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The Power of Weakness

Weakness is one of the greatest forms of power imaginable in the modern West. Weakness grants irresponsibility for personal actions and more importantly in a collectivist society, it provides freedom from for the collective burdens of society and civilization.

The weak are not responsible for their actions. They can rob, kill and rape, and still be excused for it . They can blow up buildings, behead prisoners and get sympathetic nods. Because they had no choice.

Weakness is helplessness, it implies irresponsibility because the weak are not capable of making their own choices. Their choices have been made for them by the "Man", the "Patriarchy", the "Privileged" and the "Military-Industrial Complex"-- all different names for the defined power structure and the people who are responsible for it.

Since the choices have been made for them, they have no choice but to lash out. When they kill, it is not an action, but a reaction.

To the people being raped or murdered by them, the ones jumping from buildings and coming to claim the pieces of their children at the morgue afterward, they do not appear to be helpless at all. But that is only because the people being raped and murdered, and waiting to identify a small can of their child's remains are privileged. So privileged that they don't know how responsible they are for the state of affairs which caused them to be raped or murdered. Which caused their children to end up in coffee cans.

Even when they are being raped or waiting to die, they are still the strong and the responsible, and their rapists and murderers are the downtrodden and dispossessed. The weak who are so helpless that they cannot help but seek their source of strength through violence against their oppressors. And if those oppressors happen to be women and children-- well then as the left has said from France to Russia to New York to Israel- "Power to the People". The "People" being the ones doing the killing. The oppressors being the ones doing the dying.

Weakness does not always translate into such extremity. What it translates into is irresponsibility for the collective burden of guilt that the left hangs around the head of every society. The responsibility for the poverty, the bigotry and all the inequities that are said to spring from it.

There are no more personal failures, whether economic or marital or ethical, only collective ones-- and the strong are responsible for their own failures and for everyone else's, while the weak are not even responsible for their own failures.

On the collective scale, choice is nearly irrelevant. Only people with power have choices. The idea that the man waiting in the alley with a knife has a choice is a heresy because he is not a man with a knife, he is a collection of social statistics which assign him an automatic level of responsibility based on his race, gender, socioeconomic status and all the other variables. Whether or not he stabs someone with a knife, is not up to him, it's up to how society treats him.

Similarly financial troubles are not personal, they are social. Whether you can pay your bills has nothing to do with you, but with your race and class. If you succeed when the statistics say that you should fail, then you are an outlier. A rogue exception that only goes to prove the rule. Likewise if you fail when the statistics say that you should succeed. Individual actions can never disprove the collective snapshot of how society is.

If every person is wired into society like a giant bank of servers, then every individual malfunction is actually a social malfunction. If a man kills, then it's because his connection with society was bad. To understand why it was bad, the left examines the nature of the connection. If it was a privileged connection, then he was warped by his excessive access to the innate racism, sexism, classism and all the other bad "isms" of the society. If it was an underprivileged connection, then he was warped by his lack of access to the benefits that society had to offer him and being marginalized, he went off the reservation.

Since all responsibility ultimately devolves to the society, not to the individual, and since the degree of individual responsibility depends on the degree of his connection with the society-- the less the connection, the less the responsibility. The man driving to work from the suburbs is more responsible for a murder in the ghetto than the actual murderer because he has helped create the conditions that led to the murder.

The "weak" murderer is better than the "strong" murder victim because being outside society, he is not truly responsible for anything. Not for his own actions or for the ozone layer, for toxic waste, illegal wars, unrealistic portrayals by the media and the rest of the litany of guilt that the left recites every day in its ceaseless prosecution of all of society and civilization.

In a society where people are expected to feel responsibility for planetary catastrophes and local inequities alike-- weakness is the greatest form of freedom.

Weakness is moral freedom because it liberates you from responsibility for your own actions and those of society. It is political freedom, because the weak can never say or believe anything that is inherently wrong, only "unhelpful". It is political privilege because politicians are expected to pay more attention to the downtrodden. It is economic privilege because companies are expected to redress social ills by advantaging the oppressed.

