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Free Michelle Obama's Slaves

At the DNC, Michelle Obama put on her victimhood hat one more time and declared, “I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves.”

But that’s too past tense. Michelle’s house continues to be built and maintained by slaves. Her lavish lifestyle of endless vacations, parties and public appearances is funded by millions and millions of slaves.

Michelle Obama lives a life that is more lavish and luxurious than that of the average plantation owner. She has 26 staffers that are part of a White House staff of thousands. That’s more than many crowned heads of state. Compare that to 12 servants for Thomas Jefferson.

Michelle has more directors than some corporations. And working for her is a Marie Antoinette experience. “The First Lady having the wrong pencil skirt on Monday is just as big of a f___ up as someone speaking on the record when they didn’t mean to or a policy initiative that completely failed,” one former staffer said.

Of course that’s their business. Michelle’s staffers chose their jobs and they get paid. It’s the taxpayers who have to pay for it all who are forced to be her unwilling slaves.

Michelle’s house, her luxurious lifestyle, is built by taxpaying slaves who are forced to turn over their money to fund her pleasures. She spent more money on one night in Morocco than the average American family will see in five years.

In Dublin, Michelle Obama and her entourage took a sightseeing trip that cost over $250,000. Michelle's people bought up 30 rooms at the five-star Shelbourne Hotel while she stayed in the Princess Grace Suite which has more living space than most American homes. The Shelbourne Hotel wasn't built by slaves. But it was funded by them. So are all of her jaunts, excursions and parties.

When she shops around Paris and then flies over to London in a 757 to see the sights in London, her slaves pick up the tab. When she and her husband decide to fly out for a “date” to New York while the city is shut down, it’s her slaves in the big city watching the motorcade pass who have to pay for it. Their Africa trip cost millions. American slaves paid for it with their blood, sweat and toil.

Maintaining the Obama lifestyle cost $1.4 billion a few years ago. It’s unknown what it costs today.

Obama’s White House parties cost anywhere from $200,000 at the cheap end to over $500,000. Americans have no more freedom to decide whether to pay for another Obama vacation or event than slaves did in deciding how to serve their masters and mistresses.

All they can do is watch from a distance while their masters stuff their faces, gallivant cheerfully on tours through foreign countries while staying at posh hotels and then make them work to pay for it.

In the last election, Obama told Americans that they weren’t responsible for their accomplishments. “You didn’t build that,” was his message to his slaves. They didn’t build that. He did.

But they did build that.

Slaves built the Obama lifestyle. Slaves who struggle to get by. Who scrimp and save to have a few hundred dollars on hand in case of an emergency. That’s the cost of a single dish at a dinner to their masters in the White House. Slaves who fear losing their jobs and being unable to provide for their families watch their hard-earned money being squandered on another vacation and another party.

America’s slaves have watched the nation’s wealth become concentrated around the Washington Versailles. At the peak of Obama’s misrule, the Beltway area boasted 7 of the 10 wealthiest counties in the country. Obama won 8 of the 10 wealthiest counties in the country in the last election.

It’s not hard to guess why.

The Obama lifestyle is just the tip of the iceberg. Tens of thousands of more modest government plantation owners cling to their skirts living off the stolen toil of the government’s slaves.

Government, like slavery, is an institution. Like slavery, it claims to civilize its dependents. In reality it exploits them. It promises them security in exchange for freedom. It takes away the products of their toil and then tells them that they didn’t build that. It claims a false moral authority to exploit them.

Michelle Obama is a slave-owner lecturing her slaves about slavery. And Michelle and Barack are the tip of a very large institution which is built on depriving Americans of their political and economic freedoms.

Slavery was based on the notion that some people are superior to others. That same idea runs through Obama’s speeches. It is the lifeblood of the twisted thing that the left has turned liberalism into.

The Obamas have the right to enslave us because they are on “the right side of history”. They can exploit us because they know what is better for us. They can take the work of our hands from us because we didn’t build that, they and all the rest of our government masters did the real building.

