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The Islamic Society of North America was named by the Justice Department as an unindicted co-conspirator in funding Hamas. It was linked to two Hamas funding fronts, the Holy Land Foundation and KindHearts. ISNA’s checks were made payable to the “Palestinian Mujahadeen” or “Holy Warriors” which was a name used by Hamas.

ISNA’s co-founder Sami Al-Arian was the local head of Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Mousa Abu Marzook, a top Hamas official listed by the Treasury Department as a Specially Designated Terrorist, received tens of thousands of dollars from ISNA.

This should have come as no surprise as both ISNA and Hamas are arms of the Muslim Brotherhood.

But the American Jewish Committee has decided to team up with the financiers of the murder of Jews to oppose Trump. The left wing Jewish group and an Islamist organization that wrote out checks to Islamic terrorists enabling them to kill Jews have formed the “Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council”.

Statements from both ISNA and the AJC made it clear that this was a reaction to Trump’s win.

"We are uniting to help the administration navigate in the proper constitutional manner, to uphold freedom of religion and constitutional rights for all American citizens,” Eftakhar Alam of ISNA said.

“It is a reaction to some of the bigotry and hate speech that came out of the campaign,” Robert Silverman, the AJC's director of Muslim-Jewish relations said. “We’re concerned about the public discourse in the whole country. We’re also concerned about messages that originated within the two communities. The Trump phenomenon is only going to make it come together more quickly.”

The love affair that birthed the Wolf-Sheep Advisory Council is mostly unrequited. While the AJC loudly trumpets its new friendship, as of this writing ISNA has yet to inform its brethren of the alliance with the sons of apes and pigs in its news section. ISNA’s list of interfaith partners doesn’t even mention the AJC.

But appeasing those who hate you wins more enthusiasm from the appeasers than the appeased.

Farooq Kathwari, the Muslim co-chair of the Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council, had his name on a report by the American Muslim Task Force which defended Muslim donations to Islamic terrorist groups including Hezbollah. “It was difficult for Muslim Americans… to ease the plight of Lebanese civilians without risking scrutiny by the U.S. government for aiding organizations connected with Hezbollah,” the report complained.

The Muslim council members include ISNA’s Imam Mohamed Magid who gave a diversity award to a CAIR official who had declared that Jews had incurred the wrath of Allah. Magid had called for an end to Israel’s blockade of Hamas in Gaza and the ISNA statement it was appended to had decried that Islamic terrorists had not been consulted in ceasefire negotiations.

Also on the Council is ISNA’s Sayyid Syeed who had declared, "Our job is to change the Constitution of America". He had formerly headed up the Muslim Students Association and worked in a senior position at the International Institute of Islamic Thought, another unindicted co-conspirator in funding Hamas whose ranks included a number of Islamic terrorists fighting against Israel.

But it’s more interesting to note who in ISNA’s leadership isn’t on the Council.

There’s Iqbal Unus whose home had been raided in connection with an investigation into Hamas and Islamic Jihad funding. There’s also the co-founder of ISNA, Muzammil Siddiqi, who hosted and translated a speech by the infamous Blind Sheikh, linked to the World Trade Center bombing, in which he declared, "If you are not going to the jihad, then you are neglecting the rules of Allah.”

Siddiqi predicted the Islamic conquest and destruction of Israel. “In a few years we will be celebrating with each other the victory of Islam in Palestine. Insh'allah, we shall be celebrating the coming of the Masjid al-Aqsa under the Islamic rule. We shall be celebrating insh'allah the coming of Jerusalem and the whole land of Palestine insh'allah and the establishment of the Islamic State throughout that area.“

It would be a little awkward to have the man who praised suicide bombers and called for the destruction of the Jewish State on the Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council.

But no doubt a way could be found to finesse the problem.

Siddiqi is still a prominent figure in ISNA. The Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council is a sick sad joke in which Jewish lefties ally with Jihadists against a pro-Israel administration while claiming that they share goals.

Which goals exactly does the American Jewish Committee share with Siddiqi? Is the AJC also anticipating the creation of an Islamic State in Jerusalem?

Instead of representing the needs of the Jewish community, the AJC has dived into the left-wing gutter, wailing against Trump and making alliances with the enemy to protect them from Trump.

Heading up the AJC’s effort is Robert Silverman. Silverman is a State Department veteran with plenty of experience in the Muslim world. From the start he seemed far more intent on agitating on behalf of Muslims and against the critics of Islam than for Jews.

His pitch to Jews was collaborate now and perhaps our new Muslim overlords will be grateful.

“Showing support at this critical time will lead to good results for the Jewish people down the road,” Silverman said. It didn’t work with Mohammed or in Israel or Europe. But it’s bound to work this time.

He warned American Jews not to complain about the risk of Muslim migration. “American Jews should be careful not to add to a climate of fear that exists in our country regarding immigrants.”

The joint group will, among other things, lobby for refugees. The remaining Jewish refugees are fleeing Muslim violence and hate in Europe. If America is swamped by Muslim migrants the way Europe was, where will American Jews flee all these “refugees” to?

Meanwhile Silverman retweeted a message of approval from Glenn Greenwald who had criticized the inclusion of Hamas and Hezbollah on the terror list and described them as being “dedicated to protecting their citizens against the State of Israel.” He complained, “and yet it is criminal in the United States to do anything that is deemed to be material support for Hamas and Hezbollah."

Greenwald had also spoken of “the role Judaism plays in the decades-long oppression by the Israelis of Palestinians.”