This dependent-independence from the system is a paradox as the weak derive maximum benefit from the system, while taking the least responsibility for it. It is the essence of the un-citizen of the nanny state who does not need to care how things are run, so long as they appear to be run for his benefit.

When social weakness is translated globally then it leads to global weakness. The globally weak, like the socially weak, are not responsible for their atrocities and genocides. It is the strong nations that are responsible to them and for them. Even when the weak are ridiculously wealthy and powerful, they are still weak. This is true socially and globally.

The weak can never become strong because they are a permanent constituency for change. To be week is to be in need of a protector, whether it's the nanny state or the united nations. Weakness justifies the illegal exercise of power on behalf of the weak. It justifies the disenfranchisement of citizens in a nation state, the destruction of nation states and the end of all individual rights if that is what it takes to create a just society. And that is what it always takes.

The left justifies its existence and its abuses by its self-depiction as a revolutionary force dedicated to remedying inequities in a permanent cycle of reforms that ends only when it enjoys total control and wields maximum power over every aspect of life under its dominion. Since equality cannot be created through the inequity of power, and since the left's mission is to create power inequities in order to remedy power inequities, its revolutions and reforms justify a permanent totalitarian state.

Social inequity is the permanent emergency that the left uses to justify its totalitarian state and the perpetuation of social inequity is the means which the left uses to maintain a state of permanent emergency. If one form of social inequity diminishes, the left finds another. And another. This endless search leads to a deconstruction of every aspect of society and the destruction of every human system. Human ways of living are replaced with grafted on artificial modes that fail and destroy their users. And the worse the society becomes, the more the state of permanent social emergency is justified.

The left consists of the strong who challenge the strong in the name of the weak, regardless of whether the weak want the challenge or not. By conceptually dividing the strong from the weak, the left disenfranchises the weak, and then disenfranchises the strong in the name of the weak. The end again is tyranny.

The left's remedy to inequity is to convince the majority and minority that they are incapable of exercising their power in a constructive fashion. The minority is told that they are incapable of it because the majority will not allow them the freedom to do it, but will thwart every effort they make at empowering themselves. The majority is told that any exercise of their power is a form of privilege which consciously or unconsciously disenfranchises the minority.

The minority are taught that they are weak. The majority are taught that they are abusive. The weak can escape into irresponsibility, while the strong escape into grandiosity. The weak refuse to take responsibility for anything until they become amoral monsters. The strong take responsibility for everything until they fancy themselves malicious gods who are destroying the earth.

By teaching some they are unnaturally weak and others that they are unnaturally strong, both are left unable to constructively exercise their power. The weak are taught that they can't do anything and therefore they can do everything without consequences. The strong are taught that they are doing everything and therefore should do as little as possible. Both are taught to distrust their use of power and to loathe their use of it.

The weak are taught to kill and still feel helpless. The strong are taught to feel that a single twitch of their finger is disturbing the earth. While the weak are robbed of conscious power, the strong are robbed of unconscious power. The weak treat their weakness as a strength and the strong treat their strength as a weakness. This leads naturally to the welfare state, to the elevation of the unqualified and the extinction of the competent.

Lost in all this is the individual as the pivot of life and the pillar of governments, whose rights justify the society and the state. By diminishing the individual to the level of a cog in a social machine, reducing his ambitions and dreams to irrelevancies amid the socioeconomic statistics that define his life, and eliminating his responsibility for his own actions, rather than those of others, the left destroys the base of every healthy society and the transformative energy that alters social orders.

In its pursuit of equality through tyranny, or tyranny through equality, it neuters the individual as the wielder of creative and economic forces that are actually capable of setting men free.


  1. Anonymous2/1/17

    The "weak" are the new "proletariat". Remember Marx? "Proletariat of all countries---Unite!"
    It's same old communist game applied to the 21st century. Practiced with same fervor as 100 years ago.