At the Democrats circus of hate in Philly, it ought to be remembered that this was where Thomas Jefferson wrote that “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” were inalienable rights and that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. Governments do not gain their authority from any innate superiority, but from consent. The Obama theory that government gains power in proportion to its historical moral superiority is slavery wrapped in hypocrisy.

It is time to end slavery all over again. It is time to free Michelle Obama’s taxpaying slaves.

The first step to ending slavery is to recognize its fundamental injustice. It is unjust that a working family ought to work its fingers to the bone so that Michelle Obama can enjoy yet another sightseeing tour. It is unjust that a class of parasites claiming to be public servants can draw unlimited amounts of money on the credit of people trying to make ends meet. It is unjust that Michelle Obama can own hundreds of millions of people as slaves.

And it is an injustice that must end.

Nineteenth century slavery ceased to be an issue in the nineteenth century. Twenty-first century slavery is the issue that we must tackle today.


  1. Anonymous4/8/16

    As good as an article as you've EVER written. Well done, Sir.

  2. Your next column needs to be on Valerie Jarrett. That's who both Obamas take their orders from. She is their master.

  3. Anonymous4/8/16

    Barry and wife are a bit on the 'bling' side of history, overcompensating for past offences they say, but wait until Hillary von Clinton gets herself the oval office with so many billionaires praising the wonders of socialism, they are taking everything not nailed on the floor. God forbid!

  4. Infidel4/8/16

    Thanks. In the abstract sense, not that different from Venezuela, where an ever diminishing socialist ruling class drowns in luxury, while the peasants starve.

    But what really bugs me is that "you didn't build that, slaves built it" mentality. Slaves can't do much more than build mud huts on their own, it takes highly educated engineers and such to build complex structures.

  5. Infidel4/8/16

    Of course, I'm thinking of slaves in the pre-Civil War sense, while your analysis of the modern American worker being slaves of the government is of course correct, and far more important than my pet peeve about the more primitive type of slaves I was thinking about.

  6. VA Rancher4/8/16


    Let Freedom RING!!!!

  7. Anonymous4/8/16

    Dear Mrs. Obama: Lincoln freed the slaves in 1863 with the Emancipation Proclamation. The final word got to Galveston, Texas on June 19, 1865 (remember Junteenth). Get with the program and free your mind....your ass will eventually follow.....

  8. Thank you, Daniel, for writing on this subject of Michelle's unearned millions and lavish, aristocratic lifestyle. This has been a canker of an issue for years sitting in my mind. It's not for nothing that I have nicknamed her "Minnie the Moocher," after the old Cab Calloway song. The whole Obama clan is a pack of vile "kiss my butt" parasites and they know it and seem to take delight in "sticking it to" the American tax payer as often and as ostentatiously as possible.

  9. Anonymous4/8/16

    A POTUS is reasonably expected to be married with minor children. He should be able to receive and entertain visiting dignitaries, travel on government business. All seemingly reasonable. We won't solve this by more careful scrutiny of expense and travel vouchers. Budget fudging and soft money are the necromancy of government.

    The Hippy Governor of California, Jerry Brown, stayed in his old apartment and drove his old clunker, eschewing the Mansion and Limo. This was hardly virtuous, considering the damage of his Socialist governance.

    Jimmy Carter checked the White House tennis court schedule. The loss of Iran and national economic disaster were more significant.

    Our GPS can compare current routes for the fastest. We have many work and leisure opportunities on our phone. Yet decades of political abuse go mostly unreported, uninvestigated, and unnoticed by most of us.

    The Obamas and Clintons are our "Beverly Hillbillies". Devoid of integrity and high purpose, these poseurs loot high office with their slash and burn lifestyles. When the Clintons packed up the Whitehouse silverware, china, art in 2001, I had hoped that their stench was apparent.


  10. Clarity before agreement: How does the Obama presidential expenditure compare to that of previous presidents both R & D, so an honest judgement can be made?

  11. Anonymous5/8/16

    Eh! I don't blame them so much as I do the idiots who voted for Obozo which, of course, put the whole clan in their present digs with perks and all. And of course, the card being played today with all terrorist attacks is "suspect has a mental problem." Which of course is exactly what liberalism is all about.