Instead of fighting anti-Semitism, the American Jewish Committee was allying with anti-Semites.

While Muslim hate groups supported by ISNA terrorize Jewish students on campuses, the AJC expressed concern about “hate” against Muslims on campuses.

The media and left-wing groups are bombarding Jews daily with alarmist warnings about Trump while urging them to ally with our Muslim “friends”. Here’s what an alliance with those friends looks like.

Left-wing groups like the AJC have sold out the Jewish community by taking the side of Muslims over their Jewish victims. They have allied with Islamic hate groups supportive not of Jews, but of the murder of Jews.

And now they are screaming their heads off about Donald Trump.

Their Muslim friends, whether it’s Keith Ellison or ISNA, have defended anti-Semitism and attacked the Jewish State. American Jews have a choice between trying to appease Hamas or fighting against it.

The AJC has chosen its side. It has sided with the financiers and inciters of the murder of Jews.

American Jews have a simple choice to make. They can either believe the lies or hear the truth. They can either side with their killers or resist.

The AJC has made the choice very clear and simple. It’s either Hamas or Donald Trump.


  1. I've no problem with Jews or anyone helping proper refugees but I never cease to be amazed at Jews teaming up with the people who want to destroy them.
    What on earth do they think will happen?

    1. They think the tiger will eat them last.

  2. Infidel12/12/16

    Ham/Hez "social welfare" is very similar to NSDAP "social welfare".

  3. Said the fox guarding the hen house: "'We are uniting to help the administration navigate in the proper constitutional manner, to uphold freedom of religion and constitutional rights for all American citizens,' Eftakhar Alam of ISNA said."

  4. Anonymous12/12/16

    I just want to congratulate Mr. Greenfield on his interview on national television. Although Daniel went into the lion's den, Mr. Greenfield went into the snake pit that is the enemedia today.

  5. Why do people who live in liberal Democracies always pretend to be engaging in brave "activism" against the dominant culture, knowing full well they are perfectly safe doing so? Let them go to the ME and engage in this ridiculous "advisory council" delusion. Reminds me of the dog that barks from behind the fence until the gate opens. He's pretending to be brave, when he is in fact, very weak and scared. How many Jews died in Medina appeasing Mohammed? This is a losing strategy.

  6. Anonymous13/12/16

    From experience, I'd say that Jews are generally pretty intelligent, and pretty good at applying that intelligence. So, what gives with the AJC? Having their liberal preference so blatantly highjacked toward their suicide earns them new status as "Useful Idiots".

    The Soviets, and now the Muslims, dispose of them as soon as their purpose is served. Was the hubris worth it?


  7. The Trump administration cannot ignore the effort it will take to untangle these people and groups from the government. Every appointee, every NGO, every lobbyist, every charity, every religious foundation associated in any way with anyone or anything involved in terrorist activity, anti Israel activity, any attacks on any US citizens anywhere in the world need to be torn out root and branch.

  8. Anonymous14/12/16

    I really am amazed that this imaginary term "islamophobia" still holds any sway in public discourse. It is a phantom, not to mention the fact it is mostly pushed by those who like to use the term, Fake news.

    "A phobic is aperson suffering from an irrational or uncontrollable fear and or dread.
    Well, I dont choose to regard my awareness, & ability to notice patterns in behaviour, and subsequently my apprehensiveness regarding muslim politica violence wrapped in some sort of religious righteousness, as groundless or illusory.

    By that logic me insisting that seatbelts are a good idea, is akin to me been alarmist or crashophobic..

  9. We used to have a surplus of unrepresentative Jewish organizations that at least were on our side. Now the same names and initials have defected to the enemy but still crave our support.

  10. Giovanna Visconti14/12/16

    Anonymous, Perhaps I missed Mr. Greenfield on another program, but I do hope that in your comment you are not referring to his appearance with Tucker Carlson on FOX a few days ago. Mr. Carlson is not one of the snakes in the pit, and he was as effusive in his praise of Mr. Greenfield's column ("5 Lessons for Republicans from Trump's Win"), as he was sincere in his obvious respect for him.

  11. D.D.Mao14/12/16

    The actions that the Trump administration proposes isn't based on looking for imaginary boogeymen under the bed. It isn't a prejudice it's a precaution. It is based on fact. The actions taken by the AJC meanwhile is an abdication of responsibility where recklessness is masked as righteousness. But this should come as no surprise since American Jews have seemed to be living in a vacuum in regard to what has been actually happening in the Middle East for a while now. They exist in an echo chamber of fake reality financed and perpetuated by the American progressive left. The left not only refuses to abandon identity politics but are mortally terrified to recognize evil.Instead they create their own evil of if you are not part of their identity politics you are "deplorable."

  12. Anonymous15/12/16

    LOL, I'll bet Tucker Carlson thinks islamophobia is a real word and not a neologism "invented by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons."

  13. Anonymous15/12/16

    Great article. I'd like to reblog it at my site, Daniel, if you'd allow me to do that...

  14. Anonymous15/12/16

    When leftists claim to defend someone or something you have to worry about who they must destroy to achieve their goal, they may or may not give a damn about their pet cause but they sure will want to bust someone, be it Israel or the Christian baker next door.
    The problem facing liberal Jews is that leftism is compulsory in their ‘milieu’. Let’s face it, a good liberal wouldn´t be caught voting for Trump; that is for people wearing socks at the beach or sporting black shoes with a brown belt¡ Gee¡ Isn’t that deplorable or what?


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