  2. Anonymous2/1/17

    Brilliant, Daniel! You've done it again. You've nailed it with another masterpiece of ingenious writing. You've written a number of these gems which I would love to posses in book form that I could share with others. The connection between the left and totalitarianism is continually being denied, but you have revealed it with the skill of a true artist, like a brain surgeon deftly extracting a cancerous tumor. Please, keep it up, and have a Happy New Year! - Greg

  3. That's one for the ages, Daniel.

  4. D.D.Mao2/1/17

    Excellent analysis. But this all sounds like the past few elections where we over rated the revolutionaries ideals and under rated their capacity to drain the swamp thus electing incompetents. Even before the inauguration the wavering gives little to substantiate "Drain the Swamp" and "Lock her up" will be accomplished than there was with "Hope and change". The claims made by these ideological eunuchs have followers who like proud parents at their child's first recital would never admit the candidate failed. Instead of demanding better the right is now using the same equivalence excuse that the left has been using for years. "The candidates we offer may be bad but they are better than what the left offers". As you stated above "Weakness is a moral freedom because it liberates you from responsibility of your actions and those of society." Thus we are stuck with this perpetual election of caretakers instead of leaders for the past 30 years. But this tribal political state we inhabit goes simply on emotions and the zeitgeist of the moment. No responsibility is needed...........or asked for.

    "It's hard to imagine a more stupid or dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong."
    Thomas Sowell

  5. Daniel, thank you for one more brilliant article. Your insight into the let's MO is nothing short of genius.

    My concern is, since sloth and irresponsibility are more addictive than drugs and alcohol put together, will we ever be able to turn things around?

  6. Excellent article, Daniel. For the left, what is up is down, what is good is bad, etc....suspend reality to fit the world into the little box of their beliefs.

  7. Anonymous2/1/17

    Wow! That is to the point. Our society is not well-globally. I wonder if the leaders like Merkel have been so mesmerized by that philosophy or is it a conscious move on her behalf. It seems more like a natural occurrence of the growing powerful control freaks.

  8. Anonymous2/1/17

    Speaks to the truth of the Orwellian initiative to "transform." It could be recognized whenever Obama spoke....

  9. Thank you for the insightful article. This is the world we live in. I can only say that to stop this cycle there is divine justice ultimately. The law of sowing and reaping works no matter what, and there is a God. The breakdown of Judeo-Christian civilization with personal responsibility and the freedom it implies, allows the greatest manipulation of the masses.

  10. Great article. The left, to me, is like a serpent, and I hate snakes. I truly believe their long term goal is to see the black race exterminated under the guise of helping them. The help just never seems to happen, and just like your article states, the left blames it on everyone else. Their ideal would be a Cambodia Polpot regime state where everyone but the leaders produces or they get exterminated. I truly believe it must have been divine intervention when those idiots opted to let men in the girl's bathroom if they were feeling like a woman that day. That sealed their fate because Americans will not tolerate such things. We would have been in major danger of a deadly Civil War if the left got in there again with someone just like that egomaniac Obama or the Clintons in office.

  11. Anonymous2/1/17

    In a way to me you have reconfigured Nietzsche's " The Genealogy of Morals" The left and the right fear death more than living.Neither understands the source of freewill. It took Ayn Rand to discover this i.e.. the nature of man.
    I love your brilliant in sites! What say you!

  12. Anonymous2/1/17

    Let's stop excusing the behavior of unproductive people who do violence against the supposed cause of their plight. Leftists are indeed stupid people who don't understand the nature of man.

  13. Anonymous2/1/17

    This is just nauseating and quite dark to be reminded of the second day in the new year.

  14. Infidel2/1/17

    Very good, insightful, interesting article. I can see it now that you explained it, but a lot of that stuff wasn't clear to me before. Seemingly a fairly complete and coherent explanation of at least a part of the leftist narrative and program.

    Venezuela and Cuba seem to be good case studies, as well as many other situations.

