of murder, rape, belittlement of women and children, the promotion and justification of said crimes.
    Not to mention the loud worshiping of the demon god allah in public which is a crime in itself against humanity and nature since it condones all of the crimes just mentioned.
    Yes, we have read the evil quran and the crimes mentioned ARE justified within it’s pages.
    The quran is also sarcastic as well as those crimes just mentioned.
    Read it for yourselves.
    Besides the torture, murder and the horrible treatment of women, the quranic sarcasm is like the last nail in the coffin showing it’s true demonic nature.

    People the world over know that in order to truly understand, we just have to look at the actions of a person or group.

    What do the actions of human dismemberment, rape, sneaking and bombing, beheading's and other murder’s, forcing converts to islam or die, slavery and the belittlement of women, and death to all who are not muslim.

    What do those evil actions say about islam?
    Based on those actions, is islam “Good”?
    No amount of long winded confabulation or writing can cover up and justify the atrocities committed in the name of islam.
    WAKE UP EVERYONE!!! Fight back against the evils of islams subjugation of the human race!

  43. Anonymous7/6/17

    Excellent analogy -- "blindfold then chop fingers". Bush blindfolded the USA after 9/11 claiming Islam a religion of peace. Histories greatest lie (blindfold). A lie that has totally mentally defeated our nation. To correct this blunder, it is a strategic necessity to formally declare war against Islam (a shooting war)to save our nation from being turned into an Islamic hell. Declare war against Islam or perish.
    Martel Sobieskey

  44. Totally spectacular essay.
    One commenter gets it exactly right: Islam is "about human sacrifice...."
    In fact the baring by our leftist leaders of the throats of those whom they lead is the sacrifice of western civilization on the altar of the Progressive Baal.

  45. Brian Richard Allen, thank you for introducing me to the term Hesperophobia. And thank you for the very interesting link.


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