  12. Excellent article, as usual, Daniel. I have always known that the Progressive mind is always in a quest to control the lives of the common people...it starts with union bosses...I know...I've been there.
    And this slavery won't stop here...wait till Hillary takes the reins of government.

  13. If you were to offer the Obamas Versailles they'd turn it down as being too old and cheap and small for their taste. Our political elites live in a grandeur and opulence that Hollywood movies couldn't imagine a few years ago. And let's be clear, Loophole Louie is 'living' in DC after his term for legal purposes. The Obamas sitting around in a 12,000 sqft house? What are they? Farmers?

  14. Fascinating timing as this http://invisibleserfscollar.com/not-subtle-enough-enslaving-us-all-in-the-name-of-health-equity-and-well-being/ is just starting to cover what is being mandated using soft law techniques by Obama's various agencies. This Social Determinants of Health Theory is a Political Masters get to steer and the people as individuals cease to have veto power vision. Living like Kings and Queens while implementing it.

    Great article.

  15. Anonymous5/8/16

    Does any of this crap apply to past presidents and first ladies or only to the Obamas?

  16. Anonymous5/8/16

    Sir, if you had done just a little research you would have discovered that the White House staff has shrunk under the Obama administration.

    1. If you did a little research you might find that not only was the White House not built by slaves (instead, it was an effort with freemen Whites, freemen Blacks, servant Whites, and slave acks) but Blacks were overrepresented in slave owners.

  17. Staggeringly well written!

  18. The fact that the other 300 plus million people in this country live in houses that were not built by slaves, is barely worth mentioning, Right?

  19. so well written, as always, thank you for your wonderful clarity. so hard to understand why so many are enjoying their enslavement. the future could hold such potential if the people of this country can just break their chains.

  20. Great point, Dan. Essentially, this administration, sees us as bloodbags. Nothing more.

  21. If I had authored this article (I would be smarter than I am), I would be concerned for my safety. This touched a deep nerve within humanity: hypocrisy. When so deeply exposed (it can never be exhaustively exposed), the raw nerve that is exposed demands satisfaction. If we know anything about this administration, it is criminal. I hope Mr. Greenfield has excellent security and is in the prayers of people of good will.

    Growing up, I never grasped the 2nd Amendment. What good is a militia against nuclear weapons?

    Until the Obama administration, I did not see the U.S. government as every tyrannical, no matter how terribly the intrusion of taxes were. I did not believe that the IRS could be a criminal political arm.
    I did not believe federal investigators would one day answer to Muslim civilian boards.
    I did not believe "Clinton Cash" could take place without arrests.

    I did not anticipate the cowardice of Republicans, like Paul Ryan, as our own government broke laws of immigration and flooded us with Islam at every level.

    I would never have believed these things, as a boy, celebrating our 200th birthday, even though we had long sewn the wind.

    Bravo, Mr. Greenfield. My only criticism of your blog is I wish for more.

    Peter Hyatt

  22. Anonymous9/8/16

    They are not going away any time soon. The Clintons were seen as power hungry , immoral White House poachers and here they are.... center stage. Why ? Follow the money, follow the power. Is there any more Hillary could have possibly done to go to jail? This is unreal.......

  23. Linda Rivera11/8/16

    Excellent article Mr. Greenfield! Champagne socialists Obama's live like billionaires off the tax dollars of Americans struggling to survive. It takes a very cold, ruthless person to lecture Americans who live from pay check to pay check always fearing the loss of their jobs where they could end up homeless.

    The Obama's hypocrisy is revolting.

  24. Anonymous13/8/16

    For those who feel a comparison should be made to other Presidential admins, that is neither here nor there. As far as I know, no other First Lady has made the racist anti-white statements while living the highlife at ever poorer taxpayers' expense, so similar to slavery it drips with hypocrisy. It is her hypocrisy that Daniel is pointing out so eloquently. Her abject hypocrisy.

  25. Great article. However, I'm curious how the majority of the comments posted were prior to the publish date of the article? Anyone?

    1. The dates are day/month/year

  26. Michelle’s staffers chose their jobs and they get paid. It’s the taxpayers who have to pay for it all who are forced to be her unwilling slaves. Michelle Obama


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