  15. I have only read the beginning part of the article but feel the need to say this = So powerful and thoughtful. thanks so much for sharing your thought with us.

  16. Every essay is as great and profound as the previous one - and this one is just - WOW!It works in perfect tandem with an essay called The Resless Heart Of Darkness and Evan Sayet's Kindergarden of Eden lecture - how modern left liberals think. http://www.scifiwright.com/2014/01/the-restless-heart-of-darkness-part-one/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGBkJT2L55k

  17. Anonymous3/1/17

    It's Nationalism vs. Islamism - with the leftists cheering for the jihadists. A sh*tstorm is coming their way though. Not only will the jihadists be exterminated but the leftists that have enabled them. The list grows daily.....many folks have made their own local lists. Local,local,local.

  18. It's just a big misunderstanding, the left got confused and thought "The weak shall inherit the world" and not the meek.

  19. It is strangely gratifying, Daniel, to read an analysis that is so packed with discernment as this posting is. Keep up the good work. But I find myself in the quandary, as Clorinda expresses above, wondering if "we will ever be able to turn things around."
    Probably not. That is where faith comes in, as G_d's personal support for the individual, because we will never be able to turn things around completely.
    I know what your faith is, Daniel. May G_d bless and keep you and make his face to shine upon you.
    As for me and my house, our faith is the branch that was generated on your trunk. And I know, from study of the scriptures, that, beyond the ideological manipulations of leftist mankind, there is some appropriate basis for caring for the weak among us. See Deuteronomy 15.
    So I am hoping that, even in the midst of this accumulating noise and confusion, a way will still be maintained whereby people of faith can care for their own weak appropriately, without being burdened by the entire weight of society's abuses.
    Don't forget that we Christians recongnize a Messiah whose voluntary "weakness" landed him on a cross, which reminds us, among other things, that there is indeed a purpose for G_d allowing the weak and the poor among us.
    So we're still trying to figure all that out.
    Your analysis is cogent and very helpful. Keep up the good work. Just don't forget that the Creator left a few loose ends so that we would have to collectively address the deficiencies of humankind and remedy them, insofar as possible, according to the His laws, not the laws of men, whether those (wo)men are lefties or righties.
    Thanks, Daniel, for your keeping up you perspective. You are doing good work.

  20. We read and hear all this exaltation of weakness because so many are now brought up, educated, and propagandized to be morally and mentally weak. If there was ever a time for all Jewish parents to send their children to Jewish schools, it's now. Integration into the moral morass does no one any good.

  21. Hi Dan,
    Your article reminds me of a piece by Julia Gorin, 08MAR2002, "The Anti-Gun Male." She sums up her piece with,"Because, only when that strange, independent Alpha Male breed of male is helpless along with himself, will he feel adequate. Indeed, his freedom lies in the other man's containment."
    Got Gunz.........OUTLAW!!!!!,

  22. In a strange way it is even harmful to poor and stupid people to be told that they are "victims" since they will almost inevitably contrive to live the narrative.

    The only people who benefit are the smug lefties who form the managerial class - though I'm not so certain that even giving these people the opportunity to indulge themselves is a true benefit to them!

  23. By the way, happy new year Daniel!

  24. And that's only the people on the left who mean well. Most of them do not. Most of them are in a savage war for naked power at all costs.

  25. Anonymous4/1/17

    Excellent article. Makes sense and applies to Chicago!
    From the land of O.

  26. Anonymous8/1/17

    The Individual is the noble source and inventor of human society. Tyrants, who pervert society to their benefit, use envy, tribalism, and panic. Thus we live in an ant colony where the individual is only a resource.

    Alas, the collectivist society runs schools, media, entertainment. The origin of the U.S.A. was a highly unlikely event in the world of monarchs. But it happened! Perhaps the entropic demise of sentient beings is avoidable. A quantum Black Swan, Ayn Rand's John Galt, Isaac Asimov's Mule, Spinoza, Galileo, Bruno sent huge ripples down through time.



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